How to Assess Your District: The Global Challenge Project Case Study

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Our middle school, like many other middle schools, have teams made up of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. Take a look at this, the website, and discuss this fantastic case study for all of to discuss in staff meetings to determine how we are truly assessing our school.

Case Studies, Videos & AUPs

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9 case studies reveal secrets of successful blended, online learning programs

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Over the past year, digital learning policy research and advisory firm Evergreen Education Group conducted in-depth analyses of nine schools that use online curriculum and platforms from Fuel Education (FuelEd) as the instructional foundation of their programs.

SETDA publishes OER case studies from 3 states

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Online case studies highlight OER implementation in schools. SETDA has published a series of case studies focused on the implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) at the school level.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

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As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. The district was able to enhance their “bring-your-own-device” policy, which will help them save on overall device costs. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

Education Superhighway

As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. The district was able to enhance their “bring-your-own-device” policy, which will help them save on overall device costs. The post Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal appeared first on EducationSuperHighway. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district.

Reform Democrats: Stop calling Trump names when you really support his policies

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It’s another to rally against his policies, which we assume will be what his nominee for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has endorsed in the past. Her failing creation of a wide-open market is a case study in why there should be limits on school choice.

Open Ed. Resources Promoted by State Policy Group

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A new portal created by the Council of Chief State School Officers provides case studies and resources on OER for state and local education officials.

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Policies to help students pay for college continue to shift toward favoring the rich

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What has happened to Medina since is a case study in the way some government, university and private programs to help Americans pay for college have become more likely to benefit wealthier students than even the most academically talented lower-income ones.

Do You Know the Edtech Adoption Rules in Your State? SETDA’s New Guide May Help.


All four are profiled in case studies that detail their policies, funding allotments, adoption processes and notable challenges. SEDTA maintains a state-by-state database with information about procurement policies, and links to resources from those 27 states.) State Procurement Case Studies: Spotlight on Digital Materials Acquisition is available online. . Education Technology Government Policy

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Channeling the anti-testing fervor

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Last spring, the press was full of headlines about families opting out of state testing in protest to current testing policies (see here , here , here , and here ). A recent study by the Council of the Great City Schools found that for 8th graders in urban public schools across the United States, assessments take up about 2.3 Fortunately, Congress’s draft bill for reauthorizing the ESEA offers great promise for improving current assessment policies and practices.

‘They just saw me as a dollar sign’: How some certificate schools profit from vulnerable students

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In recent years, default rates at several campuses have exceeded 20 percent, in some cases reaching above 30 percent, while most students earn less than $25,000 six years after enrolling, according to federal data.

5 conditions that support great teaching

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News Personnel Policy School Administration Top NewsStakeholder group will develop report, advocate for conditions that are conducive to excellent teaching. The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future will lead a collaborative, action-oriented initiative to support great teaching.

Navigating the Shift to OER

During a tour of updates to SETDA’s Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States (DMAPS) , which showcases state policies in support of digital materials, Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director for SETDA, discussed new features like professional development information.

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U.S. Dept. of Ed. Unveils Free Online Tool for Rapid Evaluation of Edtech Products


Fast-forward to now, and the Office of Edtech is unveiling a solution that policy research organization Mathematica created with support from the government. Those “resources” include case studies about districts who’ve used particular products, a page for comparing student data, and a space where users formulate a research question about a tool and its potential outcomes, shown below. Education Technology School Infrastructure Policy“Procurement.”

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5 principles for rigorous technology evaluation

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A new policy proposal notes that while education technology holds great promise to improve K-12 educational outcomes when correctly implemented, methods to rigorously evaluate education technology tools have not kept pace with the tools themselves.

Passwords, Permissions and Student Data—How One District Got Account Provisioning Right


Like many K-12 districts, Norwalk uses Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD), which allows administrators to assign policies and deploy software across the entire school district. Case Study: Clay County School District. Education Technology School Infrastructure Policy Data and ResearchThe adoption of online educational resources has placed applications and digital files at the center of the teaching and learning experience in K-12 schools.

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Strengthening EdClusters: Asset Mapping to Improve Our Networks

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EdClusters across the country are harnessing the talents of researchers, educators, policy-makers, and nonprofit leaders, all collaborating to improve education outcomes for students.

What Federal Education Budget Cuts Mean for Edtech


Everyone is reassessing funding sources and the stability of those sources going forward,” explains David DeSchryver, Senior Vice President and Co-Director of Research at Whiteboard Advisors, a consulting firm that specializes in education policy. Get some case studies really fast. Education Technology Government PolicySelling an education technology product to public school districts in the United States has never been easy.

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Battelle for Kids

I have literally sat on so many panels (K12,Higher Ed, political, policy, and industry), participated in meetings from the White House to the schoolhouse, been active in research think tanks and included in numerous case studies to define what STEM is and what makes a STEM school and we are still asking this question. Volume 3, Issue 3, Number 1. Driving Question: What makes a STEM School? What makes a STEM school? That is the question that is most often asked.

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A Brick In The Path (Promised Lands Are Never Promises Kept)

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He also asks us to suspend belief in a specific type of schooling and focus on the relationships between students and the various actors (and policies) that interact with the students.

Next Generation Learning: Assessments


“Next generation” learning is receiving some buzz in edtech circles, and so I thought we could delve into it a little more, not least because what I have discovered is a lot of NGO-style verbage, of the kind that is heavy on policy and light on real-world detail.

Investing in Your Students’ Safety

Gaggle Speaks

The district also has a policy that spells out the right and wrong of online activity when utilizing its technology. Read the full case study to learn more about how CPS uses Gaggle to ensure both physical and cyber safety without compromising student privacy.

S'Cool Tools of the Week: Refugee Libraries Toolkit, 21Teach


If you’d like to be featured in our S’Cool Tools column, click here to leave your very own Teacher Case Study. But the site’s collection of reading lists, guides for doing policy outreach, and refugee camp case studies are useful for any high schooler or social studies teachers looking to bring messages of tolerance into the classroom. This week in S’Cool Tools, we've got two tools for you, chosen by the EdSurge team.

Charter schools innovate to tackle teacher preparation

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My colleague Thomas Arnett’s new case study, Startup Teacher Education: A fresh take on teacher credentialing , provides some important clues. Navigating state policy and accreditation requirements is no simple matter. The study also provides recommendations for schools looking to launch similar programs.

Four innovative staffing takeaways from personalized learning schools

The Christensen Institute

For the better part of the past year, the Christensen Institute has worked in collaboration with Public Impact , a national education policy and management consulting firm, to study how schools are implementing innovative staffing models in conjunction with blended learning to personalize instruction and improve student achievement. We are excited to share our first set of case studies on these schools.

The Edtech Buying Process Is Broken. ISTE Says Teachers Can Fix It.


The edtech playground is one of a handful of case studies featured in a new edtech buying guide released by the International Society for Technology in Education ( ISTE ), a non-profit organization, and Project Unicorn , an initiative to improve data interoperability in K-12. Each section outlines the role educators and district leaders can each play and provides a school- or district-level case study.

HE Challenges: Combating declining completion rates


Preferring to offer up innovative case studies from across the HE sector (rather than just discuss the issue) today’s blog will look at declining completion rates, and ways in which some universities are addressing them.

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Ethics in the Classroom

Digital Promise

Educational philosopher Meira Levinson and doctoral student Jacob Fay take up these challenges in the book Dilemmas of Educational Ethics: Cases and Commentaries. The Case of the Failing Eighth Grader. The book presents six detailed case studies of common educational dilemmas, each accompanied by commentaries of varying viewpoints. The cases also give educators a chance to consider diverse perspectives.

How DC Public Schools Uses Student Data to Support Mental Health


He also shares how the district uses case management technology to track these interventions, support clinicians and help assess when students need help—and when they don't. Why did you decide to adopt special education case management technology?

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Not Just Classroom Supplies: Teachers Also Buy Edtech With Their Own Money


That’s arguably the case for U.S. Recent studies by Deloitte and the Gates Foundation have shed light into how educators engage with edtech. Source: Gallup / NewSchools Venture Fund That’s not to say that case studies and efficacy reports don’t exist.

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Report: The 4 models of blended learning in action

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A new paper by advocacy and policy org iNacol explores how blended learning is being used in practice and traces its history from 2008 to today. The case studies profiled illustrate a variety of blended learning implementations, providing insights for increasing program effectiveness.

How 4 states are purchasing digital resources

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Now, a new resource from SETDA offers a look at different state-level procurement models to demonstrate how various states have implemented policies and procedures to procure digital resources, instructional materials and devices.

9 Great Nonprofits to Support School Leaders

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Many of the organizations, which are listed alphabetically, have free tools, research, case studies, and resources that can seamlessly be utilized and implemented at the district and school levels.

The secret to a successful Head Start program

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Leading by Exemplar ,” a series of reports and case studies by the nonprofit Bellwether Education Partners, identified five of the most successful Head Start programs in the country, as defined by long-term data on post-kindergarten outcomes. Teachers with bachelor’s degrees. Diversity.