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The Internet and the applications which allow for connection such as social media, text applications, voice over IP and video conferencing applications enable authentic connections to each other and others outside the school walls.

Lead in the Now

A Principal's Reflections

It requires all leaders, regardless of title, to seek out answers to crucial questions that can pave the way for innovative ideas aimed at improving outcomes for all learners while fostering better relationships with stakeholders.

BYOD 299

Are You a Critical Consumer?

A Principal's Reflections

The exponential evolution if the Internet and social media tools have allowed for the quick sharing of knowledge, ideas, images, videos, and opinions. Going BYOD sounded like a great idea based on what I had either read or saw online.

BYOD 210

Digital Citizenship & Data Collection

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Students tracking their digital footprint could make for a horrifying or surprising project and very relevant in this world where social media puts one''s actions on full display. The epiphany and final outcome is more important than the grade.

Theories for the digital age: Self regulated learning

Learning with 'e's

Institutes that discourage the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement may be perceived by their students as anachronistic. A number of collaborative and social networking tools regularly play a role within the average student PLE.

PLE 78

Digital Leadership – LIVE Blog of Eric Sheninger Keynote at Leading Future Learning 2015


It was a primarily blue collar population, a diverse population both economically and socially, as well as a school with infrastructure issues. Social Media is a Game Changer. At that point, he saw that social media was a gateway to what’s possible.

Uncommon Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Effective digital learning environments focus on learning outcomes as opposed to the tools themselves. Bring your own device (BYOD) : Many students now possess a powerful learning tool in the form of mobile technology. The world today is changing at a fast pace.

A Strong Case for Uncommon Learning

Fractus Learning

Technology is a tool to enhance learning outcomes, and when used appropriately, it is not the tool that matters, but the learning and experiences we can provide for our students that matter most. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Video for learning: Today and tomorrow

Learning with 'e's

Present-day students, who interact with a steady stream of digital media throughout the day, are generally unsurprised by video in the classroom; if anything, they expect it. 2017) Can one-to-one initiative and BYOD in schools increase student engagement?

Video 58

Will giving greater student access to smartphones improve learning?

The Hechinger Report

And when I peer into classrooms, I see students tuning out their peers and teachers and focusing instead on YouTube and social media. He also wrote that much “student disruption and conflict centers around cell phones in schools and ease of access to social media.”.

7 Strategies for Addressing Digital Confrontation Via @MsCofino

The Innovative Educator

They are a valid place to socialize. As danah boyd tells us in her popular book, “ It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens ,” online spaces are the malls, drive ins, and streets, of previous generations. It’s where teens go to socialize without having their parents around.

A Strong Case for Uncommon Learning

Fractus Learning

Technology is a tool to enhance learning outcomes, and when used appropriately, it is not the tool that matters, but the learning and experiences we can provide for our students that matter most. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Wednesday, June 24th at 4pm edWeb Webinar: Are You Ready for BYOD? Have you been thinking about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? Rachelle facilitates the BYOD training in her district and has developed her own model: R.E.A.D.I.E.E to help teachers be Ready for BYOD.



BARCO WICS-2100 ( WWW.BARCO.COM ) wePresent’s WiCS-2100 is a simple to use wireless presentation collaboration solution that allows presentation, interaction, and collaboration between users with any BYOD device.

The Free and Online 2014 School Leadership Summit Starts Wednesday! (Full Session List)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Perrier - High School Specialist, Social Studies; Adjunct Professor SPOTLIGHT - Implementing BYOD—Instructional Strategies and Apps that Work - Susan Brooks-Young TICAL Cadre Member Utilizing Electronic Portfolios in the Hiring, Mentoring, and Evaluation Processes - Ann Gaudino, Ed.D.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Wednesday, April 16th at 4pm Webinar: What We Know About Families’ Use of Educational Media , Ask any parent about their children’s media use, and most will tell you they’re interested in media that help their kids learn. Hot Topic: BYOD.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

BYOD Training – Attend webinars , take an eBook building course , or plan your technology program. Spread the word about World Read Aloud Day on social media to help us grow the movement. Saturday, March 8th at 9am PST in San José Silicon Valley CUE Technology Event: T3 Teach Through Technology , Common Sense Media’s free 1-to-1 Essentials program offers schools a customizable roadmap for 1-to-1 planning.