Google Updates and Improves its Learning Center for Teacher Training

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Google has updated and improved its Learning Center for Teacher Training with new use cases and best practices, making it even more useful and easier to learn about Google apps. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. google google applications Google for Educators training

Google Science Fair as my Biology Final Exam

Cycles of Learning

Keeping the above in mind, I have been experimenting with a "Medical Case Study" approach to teaching the course, leveraging hypothetical patient intake exam symptoms, and subsequent student diagnosis to spark curiosity, and inspired initial research, around specific themes.

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4 NEW Google Certifications! Plus a NEW Google Training Center!

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4 NEW Google Certifications! Plus a NEW Google Training Center! New and Updated Google Educator Certifications! I spend a lot of time helping other educators prepare for Google Certifications, and I am happy to share some new information today. See example.

Using Google Apps in a Safe 1:1 Learning Environment

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Productivity tools like Google Apps for Education for classroom collaboration make 1:1 initiatives a realistic goal for any size school district. The webcast also featured Tom Woods, Lead Google Apps Consultant, from Amplified IT. Safety Management for Google Success Stories

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Increasing Student Participation During Zoom Synchronous Teaching Meetings

User Generated Education

In this case, I inform the Breakout Groups to decide on a spokesperson or two to report to the whole group. To discuss a real life scenario or case study. This can be done in a jigsaw strategy whereby different groups are given different case studies. Google Form.

Online Teaching Reflection: Day 27 & 28 (I am proud of this one!)

Cycles of Learning

A true example of a TPACK overlap. ​ Step 1: Case Study (tech: Google Doc template delivered using the "/copy" technique ) Step 2: Case Study Solution Reveal (tech: Google Form with embedded videos and links to external articles).

Center for Digital Education - great, free resource on education and technology

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The Center for Digital Education , formerly known as Converge, is a great site with lots of information about education and technology, including news, grants, product reviews, case studies, examples of digital education and much more. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Offering School Districts a Better View of Blind Spots

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We had this incredible blind spot; we couldn’t see what was in our students’ Google Drive folders or what they were doing on email and with other Google apps,” said Dr. Teresa M. Read the case study to learn more about how this small district uses Gaggle to keep students safe.

Why new technologies often don’t help students

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For example, as Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee explain in their book, The Second Machine Age , when factory managers first replaced the steam engines used to power manufacturing equipment with electric motors, the new technology had little impact on productivity.

3 Ways AR works in real-life classrooms


Pokemon GO is probably the most well-known example of how augmented reality works. To look at these critiques from a real-world perspective, I went hunting for case studies (one of my favorite things to do). Here’s what I found: Google Expeditions AR.

Structure for Authentic Reading in My Biology Class

Cycles of Learning

A huge focus of the course has been leveraging student diagnosis of medical case studies as entries into inquiry cycles. For example, our unite on Cellular Respiration began with students diagnosing a patient with Type II Diabetes.

3 Things I'm Proud of This Week: Explosive Disposal. A Few Good Men

Cycles of Learning

View an example of student work here. A Few Good Men I have written in the past about how I love to use medical case studies to spark inquiry in biology class. Flash Cards Unlike the above reflections, this teaching example is super simple.

GoGuardian Develops a New AI-Enabled Cloud Filter for K–12 Schools

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For example, schools investing in a one-to-one Chromebook initiative will not need to worry about installation concerns that come from legacy equipment that is not cloud-based. . GoGuardian Develops a New AI-Enabled Cloud Filter for K–12 Schools. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 02/11/2019 - 10:40.

School-Changers: Six Elements of School Change


Google Certified Innovator & Trainer. “More Now” , a new book by Mark Wagner, Ph.D. brings together all the school-changers in a cohesive narrative of an innovation journey.

New, SIMPLIFIED, Student Portfolio System (or "feeling the fear of not being 'innovative' enough this year")

Cycles of Learning

Click here for an example. I remembered another comment from one student specifically: "Can we just put everything we did in this topic in a Google Slide presentation. Nobody is going to look at your Google Slides!

Supporting self-directed learning in the classroom


Google is famous for permitting its employees to spend 20% of their time in the office, working on a passion project. The urban legend is that Gmail and Google News are ideas that came out of this process.

edWeb’s Research-Based Practices for Personalized Professional Learning

edWeb Case Study: Rock Valley Community School District. In each case, provides critical support that empowers Rock Valley leaders to implement research-based practices: Content-based professional development through resources applied to instruction.

New, SIMPLIFIED, Student Portfolio System (or "feeling the fear of not being 'innovative' enough this year")


Click here for an example. I remembered another comment from one student specifically: "Can we just put everything we did in this topic in a Google Slide presentation. Nobody is going to look at your Google Slides!

Teaching Computational Thinking: In practice


Nonetheless, I feel we cannot close out the subject of “computational thinking” without a true educational context, and so I have hunted around for decent examples of how students have explicitly employed the computational thinking method.

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Your Device Rollout Isn’t About Hardware—It’s About Engagement


In this University of Roehampton London study , one school saw dramatic improvements by incorporating Classcraft ’s collaborative game and personalized learning tools into their one-to-one and Google Classroom implementation.

Resources for Using Edmodo in the Classroom

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Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Edmodo is a learning management system. Edmodo is a great resource for teachers, students, and parents, allowing communication, collaboration and sharing. It has forums, messages, files, calendar, and more to create an online presence for your class.

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What is Blended Learning? Tips from 3 Bett Speakers

ViewSonic Education

Pupils can continue their studies away from the classroom using the environment too. For example, simply using a keyboard to type up a document to enhance its presentation may not always be the most effective use of technology. Let’s take an example.

Teachers are managers—so let’s give them the tools to manage

The Christensen Institute

The project, led by Mallory Dwinal, David Richards, and Jennifer Wu, looked systematically at the structures and processes that high-performing managers at cutting-edge companies like Google, Zappos, and Geico have put into place to create their dynamic cultures. Good management is hard.

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One Teacher’s Year Inside the World’s Largest Library


Listen to this week’s podcast on Apple Podcasts , Overcast , Spotify , Stitcher , Google Play Music , or wherever you listen to podcasts, or use the player below. I taught there for 19 years, and taught pretty much anything that would keep me employed within social studies.

What life before edtech can teach us about personalized learning

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My colleague Thomas Arnett’s new case study, “ Connecting ed & tech: Partnering to drive student outcomes , ” highlights an example of a school, and one particularly innovative teacher, that took this order of operations to heart.

Learning to Learn – From Sabba Quidwai


Prior to endocrinology, the modules focus predominantly on one system, however endocrinology requires them to integrate both new and baseline information from the multiple systems they have studied thus far. Learning to Learn: Self Assessment Through Patient Case Studies.

Flipping Instruction for Struggling Students

Teacher Reboot Camp

Try getting your students instead to learn about the topic with podcasts , infographics ( Piktochart , , Visme , and Canva ), games , scavenger hunts, interactives ( ReadWriteThink ), tutorials or how to manuals ( Howtoons ), simulations, case studies, digital scrapbooks , mindmaps ( Mind42 , Wiki Mindmap ), virtual trips , interactive timelines ( Timetoast , MyHistro ), ezines ( Issuu ), or curated boards (Pinterest board, Educlipper board, or Blendspace).

BETT Latin America


EdTechTeam México participó con Google For Education junto con otros tres partners, dando talleres, contactando clientes y construyendo una presencia más sólida en el ámbito educativo de nuestro país. Una sesión que tuvo un éxito muy particular, fue la que hicimos junto con la escuela El Tesoro del Saber que está en camino a convertirse en escuela de referencia de Google. A clear example of how students have become content creators.

Investing in leadership capacity: The amazing, wonderful District 59

Dangerously Irrelevant

both positive and negative) – Organizational self-assessment – Getting set up with our new Google+ community. analog: Examples of the affordances of multimedia storytelling – How is writing changing because of digital and online?

A Single Sign-On Platform Revolutionized How This District Uses Tech—and Saved $120,000


Now students are using Google Classroom. Take our early learners, for example. They’re using robotics software, animation software, Google Drawings, Microsoft One Note. We can see myON, for example, has over 400,000 logins. “A ball of crazy!”

Tips from the pros: Making an Enriched Virtual program work for your students

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Unlike the Flipped Classroom , Enriched Virtual programs usually don’t require daily school attendance; some programs may only require twice-weekly attendance, for example. In the case of the Enriched Virtual, online learning is the backbone of learning, enhanced by a brick-and-mortar component that is distinct from the traditional classroom. Students and parents may also contact the teacher at any time now that we use Google Voice to open up easy communication.

How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


A study by the International Workplace Group estimates that 50 percent of people globally work outside their headquarters for at least 2.5 We screened them using a pre-interview questionnaire built in Google Form.

Personalizing Learning for All Students With OpenCourseWare

A Principal's Reflections

This is where the idea for incorporating OpenCourseWare (OCW) into Julie’s project arose, and the Independent OpenCourseWare Study (IOCS) was born. Over the course of the marking period, students identified courses, registered through our Google form, and went to work.

Active Learning in the Math Classroom


Students might learn through games, projects, debates, talking with peers, case studies, just-in-time teaching, or short demonstrations followed by class discussion. PHS teacher Jeff Rose introduces Google Classroom and Padlet to make students’ thinking more visible.

Breakout Edu- Melbourne Summit 2016


The problems themselves involve the use of a range of resources and stimuli to support the learning, ranging from decks of cards, computer, infrared torch, USB disks with information, coloured paperclips, QR codes and Google Docs.