Your Device Rollout Isn’t About Hardware—It’s About Engagement


For anyone involved in education, the importance of engagement is clear. And the need for both student engagement and buy-in cannot be overstated when it comes to device rollout. Engagement in the classroom matters. Focus on the students.

From Personalized Math to Micro-Schools, This NewSchools Cohort Is Reimagining Learning


Today, NewSchools and Transcend released a case study that looks at the first Collaborative. EdSurge talked to Benson about some of the findings in that study. They entered the program with a real desire to focus deeply on what it meant to have a more effective personalized learning experience in math—including everything from curriculum design and the use of technology to the roles of teachers and students in the classroom and the adoption of “passion projects.”

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We used these Google tools in our schools and saw tangible results soar

eSchool News

Authors’ Note: We’re often asked by educators, “what impact do you see with Google technology in schools?” Last year we engaged Evergreen Education Group on a journey around the world to answer that question.

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Fostering Powerful Use of Technology Through Instructional Coaching

Digital Promise

While in some cases, technology is used in powerful ways to support students in developing critical thinking and collaboration skills, and to develop a sense of agency, in other situations it is used in things like drill and practice exercises, test prep, and reading online content.

Classroom Design Trends: Update Classroom Layout to Boost Engagement

ViewSonic Education

Student eyes trained on the teacher. Old-school classroom design supported the idea that teachers impart knowledge to students. Pencil and paper for the student to take notes. Constructivism is all about students and instructors developing knowledge together.

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Turn any exisiting PC or Mac into fully functional Chromebook - for free!

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Neverware, a startup that has developed a software product, CloudReady , in partnership with Google, which turns almost any computer from the last 8 years into a full-fledged Chromebook. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

A rural Montana district goes all in on makerspaces

The Hechinger Report

Some students play basketball or volleyball as the clock ticks closer to first period, but for those who don’t like sports, there has been little else to do than sit on the bleachers and wait — until this year.

Leveling Up Language Learners’ 21st-Century Skills with Minecraft


Or video games,” one student suggested. Oral presentations became screen-casted videos of student-created builds. In addition to the language generated by the students themselves in their projects, I found that a huge amount of English was being generated as students shared tips, accessed online guides and built a common understanding. Here are six examples of higher-order thinking skills my students developed while creating and playing games: 1.

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Active Learning in the Math Classroom


Active learning encompasses many different things—from students taking ownership of their own learning and participating in activities that stimulate deeper thinking to movable classroom furniture and teachers embracing the role of facilitator. Even QR codes can be engaging.

Discovery Education’s Top 9 Ideas of 2016

Discovery Education

We’ve reviewed some of our best articles, white papers and case studies posted to the Discovery Education Blog this year to bring you a sampling of some of the most powerful education leadership ideas we read. The idea that STEM education is only for the most gifted students on track for graduate degrees is a falsehood. Hook Students on STEM Learning with Driving Questions. A driving question hooks your students and pulls their learning into a real world format.

Breakout Edu- Melbourne Summit 2016


One of the suggestions given is to start out small, maybe just a couple of problems over a short amount of time, and as students develop their stamina and resilience increase the length of time. However, students were still left consuming content, making sense of the different biomes.

STEMxCon - Today Is the Final Deadline for Proposals; Great Keynotes + Sessions; Need Volunteers!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Sueann Galt, STEM Coordinator Does the use of ‘Learning Menus’ increase students’ intrinsic motivation? Carmona, Lead Contract English Instructor Student-Generated Apps for Mobile Devices – can they enhance higher levels of understanding?