Savvy #ISTE17 Interviews: BYOD ISTE Sessions for Tuesday

Teacher Reboot Camp

This year Cori helped oversee the BYOD sessions. Cori gives a quick overview of Monday’s BYOD sessions. I have included a list of BYOD sessions you could attend today, Tuesday, with times listed and room numbers. Tuesday BYOD Sessions. Social Media for the Library (B311). Presenting Live From Here, There, & Everywhere! Conference Highlights #ISTE2017 #NOTATISTE byod edtech ISTE ISTE 2017

BYOD 188

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. Might we also study whether learners with solid K12 library inquiry experience perform better than the student in the general SHEG sample ?

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"Digital-Divide" Is Not an Excuse to Avoid Implementing a BYOD Policy at Your School

The 21st Century Principal

Recently, I found myself entangled with several people in a Twitter debate about whether BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies actually perpetuate or aggravate the digital divide our students currently experience. Having a BYOD policy would seem to perpetuate the divide between the tech-haves and tech-have-nots. Still, we do need to be concerned about the effects of the digital divide under our BYOD policy.


The future of education in 2016, from the sharing economy to BYOD: my Future Trends Forum recording and materials

Bryan Alexander

This led to a lot of audience participation, and involved more presentation that we’ve seen so far in the Forum. I held back from presenting as much as I could, in order to let participants discuss the issues with each other. Last week I led a new Future Trends Forum with a twist.


Technology won't replace teachers, but.

Learning with 'e's

LILAC was held in the heart of Manchester University , in a well appointed conference centre, where almost 300 library and information professionals gathered for three days to discuss information literacy.

Events + News - This Month in School Libraries - ISTE Unplugged - Future Ready Virtual Event - Global Ed Day

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of “This Month in School Libraries” and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts. Wednesday, June 24th at 4pm edWeb Webinar: Are You Ready for BYOD?

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of “This Month in School Libraries” and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts. The Maker Issue - School Library Journal How can we fix U.S.

#Flipclass Workflow

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

With Curriculet''s premium library of contemporary texts being released this Fall, I''m excited to get my students reading more. Daily directions , assignments , or Do Now activities are on Google Slides with the link to each presentation posted in Edmodo.

Edmodo 139

Idioms, Not Idiots, for Promoting Speaking Skills

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Students often view presenting in front of the whole class with the same disdain as facing a firing squad or are so self-conscience that they act like idiots. Additionally, finding precious time for whole class presentations can eat into high-paced curricular calendars.

Working out the Worksheet

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

With two weeks until school is back in session and in preparing for my presentation on Edmodo for the upcoming TeachMeetNJ unconference , I''ve been reflecting on past practices and thinking about how I structure the educational process in my class. Practical & free BYOD resources are a must. And how many of these tools can be used with BYOD? Delivery is easy, but assessment via BYOD is more problematic. How can resources be adapted to BYOD?

Librarians at the Forefront of “Future Ready”

Michelle Luhtala , Department Chair of the New Canaan, CT, High School Library and a 2015 Library Journal Mover & Shaker , is a leader in helping teacher-librarians all around the country to become Future Ready.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. Great keynotes, great presentations, and also free! The ALA Declaration for the Right to Libraries. You can show your support for the library that''s changed your life by signing the Declaration for the Right to Libraries. Library 2.0

MC Assessment = Meta Cognitive Assessment

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Socrative is my choice for BYOD-esque assessments in class. The OSU rubric is for overall effort, presentation, etc. assessment assignments BYOD BYOT common core cross-curricular edmodo flipclass flipped flipping literature paperless PBL project based learning Reading writing

Tell Me All About it with Tellagami

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

This is a cool tool for BYOD students and teachers to use for animated project videos. Sharing Created Gamis While not having to worry about log in information is a plus and sharing is easy, there is not currently a way to see a library of the Gamis one makes when in the app. From classroom presentations to delivery of content, Tellagami will allow students and teachers to tell viewers all about any concept. BYOD BYOT digital citizenship edmodo edtech flipclass

Create Short Animated Videos for Learning With the Tellagami App


What I Like About Tellagami The app is free for both iOS and Android mobile devices, which makes it ideal for both 1:1 and BYOD learning environments. This might be a way to get students to create a collaborative presentation, with each student recording a Gami for their part.

Content, patience and a plan: How to launch an instructional technology strategy


Sponsored by: OverDrive Presented by: Tech & Learning About the speakers: Christie Boen is the Instructional Technology Coach and District Librarian at Bend-La Pine School District in Oregon.


The Year of Agency – From Beth Holland


Schools increasingly adopted 1:1 or BYOD programs and constructed new learning spaces. Beth will be a featured presenter at the February 1-3, 2016 EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit in San Diego. This post first appeared on Edutopia.

BYOD 110

Five Steps to Closing the Homework Gap

In the edWebinar, “ Closing the Homework Gap: Digital Equity for All Students,” the presenters talked about the challenges and potential solutions to fulfill the promise of anytime, anywhere learning. For instance, one barrier to access was library cards. About the Presenters.

The Key Role of Tech in Accessibility for All

During ClassLink and CoSN’s edWebinar, “ Accessibility for All: Creating an Equitable Learning Ecosystem, ” the presenters discussed the lessons they’ve learned, especially regarding technology as an instrument for accessibility. About the Presenters.

Leading the Digital Transformation in Rural Districts During Crisis and Beyond

During CoSN and ClassLink’s edWebinar, “ Leading Digital Transformations in Rural School Districts,” the presenters talked about how the situation with COVID-19 amplifies the obstacles rural schools face transitioning to a 21st century learning environment. About the Presenters.

Cyber Security Resources for Teachers and Students


The library can supply video cameras for quick 90 second presentations. Our school has BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), so most of our kids use their phones. Young students would benefit more from a presentation made by the school based network engineer or a parent in the field.

Student Response Tools for the Digital Classroom

Class Tech Integrate

Whether your class is 1:1 with a specific device (Chromebooks, iPads) or you have a BYOD environment (Bring Your Own Device),there are many websites that work as an excellent option for teachers to gather responses from their students.

Getting Whole Community Buy-in for 1:1 Technology Initiatives

Yet, 1:1 classrooms, BYOD, and tech-supported education are today’s reality. The why, said the presenters, should always be about impacting students’ education. Emails, ads, and text alerts to parents were common among the presenters. About the Presenters.


Student Response Tools for the Digital Classroom

Class Tech Integrate

Whether your class is 1:1 with a specific device (Chromebooks, iPads) or you have a BYOD environment (Bring Your Own Device),there are many websites that work as an excellent option for teachers to gather responses from their students.

Discovering the “Ultimate Classroom”: A Student Led Project Based Learning Inquiry


As I met with my students, many who volunteered to come in at recess, we reworked our classroom library and opened up new areas for the students to work. Start with something small, maybe just relocating your classroom library, and see where it takes you.

Change is a Mindset

A Principal's Reflections

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implemented in 2011. The three guiding tenets of our BYOD initiative are to enhance learning, increase productivity, and conduct better research. Makerspace added to the library in 2013.

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

About the Presenters. He has presented regionally, statewide and nationally on topics that have a foundation in professional learning communities and innovative schools. She is a frequent presenter at state, national and international education conferences.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Wednesday, June 24th at 4pm edWeb Webinar: Are You Ready for BYOD? Have you been thinking about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? Rachelle facilitates the BYOD training in her district and has developed her own model: R.E.A.D.I.E.E to help teachers be Ready for BYOD.

Product Review: Workbench


Teachers on the Workbench platform are part of a larger community of educators with access to a vast library of searchable content that can be customized as needed. Also, because it’s a Web-based application, Workbench integrates easily with 1:1 and BYOD programs.


The New Design for School Networks

During the edWebinar, “ Smart Network Design for Transformation and Innovation: Reaching in and Beyond the Classroom,” the presenters discussed the six elements of CoSN’s new network design for continuous service. About the Presenters.

Data 65

Going on the Offensive: Cyber Security Strategies for Schools

Presenters in the recent edWebinar, “ Cyber Security: Concerns, Strategies and Solutions for Schools, ” warned that with the increasing variety and strength of cyber attacks, most schools will face incursions. About the Presenters. Do you know where your data is stored?

4 revealing things to know before creating collaborative learning spaces


Do you remember your high school library? The libraries I see today couldn’t be more different – full of spaces for students to communicate, solve problems – perhaps even create in a makerspace or compose a song. Most school buildings were designed for the past, not the present.

Inside Tips for Successfully Implementing Online Assessments

About the Presenters. She has presented at several statewide conferences on the district’s curriculum and assessment work. Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, ClassLink is ideal for 1to1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

Using Single Sign-On to Streamline Edtech Access

During the edWebinar “ Simplify Digital Access in K-12: Learn How District Leaders Eliminate Barriers ,” the presenters discussed the importance of adopting a single sign-on program to manage digital access, the questions to ask when choosing a vendor, and tips for rolling out the new system.

Key Questions and Recommendations for Online Assessment

During their presentation, “Online Assessment: An Evolving Landscape and New Opportunities,” they discussed the lessons they learned when they made the transition and what they would change if they could. About the Presenters.