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Economic Mobility Pathways in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

It wasn’t until a group of local leaders from across education, business, nonprofit, government, and philanthropic communities came together to identify challenges and collectively design solutions that real pathways toward income mobility began to emerge for the area’s adult learners. The collaborative is especially focused on equity, seeking to uncover and eliminate racial and socioeconomic disparities that present barriers to economic mobility.

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Building the Right Infrastructure to Support Mobile Learning


First as consumers and then as educators, schools are committing to mobile technology as their preferred method of digital interaction. Watch the webinar: Inventing the Future: Mobile-First Learning To design and implement the kinds of wireless/wired infrastructures needed today, districts need a strategic partner who can help them achieve their vision of preparing their students for college or career. They’ve grown up tech-savvy and prefer to do everything on mobile devices.

23 Earth Day Activities, Resources, Web Sites, & Apps

Teacher Reboot Camp

Below discover activities, resources, websites, mobile apps, and more to get your students to play an active role in caring for the Earth. The American Museum of Natural History’s Ecology Disrupted section has lesson plans and resources, including a database of teacher created case studies. ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics.

How Much is Student Safety Worth?

Gaggle Speaks

In this new case study, you’ll discover: Why one district administrator believes you can’t afford to not put this type of protection in place to help keep your students safe. Read the entire case study, “How Much is Student Safety Worth? Responding to Cries for Help,” and more stories about how Gaggle works with school districts around the country to help keep their students safe in the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.

This app is designed to reduce job burnout—and it’s free for educators

eSchool News

This case study reveals that teachers who are cognizant of their stress and spend just 10 minutes a day to destressify experience a lower level of stress.”. The 5- to 10-minute exercises fit into anyone’s schedule and take me away from a stressful state almost as soon as I start focusing on my breath,” one BVSD study participant reflected. “It’s An app that focuses on wellbeing exercises to reduce stress is being offered free.

Friday 5 — 11.4.2016

Perry Hewitt

If you're convinced you're underpaid, use this newfound information symmetry to make the case. Recent email hacks have been a case study in worst practices: passwords emailed freely, shared with assistants. Benedict Evans points out that it might be time to evolve from mobile-first to mobile-native. Facebook's announcement of one billion mobile-only users seem to bolster his hypothesis. Friday Five facebook Friday5 linkedin mobile product security

Friday 5 — 4.24.2015

Perry Hewitt

” Back when the “Mobile-friendly” text first appeared on Google search results on mobile browsers, many assumed this was a first step toward an algorithm change rewarding mobile-first design. The Berkman Center at Harvard has published a free case study [account required] for those seeking a deep dive into both practice and policy. Friday Five algorithm design facebook Friday5 harvard mobile search social strategy ux

Dixon Public Schools Uses New Websites to Engage Community, Do More With Less

Gaggle Speaks

Such is the case of Dixon Public Schools, which wanted to relaunch its district and five school websites. The initiative would replace an outdated content management system and aging server, while giving a small technology staff a more efficient way to quickly publish content on ADA-compliant websites with mobile-friendly responsive design. “We How Dixon schools gained access to modern web publishing tools and limitless customizations is described in a new case study.

New resources aim to demostrate K-12 video collaboration

eSchool News

Three school districts that are using desktop and mobile video conferencing in creative and innovative ways are featured as a set of companion case studies. The proliferation of mobile devices combined with new desktop and mobile video collaboration solutions enables educators and learners, as end-users, to engage in anytime/anywhere video communications via their smartphones, tablets, and/or computers.

Schools and Communities Together

Digital Promise

In their new book, Broader, Bolder, Better , Paul Reville and Elaine Weiss draw on nine years of research and case studies from 12 diverse communities to advocate for more and larger-scale partnerships between communities and schools. Leaders in faith-based organizations are also positioned to mobilize and organize communities to help meet the needs of its children. This article originally appeared on Usable Knowledge from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Urban Adult Literacy Collaboration in Nashville: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

As part of this case study, we identified a set of actionable strategies that Nashville and other communities have used to build networks and solve workforce needs in their region. Our case study communities thought about data regionally and cross-organizationally, not just at the institutional level, to enable workers to access resources and upskill in their careers, create personalized pathways, and evaluate and improve programs and services.

S'Cool Tools of the Week: Refugee Libraries Toolkit, 21Teach


If you’d like to be featured in our S’Cool Tools column, click here to leave your very own Teacher Case Study. But the site’s collection of reading lists, guides for doing policy outreach, and refugee camp case studies are useful for any high schooler or social studies teachers looking to bring messages of tolerance into the classroom. The app allows for K-12 teachers, students, and parents to find, bookmark, and rate mobile resources.

Life-Long Kindergarten: Reviving play in the classroom and beyond


This is Scratch addon that allows students to create collages using images and sounds captured on their mobile phones. Another way for students to engage in digital storytelling, the software is particularly powerful as it is mobile-based. Dr Mitchell Resnick, MIT professor of learning research, heads up the MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten research group. He believes the greatest invention of the last 1000 years was kindergarten.

Digital Learning in Organizations

Learning with 'e's

Digital Learning in Organizations has already been positively reviewed by several leading figures in the world of Learning and Development (L and D), including Jane Hart, Laura Overton, Charles Jennings, Edmund Monk and Richard Gerver, and it includes case studies and interviews with many more, as well as forewords by Donald H Taylor and Shelly Terrell. business corporate training e-learning education L&D learning mobile learning organisations personalisation Technology

The power of ed-tech in the developing world


How ed-tech is shaping the developing world: a few case studies. When it comes to innovation and developing economies there are a lot of reports and studies that conclude with a large amounts of “shoulds” and “coulds”. I have tried to focus instead on actual case studies demonstrating the success of e-learning models in these environments. Similar to challenges faced in Africa with regard to mobile applications, the company also offers SMS-based study tools.

Vote for Digital Promise in the 2019 SXSW EDU PanelPicker!

Digital Promise

Have you ever heard a new research study that contradicts the study you learned about just last month? Have you ever read conclusions of a study and after all of the cautions, you have no idea if anything was learned at all? Using real-world case studies across industries (e.g.

EdTech 204

Friday 5 — 4.6.2017

Perry Hewitt

Despite a relatively slim initial offering, the mobile-first sensibility and shared accounts seem designed to on-board millennials, and a way for the platform to build relationships with — and gather data on — its massive user base. Avinash Kaushik offers two case studies in what not to do, and one example of surprise and delight. YouTube TV has launched in select U.S. cities.

A Cross-sector Business Incubator in Taos, New Mexico: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

This team is determined to figure out how to make this idea a reality, and leverage their networks to drive opportunity and income mobility for generations to come. Strategies for education providers, government agencies, employers, funders, and other stakeholders: As part of this case study, we identified a set of actionable strategies that Taos and other communities have used to build networks and solve workforce needs in their region.

Data 186

Classroom Design Trends: Update Classroom Layout to Boost Engagement

ViewSonic Education

A landmark 2012 study found that classroom design alters academic progress over a school year by 25%. The study found five key design factors account for 73% of the variation in student performance. Follow up studies provided insight into the relative impact of each of these factors. Their study confirmed the impact of physical classroom features on academic progress. Mobility. Classroom Design Then and Now. Rows of seats. Instructor front and center.

Trends 191

GoGuardian Develops a New AI-Enabled Cloud Filter for K–12 Schools

EdTech Magazine

GoGuardian has announced a new AI-enabled cloud-based filtering solution for K–12 schools designed to expand filtering capabilities to all mobile and personal devices connected to school networks. . K–12 students rely heavily on their mobile and personal devices, creating a challenge for school IT teams who need to be able to monitor and filter internet exploration as mandated under the Children’s Internet Protection Act. .

10 Books You’ll Want to Read This Summer

Ask a Tech Teacher

It takes into account recent changes such as connectivity, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization of learning to dramatically shift how schools have been run for over a century. Selected as one of Business Week’s Best Books on Innovation in 2008, Disrupting Class is filled with fascinating case studies, scientific findings, and insights into how managed innovation can unleash education.

Lessons Learned While Creating Long Lasting Change in Providence Public Schools


This case study was originally published on Getting Smart. InnovateEDU and Rhode Island’s Highlander Institute , leaders from Providence Public Schools agreed to participate in an implementation study during the 2016-17 academic year for a PL tool called Cortex. The study would engage technical staff as well as coaches and programmatic personnel. Read the full Providence Public Schools case study here.

S'Cool Tools of the Week: Sown to Grow, Common Curriculum


If you’d like to be featured in our S’Cool Tools column, click here to leave your very own Teacher Case Study. The product is available through any browser on a desktop or mobile device, and no external software is required for collaboration within the tool. Last week, the EdSurge team ventured down to SoCal for another EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit, where educators played and experimented with an array of edtech tools. Here are a couple of tools that caught their eye.

What is the VARK model of Student Learning?

Ask a Tech Teacher

Auditory/Aural: a preference for information that is heard or spoken such as lectures, group discussion, radio, email, mobile phones, speaking, web-chat and talking things through. It also includes demonstrations, simulations, videos, and movies, as well as case studies, practice, and applications. If you use the VARK model of Student Learning , you know why I’m excited about it.

Down under

Learning with 'e's

The other invited keynote at the event will be Tom Cochrane (Auckland University of Technology, NZ) who will address the topic: Transforming pedagogy with Mobile Web 2.0. The session will outline an mlearning implementation strategy, and illustrative case studies. Learning and teaching Technology mobile Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne Tom Cochrane Australia

Here’s the Syllabus for Your Summer Crash Course in Online Education


Is your course mobile-phone friendly? Palloff and Keith Pratt (book), provides case studies about building community in online environments. You learned how to Zoom, or Hangout, or Team up. You read all the quick tips about emergency remote teaching. You recorded your lectures or gathered via video call with however many students you could reach each week. You pivoted, shifted and, let’s be real, maybe stumbled into a makeshift version of online education.

Course 131

Adult Learners Need Their Own EdTech Tools, Ed Department Report Finds


To help adult learners, edtech tools should be designed for their needs and goals, support them in virtually communicating with instructors and classmates and offer them a smooth mobile experience, according to a new report published on behalf of the U.S. Although the studies didn’t focus on adult learners or math education in particular, Luminary Labs researchers believe the results should be relevant to that population and subject.

Report 129

Flipping Instruction for Struggling Students

Teacher Reboot Camp

Try getting your students instead to learn about the topic with podcasts , infographics ( Piktochart , , Visme , and Canva ), games , scavenger hunts, interactives ( ReadWriteThink ), tutorials or how to manuals ( Howtoons ), simulations, case studies, digital scrapbooks , mindmaps ( Mind42 , Wiki Mindmap ), virtual trips , interactive timelines ( Timetoast , MyHistro ), ezines ( Issuu ), or curated boards (Pinterest board, Educlipper board, or Blendspace).

5 Tech tools educators can use to teach social responsibility in the classroom


This is an elegant and simple app, developed by Google, that sends one project a day to your mobile device. A fascinating case study is the Parkway High School for Peace and Social Justice in Philadelphia which has adopted social responsibility as their driving theme, the results are inspiring and impressive.

Tools 150

Building Confidence and Competence through Personalized Professional Learning

Digital Promise

Based on the HISD teacher profile , the University of San Diego’s Mobile Technology Learning Center has developed with Digital Promise micro-credentials to identify specific skills, resources, and evidence that support the optimal learning environment for students. Houston Independent School District (HISD), the largest school district in Texas, has launched PowerUp , a district-wide initiative aimed at transforming teaching and learning.

State Leadership Working Towards Broadband Access for All

Included in the new report and accompanying website are case studies of success stories. This edWebinar was hosted by SETDA and sponsored by Education Networks of America (ENA) , Kajeet , Mobile Beacon , and Parana River Group. Recent publications and projects include Navigating the Digital Shift, Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States, OER Case Studies: Implementation in Action, The Broadband Imperative and From Data to Information.

9 Steps for Choosing a Device

Tom Murray

However, school leaders should press providers on research, evidence, and case studies where the device choice and implementation lead to positive student outcomes. Year after year, stories become public of districts that purchase a large number of devices without doing a thorough analysis of the district’s infrastructure or density study of their current wireless system, rendering devices almost un-useable. This post is sponsored by Samsung.

Can technology help teach literacy in poor communities?

eSchool News

For the past four years, researchers at MIT, Tufts University, and Georgia State University have been conducting a study to determine whether tablet computers loaded with literacy applications could improve the reading preparedness of young children living in economically disadvantaged communities. In all three cases, study participants’ performance on standardized tests of reading preparedness indicated that the tablet use was effective. Next page: What the study reveals.