The 2018 EdSurde Annual Special: Surgecoin, EduWands and Other News Not Fit for Print


But some companies are jumping the gun. Chegg appears to have borrowed a page from Duolingo’s previous shenanigan for the Osmosis Pillow , which takes “memory foam” to another level. Constituted from recycled Chromebooks, it literally wraps around students and fastens with a magsafe closure. Company leaders promise (fingers crossed!) TEACHERS ACTUALLY PAY TEACHERS: TsPayTs’ newest feature takes the company’s name to another level.

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” Reminder: here are the education companies Palantir founder Peter Thiel has invested in. Via Edsurge : “What Colleges Should Know About A Growing ‘ Talent Strategy ’ Push By Companies.” Luster lost to Chromebooks, apparently. Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage this week, knocking many education companies who use AWS offline. Saint Francis High School invested $15,000 in the company back in 2012. Education Politics.

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