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Compilation of some student created content (video library + Socratic written responses). I use Camtasia Studio (PC only) to record, edit, and produce my videos. Note: Camtasia Mac does not allow for the embedded quizzes, but you can also use a webtool like Zaption for that (see below). For a full comparison of Camtasia PC vs Mac, see Camtasia Studio vs Camtasia Mac.). I recommend Zaption as a webtool to turn any video into a learning tour.

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She also focuses on building a classroom library of high-interest books, and above all on modeling appropriate and authentic reading behaviors. Pat Wyman is also the author of Instant Learning for Amazing Grades , Learning vs. Testing , and co-author on two books about autism.

20 Web Tools and Apps for Learners to Create Fun Videos

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In my digital book, Learning to Go , I provide tips, resources, rubrics, and handouts to help your students storyboard their productions and create short commercials, films, trailers, broadcasts, digital stories, and public service announcements. Check out the bookmarks for several more web apps, tools, and resources to get your students learning by producing their own short videos. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers and Learning to Go.

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Screencasting: A Differentiator and Time Saver!

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Screencastify Mac (Mojave) Computer iPad/iPod Wevideo Camtasia. Strengthen the value of a learning management system by adding audio/video instruction for all students who are in and not in attendance. Support a blended / flipped learning model of teaching and learning aiding in best used instructional time with the teacher. Differentiate instruction for students who need additional assistance to rewatch instruction at a pace that benefits their personalized learning.

10 Great PowerPoint Changes You Probably Don’t Know About

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This includes DropBox, Google Drive, Poll Everywhere, Camtasia, and Adobe Stock. This is great for flipped classrooms or auto-generated lesson plans that students can play, pause, and rewind as needed for their learning style. You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

I LOVE Bella & Harry Books: Teach Social Studies & Add Augmented Reality to Bring the Books to Life!


I contacted the company to see if they could send me one of each book for my classroom library. push play - To learn more about augmented reality, I encourage you to click here and read my introductory post. The Adventures of Bella and Harry!

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Flip your classroom through reverse instruction

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The Radcliffe Camera in Oxford Take, for example, the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It is one of the world''s literary repositories and one of the largest libraries in the world. Organization is key for such a large library. Made by TechSmith, the same company that makes Camtasia.

10 Tools to Help you Flip Your Classroom

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I learned by trial and error. Camtasia Studio : The leading screen casting software title on the market. See what Camtasia can do by viewing one of my screencasts. Snagit : from the makers of Camtasia ( TechSmith ), this screen capture tool allows you to quickly capture a still image of all or part of your screen. Jing : the cousin of Camtasia Studio (see #1 above), Jing is a light-weight screencasting tool. Jing is not as full-featured as Camtasia or Snagit.

5 Companies to Watch in 2011

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When I first learned about Prezi I was impressed by the fundamental change it brought to the art of presentations. Then I stumbled upon FYI Learning Online. Built upon an exhaustive open API library , BrainHoney is posed to integrate just about anything you could wish. Their core products Camtasia Studio (screen casting) and Snagit (image capturing) are standard on all of my computers.

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Ignite Student Passions with Genius Hour

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Do you remember the days when learning was fun? Jakes Passion projects capture the joy of learning while integrating content areas of reading, writing, and oral communication. The joy of learning -- that's what we wanted our students to feel.

Ignite Student Passions with Genius Hour

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Do you remember the days when learning was fun? Jakes Passion Projects capture the joy of learning while integrating content areas of reading, writing, and oral communication. Passion Projects also have the power to change the climate of your classroom as students learn more about each other and their interests. The joy of learning -- that’s what we wanted our students to feel. Memorable? When the final bell rang and you didn’t want to leave?

Teacher Recommended: 50 Favorite Classroom Apps


Educators and students are quickly becoming more comfortable with classroom technology, allowing them to shift from thinking about the technical side of integrating a new tool to focusing on how it improves learning. iLearn United States : This game-like app has a learn mode and a game mode.

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The best site I learned about is I Education Apps Review. They put on their own skins and covers, set up their work iTunes accounts, set up iTunes U accounts, learned how to convert their Power Points, use Voice Memos, download apps and how to sync. Converting PowerPoints from PC : They spent time on learning how to convert their Power Points for the iTouch (a little different process for PC than just the click of a button on a Mac).