The Case for Case Studies: Success Stories for Continued Growth

A Principal's Reflections

Case studies provide a glimpse into how vision, strategic planning, and implementation drive results-oriented change. Image credit: No two schools or districts take on the same initiative in the same way.

How to Assess Your District: The Global Challenge Project Case Study

The CoolCatTeacher

Our middle school, like many other middle schools, have teams made up of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math. Take a look at this, the website, and discuss this fantastic case study for all of to discuss in staff meetings to determine how we are truly assessing our school.

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Get inspired by Project Based Learning! 3 Awesome PBL case studies


The key concept is active learning , which dovetails neatly into today’s topic where I will share with you three incredible Project Based Learning (PBL) case studies, that I hope will inspire you to be more ambitious in designing, developing and implementing PBL in your classroom.

9 case studies reveal secrets of successful blended, online learning programs

eSchool News

Evergreen Education Group, in cooperation with FuelEd, has published an executive summary and nine full case studies, “ Outcomes of Blended and Online Learning Programs in Schools Using Fuel Education Curriculum.”

SETDA publishes OER case studies from 3 states

eSchool News

Online case studies highlight OER implementation in schools. SETDA has published a series of case studies focused on the implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) at the school level.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

Education Superhighway

As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. The post Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal appeared first on EducationSuperHighway. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS) is a massive district.

Give me some credit, please! (Exploring plagiarism through a series of clever case studies by Jen)


Jen describes the thinking behind the workshop: As a social studies teacher, students’ plagiarism was always an issue for me. I am usually pretty darn proud of my MLIS students’ work.

Increasing Student Participation During Zoom Synchronous Teaching Meetings

User Generated Education

Due to Coronavirus, many schools are moving online, and teaching through Zoom meetings. The value of Zoom meetings is that the educator can create synchronous interactive conversations and activities. My goal is to have all my students actively engaged throughout the meeting.

Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal

Education Superhighway

As is the case in many mega-districts, PWCPS already had access to high-speed broadband. With Prince William County Public Schools’ significantly upgraded bandwidth and significantly lower cost per Mbps, this mega district is in a great position to meet its students’ growing digital learning needs for years to come. The post Case Study: A “mega” school district negotiates a better deal appeared first on EducationSuperHighway.

Measuring Up–the Key to Meeting State/National Standards

Ask a Tech Teacher

Each lesson includes independent practice with items that meet NGSS assessments, hands-on activities, experiments, and investigations. For example, the National Dropout Prevention Center conducted a year-long study of the Measuring Up program and its impact on student outcomes.

Meet the Webinators

At the ISTE 2017 conference this year, edWeb held a poster session to “Meet the Webinars” where three of our “star” Webinators – Michelle Luhtala, Shannon Holden, and Rachel Langenhorst – met with some of their edWeb fans and continued to spread the word about the free world of edWeb PD

#AskExcelinEd: How do credentials meet the market in Florida, Indiana and Kentucky?


A new report from Excel in Ed and Burning Glass Technologies, Where Credentials Meet the Market: State Case Studies on the Effect of High School Industry Credentials on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes , addresses that gap.

?What Does It Take to Create Diverse Schools? Meet the Pioneers Making It Happen


Case Study — The Collaborative: What We Learned From Bringing Educators Together to Reimagine School. Dig into the full report to learn more about each of these, and to meet the pioneers featured in the report below. Despite progress in integrating American schools following the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, U.S. schools are less diverse today than in the 1960s.

Math instruction meets a personalized approach

eSchool News

One school is using a personalized and blended math curriculum to help students meet learning goals. To learn more about Screven County’s use of MobyMax, download a case study at [link].

New Tools for Real World Learning

Digital Promise

Real World Learning occurs at the destinations where educators and real-world partners meet. Case Studies, Definitions, and More. View the case studies for first-hand accounts of what Real World Learning looks like in these school districts.

Tools 197

Technology’s Impact on Adult Learners and their Children

Digital Promise

Leveraging Technology for Even Greater Impact: Two Case Studies. In these two case studies, we explore technology’s impact by tracing the journeys of two family literacy programs as they used technology in transformative ways to meet their learners’ needs. Case Study #1: Briya Public Charter School, Washington, D.C. Case Study #2: The Students and Parents in Cooperative Education (SPICE) Family Literacy Program, Central Maine.

League Districts Take on Major Challenges Together

Digital Promise

The League of Innovative Schools (League) convened in Park City, Utah last week for the biannual #DPLIS meeting, co-hosted with Juab School District , Uinta County School District #1 , and Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

OER 321

How Cohorts Drive Maker Learning Growth Opportunities

Digital Promise

” Students participate in a Parts, Purposes, and Complexities experience, a protocol learned by cohort members during their kick-off meeting.

Improving Frontline Workforce Talent Development with Data

Digital Promise

Digital Promise’s new interactive research report focuses on the need for a data-driven learning ecosystem to design personalized and effective learning pathways for frontline workers that meet ever-changing workforce demands.

Data 232

Family Literacy: Four Steps to Leverage Technology for Even Greater Impact

Digital Promise

Technology can provide powerful new pathways to help family literacy programs more fully meet their learners’ needs. To better understand how technology can further these family literacy goals, we produced case studies on two family literacy programs that are using technology in different ways. adults study English, digital literacy, and parenting, while their children also attend classes. These case studies highlighted two very different programs.

Learning by Design: How Design Tech High School Uses Research

Digital Promise

To meet this goal, Montgomery and his team created a design thinking curriculum, where students learn how to first understand a problem and end-user, then brainstorm solutions, create prototypes, analyze data, and finally, engage in multiple design iterations to solve a problem.

Valuing Professional Learning through Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

Districts across the nation are exploring a new approach to professional learning to meet the evolving needs of today’s diverse classrooms and the educators who lead them.

Industry Credentials = Increased High School Grad Rates


Explore state case studies on the effect of high school industry credentials on educational and labor market outcomes in the new report Where Credentials Meet the Market.

How One School District Stays Ahead of the Safety Curve

Gaggle Speaks

A school leader—whether it’s a superintendent, assistant or deputy superintendent, director of student services or someone else—wants to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping students safe online, but meets resistance from others. .

8 Approaches That Are Making a Difference in Public Education

Digital Promise

In late April, League educators joined researchers and other leaders in the education industry at the spring 2018 League meeting in Charlotte, NC, to talk about the challenges they face and develop ideas for solutions. Learn more: Case Studies via the Friday Institute.

If We Do It Right, Teachers Plus Technology Can Free Educators to Focus More on Students

The Christensen Institute

The report’s case study of elementary education teachers points to an automation trend that could be a good thing for teachers and students. In short, the future of automation points to amplifying teachers’ ability to meet their students’ learning needs.

Do You Know the Edtech Adoption Rules in Your State? SETDA’s New Guide May Help.


Even within that framework, states set their own requirements to meet accountability standards. All four are profiled in case studies that detail their policies, funding allotments, adoption processes and notable challenges. State Procurement Case Studies: Spotlight on Digital Materials Acquisition is available online. . What’s the difference between selling an education product to California versus Indiana—or any other state, for that matter?

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Schools and Communities Together

Digital Promise

In their new book, Broader, Bolder, Better , Paul Reville and Elaine Weiss draw on nine years of research and case studies from 12 diverse communities to advocate for more and larger-scale partnerships between communities and schools.

How To Elevate Case-Based Teaching Strategies

Omega Notes

Case-based learning provides several important benefits to students. Using collaborative learning systems can resolve these issues, providing students and faculty alike with a useful tool that makes using case based learning practical, efficient, and effective. .

How Student Safety Saves Lives in Edison Township

Gaggle Speaks

Many of my colleagues and I are extremely fortunate to meet passionate educators willing to share emotional stories with us at ISTE, Tech & Learning SchoolCIO Summits, K-12 Innovation Forums and other events.


Battelle for Kids

I have literally sat on so many panels (K12,Higher Ed, political, policy, and industry), participated in meetings from the White House to the schoolhouse, been active in research think tanks and included in numerous case studies to define what STEM is and what makes a STEM school and we are still asking this question. Volume 3, Issue 3, Number 1. Driving Question: What makes a STEM School? What makes a STEM school? That is the question that is most often asked.

STEM 142

Four innovative staffing takeaways from personalized learning schools

The Christensen Institute

For the better part of the past year, the Christensen Institute has worked in collaboration with Public Impact , a national education policy and management consulting firm, to study how schools are implementing innovative staffing models in conjunction with blended learning to personalize instruction and improve student achievement. We are excited to share our first set of case studies on these schools.

Giving students a V.O.I.C.E. in your classroom


3 Awesome PBL case studies. Not long ago, all teachers were accountable for their students’ level of content acquisition and goal meeting. Look around you! Everything is constantly on the move, changing rapidly, adapting to new needs and contexts of life.

5 Ways to Prepare Every Student for the STEM Economy


Studies show that early exposure to science, technology, engineering and math provides students with the foundation necessary to partake in an increased number of STEM careers. They may even supply snacks, tools, a space to meet after-school or sponsorship opportunities.

STEM 120

The Edtech Buying Process Is Broken. ISTE Says Teachers Can Fix It.


Does it meet students’ needs, or is it just really cool?” The edtech playground is one of a handful of case studies featured in a new edtech buying guide released by the International Society for Technology in Education ( ISTE ), a non-profit organization, and Project Unicorn , an initiative to improve data interoperability in K-12. Each section outlines the role educators and district leaders can each play and provides a school- or district-level case study.