Peer Instruction 3.0 – When students do the teaching…with video

Turn to Your Neighbor

In this inaugural post of The Neighborhood, five classroom teachers from across grade levels discuss what happens when students teach each other using video. Turn to Your Neighbor Asks: As the flipped classroom becomes more and more prevalent in education, teachers are finding new ways to use video and screencasts to spark learning. Students have used Camtasia , Jing , Tellagami , and others to create videos. We have 12 iPads in the classroom.

Video 74

Time Pressure, Mistakes, and Hand Raising


In elementary school, this is how I felt about math. Since early in my teaching, reducing anxiety in my classroom has been a huge priority. It’s why I flipped my classroom. A year into flipping my math class, I wrote this post: Teaching with Compassion. Why I ‘Flip’. In that post, I say: Let’s rewind to my 2009 AP Calculus class, the year before I started my ‘flipped’ journey. Pencils down, time’s up. Flashcards out — and ready, set, go!