How to Assess Your District: The Global Challenge Project Case Study

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Jennifer Gonzalez is updating her Teachers Guide to Technology for 2018. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. How to Assess Your District: The Global Challenge Project is an Example. Link to show: How the “winning” works.

The Case for Case Studies: Success Stories for Continued Growth

A Principal's Reflections

Case studies provide a glimpse into how vision, strategic planning, and implementation drive results-oriented change. In education, they connect people to stories of how schools and districts have improved school culture and the specific steps that were taken.

Use of Case Studies as a Student-Centered Approach to Learning

A Principal's Reflections

The use of case studies is a powerful pedagogical approach to incorporate student-centered learning activities into lessons. As a science teacher I routinely utilized case studies as they provided a relevant context to what I was teaching.

How to Simplify Your Printing Solution | A Case Study

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Help us out by answering these 3 quick questions to unlock the presentation. You’re almost there! Retired Whitepapers

How to Simplify Your Printing Solution | A Case Study

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For any education institution (in Higher Ed & K-12), we seek to simplify administrative processes. In this webinar, learn how one community college streamlined its printing solution to empower all end users. On top of that, they wanted to eliminate their print servers.

Give me some credit, please! (Exploring plagiarism through a series of clever case studies by Jen)


In going through my grad students’ final workshop presentations this semester, I found one just too useful not to share. Jen describes the thinking behind the workshop: As a social studies teacher, students’ plagiarism was always an issue for me.

5 Stories of Superintendent Leadership from AASA and Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Despite wielding tremendous influence in their respective school districts, the lives of superintendents can become isolated if they don’t have peers to reach out to. Superintendents profiled in the AASA-Discovery Education Case Study Series include: Kristine Gilmore.

How to Make District-Wide Innovation Personal—and Collaborative


Another reason for the concern is that as educators increasingly use digital tools to personalize learning for students, some have struggled to ensure that the environments they create are not isolating. Parents and educators rightly fear the image of rows of students on computers, never talking to another human being. The real magic of blended learning occurs when teachers use technology to boost human interaction, in both frequency and impact.

How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


It’s no secret that remote work is growing rapidly, thanks to advancements in communication and productivity tools. A study by the International Workplace Group estimates that 50 percent of people globally work outside their headquarters for at least 2.5 Here’s how we did it.

This Professor Uses Video to Show—Not Tell—Student Teachers How to Hone Their Craft


Debra Lively employs a secret weapon, which is instrumental to her success: video. As a professor of teacher education and Director of Clinical Experiences at Saginaw Valley State University , she uses recordings to “show” rather than “tell” students how they can improve their teaching skills.

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Report: The 4 models of blended learning in action

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A new paper by advocacy and policy org iNacol explores how blended learning is being used in practice and traces its history from 2008 to today. The case studies profiled illustrate a variety of blended learning implementations, providing insights for increasing program effectiveness.

A tale of two pilots

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note : Choosing hardware or software for an entire school district is a momentous decision, so it only makes sense that districts across the country are choosing to pilot products before signing on the dotted line. We made plans to expand our pilot.

How One Teacher’s Simple Experiment Rekindled a Love of Learning


Just something new to try out away from the classroom. This is certainly the case when it comes to bridging the tech divide in the classroom, where on one side you have traditionalist teachers, on the other side the tech-savvy students.

How to Create a Safe 1:1 Learning Environment

Gaggle Speaks

Sure, you might have a larger student population, and you could be separated by hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, but you both are looking for new ways to create digital learning environments that facilitate critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

Good online teaching is often just plain good teaching

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One teacher learns that the secret to good online teaching is all in the approach. When both teachers and students participate the same way they would in a face-to-face setting, amazing things happen in the online world—just as often as they do in the traditional classroom.

How to Learn Better with Ulrich Boser


Learning how to master new skills and relate new information to existing knowledge is especially important as technological and societal change continually alter the kinds of work we perform throughout our lifetimes. How do you support your own learning?

How to Become a Google Certified Trainer (FREE eBook Download)

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The post How to Become a Google Certified Trainer (FREE eBook Download) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Download the FREE eBook: How to Become a Google Certified Trainer. Who wants to become a Google Certified Trainer? 6 Steps to Google Certified Trainer.

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How to Create a Sales Funnel for Your Montessori School


Creating a sales funnel is one of the most important things you can do to increase the enrollment rate for your Montessori school. Let’s discuss why you need a sales funnel and how to use one to increase your enrollment numbers. Three Ways to Enter the Funnel.

What life before edtech can teach us about personalized learning

The Christensen Institute

This is unsurprising given the enormous uptick in online courses and technology tools in K–12 schools nationwide, not to mention the promise that technology holds to dismantle barriers to access and experience that have plagued the education system for years.

Here’s what you missed at BPLC18, the Blended & Personalized Learning Conference

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Attendees saw blended and personalized learning in action and collaborated with other practitioners to see these ideas in practice. The first question participants wrestled with was to develop a consistent understand of blended and personalized learning. Case studies.

How to Build an Online Learning Program Students Crave and Employers Want


One of the great challenges for any educator is how do you teach and test students on real world problems, not just on theoretical textbook examples? all students—not just digital natives—expect learning resources to be rich with animation or digital learning objects that make learning more realistic and relevant. Real world problems are exciting to solve but devilishly hard to assess, especially when there are many students involved.

3 Common Student Data Sharing Solutions — and How to Overcome Them

EdTech Magazine

3 Common Student Data Sharing Solutions — and How to Overcome Them. As districts look to stream data seamlessly between the major players in education, like teachers, administrators and parents, interoperability models are becoming a popular solution. “My However, bringing this kind of system to fruition is no easy task. There are hurdles to overcome that administrators should be aware of as they start to plan for their district’s future.

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Report outlines how to shift to tech-enabled personalized learning

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New report examines how this type of learning is poised to benefit all students.

How To Find a Job When You’re Not Looking


Equally good—the economy is steady enough that if you’re employed, you might just have enough breathing room to think about what you really want to do. Looking to level up in your career? Doing what you really truly love turns out to the be secret of finding your next job, whether or not you’re actively looking. And that leads us to this insider’s tip—or perhaps question: What do you truly love to do? Even better: Offer to run a meetup.

How to Boost Your Teacher Brand

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The post How to Boost Your Teacher Brand appeared first on Shake Up Learning. It’s also the best way to promote your personal and professional brand. Five Tips to Help You Create a Personal Brand and a Positive Digital Reputation. Click To Tweet. Click To Tweet.

5 Key Ways to Improve Your Franchise Training


One of the common fears of franchising a business is whether you will be able to convey to the different franchisees the values and characteristics that have made your brand a success. The key to making this happen is through communication and training franchisees.

How to Create a School Website that Parents and Others Will Want to Visit

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As I parent, I find myself often visiting my daughter’s high school website to get information that she doesn’t make readily available to me. Ask yourself how easy it is for parents to do the same on your website.

6 ways to make your blended learning PD more successful

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“Just do it” may be an effective slogan for a sporting shoe company, but it is not an effective change management technique to move to blended learning. The move to blended learning has been labelled as “disruptive” by many, such as Clayton Christensen in his book “ Disrupting Class.”

How To Assess the Strength of a Democracy

Educator Innovator

Examining historical case studies with resources from our partner Facing History and Ourselves helps students think about the cultural and institutional factors necessary for a healthy democracy. The tensions and divisions that were unearthed by the 2016 presidential campaign were not put to rest once Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president on January 20. While it lies there, it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.”

Restorative Justice: Resources for Schools


Matt Davis School Climate Explore resources and case studies that demonstrate how to bring restorative justice to your school or classroom Photo credit: The Chapman Cultural Center via flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Serving Gifted Students from Special Populations


Building on case studies of 11 gifted students in special populations, the authors provide resources to help all educators understand how to best serve gifted students who also have other special needs.

Life-Long Kindergarten: Reviving play in the classroom and beyond


An unusual and noteworthy stance that he went on to motivate at various edtech conferences, as well as in an accessible TED Talk. Let’s explore some of the resources the lab has created, available to teachers across grades.

Improving Frontline Workforce Talent Development with Data

Digital Promise

Many frontline workers, or the workers who deal directly with customers and deliver services, say the workforce development and job training programs available to them aren’t relevant, and most workers don’t have the capacity to complete these programs for degrees or certificates.

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All Lessons Should Be Interdisciplinary

User Generated Education

How often does someone do worksheets outside of school? How often when they become adults? They also tend to focus on a single content area concept like specific math problems or questions about a particular text. It tends to be highly engaging for students.

Investing in Your Students’ Safety

Gaggle Speaks

Having used Gaggle’s platform for years to monitor online activity, CPS found their student safety investment became even more valuable as they expanded students’ access to technology.

Helping Students Manage Behavior in the Moment


Moment to Moment helps educators empower students to recognize what may “trigger” a behavior problem and how to react positively in that moment. Linda Biondi says teachers will benefit from the case studies of several student types that are followed through the book.

The Art and Science of Learning: How New Mexico School for the Arts Uses Research

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Their instructional strategies seemed to be working overall, but staff couldn’t be sure which strategies were most effective, or why. Montoya and her team were looking for a way to ensure their strategies were evidence-based. You can also watch the video and download the case study.

Personalized teaching: 4 funding strategies to amplify teacher impact

The Christensen Institute

Accordingly, one of the best things a school can do to improve the personalized learning experiences of its students is to expand the impact of its highest-performing teachers. Of course, expanding the reach of great teachers is easier said than done–especially when it comes to budget concerns. But a few pioneering schools are strategizing funding for rethinking staffing arrangements and how to organize classes and teaching teams in order to accomplish just that.

Learning by Design: How Design Tech High School Uses Research

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To meet this goal, Montgomery and his team created a design thinking curriculum, where students learn how to first understand a problem and end-user, then brainstorm solutions, create prototypes, analyze data, and finally, engage in multiple design iterations to solve a problem.

HE Challenges: Combating declining completion rates


Last time we started to explore the top four challenges facing higher education in the US. The report covered the six-year completion rates of the cohort of students (which the study refers to as the 2011 cohort) who began college in 2011.

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