My Essential Tools to Create #FlipClass Videos: @Wacom DTK-1651, @Camtasia @USAudioTechnica @NotabilityApp


I had read the specs, but seeing it myself definitely surpassed my expectations. I open Camtasia. I edit the video in Camtasia. The DTK-1651 definitely falls into that awesome category.

How to select the best screencasting tool for your flipped classroom


Now let’s take a look at a few alternatives: Camtasia. I will start with my favorite screencasting tool, which is Camtasia Studio from Techsmith. If you consider getting a good tool, you should definitely try it! Snagit also has an education pricing, just like Camtasia.

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Let’s Play Matchmaker: Connecting Edtechs & Educators @JuneLabs #edchat #edtechchat


I stumbled across Camtasia Studio and bam, I knew I was looking at an answer. Lucky for me, an awesome team of education-focused individuals work at TechSmith (makers of Camtasia). It’s definitely an exciting time in education, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! As educators, we all know it’s never simply about finding the perfect tech tool; however, finding and customizing the right tech tool can transform a classroom. How did the flipped classroom begin for me?

The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


You can also bring in video from other sources and edit in Camtasia. Snagit is a great way to get started making basic videos, but you’ll want to use Camtasia for anything that requires editing. Omg - Really - I have the Best of Friends & Supportive Readers!

Peer Instruction 3.0 – When students do the teaching…with video

Turn to Your Neighbor

Students can definitely learn as much from creating a video as from writing a paper. Students have used Camtasia , Jing , Tellagami , and others to create videos. Inaugural Neighborhood Innovators: Bretzmann, Cernaro, Lovdahl, Morris, Thomasson (Left to Right). WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD . The Neighborhood is a special Turn To Your Neighbor series where we invite innovative educators from around the globe to discuss a variety of education topics. .

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The TeacherCast Ultimate Guide To Podcasting


When “Professional Podcasters” get together and talk about podcasting, they have an extremely strict definition that has rung true for just over a decade. Camtasia. Welcome to the TeacherCast Ultimate Guide to Podcasting.

The Benefits of Google Certification – Level 1, Level 2, Trainer, and Innovator

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I’ve definitely implemented things in my classroom that I never would have otherwise.” The Camtasia license is a great bonus, and the Google Certified Trainer’s group is a great place to collaborate and learn.”

Teacher Creativity Skill: Solve a Problem

The Playground Advocate

If you are teaching these skills to your students, I''d definitely recommend Google Search Education and this infographic as a starting place. One of the essential skills that we all need to develop is the ability to solve our own problems.