Edmodo Quizzes: Tips & Tricks

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Edmodo''s quiz feature is a versatile tool that saves teachers time. I use Edmodo Quizzes for assessing students'' knowledge acquisition, practicing PARCC related digital literacy skills, and demonstrating students'' application of knowledge learned through out the marking period. I will never grade a multiple choice quiz/test by hand ever again, and Edmodo quizzes provide a paperless way for me to easily read and score open ended, paragraph responses.

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BYOD and the Paperless Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

Students complete assignments whether it’s homework, class work, projects and tests all online using various websites, such as, Edmodo, Tumblr and Instagram on their BYOD devices. BYOD educational technology New Milford High School Social Media Vikki Smith At New Milford High School teachers are adapting their professional practice as we continue to evolve into a Bring Your Own Device school where student-owned technology integrated effectively.

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Edmodo: My LMS of Choice

Rebecca Davies

Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Docebo…and that is just a handful! I have used several of these over the years now, and have found myself coming back again and again to Edmodo – the benefits to the teaching and learning in my classroom are just to significant to ignore. Here is why I will continue recommending Edmodo to teachers and schools: 1. Edmodo is the only LMS I have found that has been taken on by these teachers and parents enthusiastically.

Edmodocon 2013

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Our session is titled Classroom Gymnastics: How to Use Edmodo for BYOD, 1:1 (When you can be), Paperless, and Flipped Learning. edtech #flipclass #njed BYOD BYOT edmodo education flipclass flipped flipping paperless I am so thrilled to share this news! My best buddy and partner in crime, Liz Calderwood, and I are presenting at Edmodocon 2013 this summer! We are one of 15 presenters chosen for this global, virtual and free conference.

#Flipclass Workflow

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Edmodo, Curriculet, and Google Drive are essential to productive workflow in my class. Essentially, this is what I do: Organize students into classes on Edmodo with all resources, agendas, links to edtech tools, assignments, and quizzes are completed in Edmodo. Edmodo Edmodo is my online classroom space. Everything that I do face to face with students is also completed via Edmodo. All work is turned in via Edmodo Assignments.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

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assessment assignments BYOD Claco digital citizenship edmodo edtech flipclass flipped Google docs literature PBL speaking wordle writing Using Screencast-O-Matic and Windows Live Movie Maker, here is a "quick" tour of how I integrate technology in my classroom. Be sure to check out the complete list of projects and resources by clicking on the Integrating Technology tab.

Teacher's Top Five: Rachelle Wooten's Versatile Tools for BYOD and the 4 Cs

Graphite Blog

Edmodo. We do just about everything with Edmodo since many of our campuses are BYOD, and Edmodo is available on platforms. Students log in with Edmodo and create "tackks" to communicate their research findings or to use as visual support for their speech presentations. We encourage BYOD at many of our secondary campuses, so that's important.)

Working out the Worksheet

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With two weeks until school is back in session and in preparing for my presentation on Edmodo for the upcoming TeachMeetNJ unconference , I''ve been reflecting on past practices and thinking about how I structure the educational process in my class. Practical & free BYOD resources are a must. And how many of these tools can be used with BYOD? Delivery is easy, but assessment via BYOD is more problematic. How can resources be adapted to BYOD?

Idioms, Not Idiots, for Promoting Speaking Skills

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Using OMM & BYOD for Recording Student Voices As an introductory activity for John Steinbeck''s novella, Of Mice and Men , students worked in groups to record a quick conversation using idioms (not idiots) from the 1930''s. I recommend encouraging students to use a free MP3 voice recorder instead of a standard voice recorder that saves files as.m4a for easier integration into Edmodo. I saved the files and converted as needed and then uploaded groups of them to Edmodo as a note.

MC Assessment = Meta Cognitive Assessment

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On paper in class using scantron forms (really old school), but good back up when servers go down photocopies On computer in library/computer lab On computer at home On student personal device For assessments administered on the computer, I use the following platforms: Edmodo''s quiz feature Socrative How students are organized: Alone In partners-- one stipulation for working with a partner: students cannot communicate audibly, no sounds allowed.

Tell Me All About it with Tellagami

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This is a cool tool for BYOD students and teachers to use for animated project videos. Teachers could have students turn in their Gami by submitting the URL on a class Google form or turning the URL in via an assignment on Edmodo. The student could then share the link to the Gami via email, Twitter, Facebook, or copy/pasting the link to a learning management system such as Edmodo. BYOD BYOT digital citizenship edmodo edtech flipclass

Edcanvas: The Art of Curating

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With multiple options for sharing via social media and QR codes and embedding in Edmodo and created webpages, Edcanvas is ideal for sharing with other educators and students in 1:1 and BYOD classrooms. edtech #ELAFlip #flipclass BYOD Edcanvas edmodo paperless QR codes One of my favorite tools for curating resources is Edcanvas.


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I am geeking out over the new upgrades to the Edmodo platform: enhanced organization with folders & groups, reaction button (similar to FB''s "like"), gradebook upgrade. Just let me simply state: I LOVE EDMODO! BYOD BYOT edmodo edtech Very excited for viewing the Edmodocon presentations today. Additional information on Edmodocon here too.

CSI: Salinas

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The final project can be completed on paper, using word processing skills and completed using a student''s BYOD device. For the BYOD component and to make up for not doing an actual mock-trial, students would work in groups comprised of people with the same court case and position. The final group portfolio would be posted on Edmodo and as part of their online participation grade, students would comment on each of the groups'' portfolios.

Capturing Classroom Videos

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For one of my students on homebound instruction, I created a personalized screencast to show her how to navigate Edmodo and answer some of her questions. BYOD BYOT connecting with students cross-curricular digital citizenship discussions edmodo education flipclass flipped flipping literature narrative terms paperless speaking teaching writing

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EdmodoCon Guest Post #1: L. Monge

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Looking forward to going paperless, Laura will be piloting a BYOD 1:1 iPad 4/5 combo classroom this year. Some were educators, some technology specialists in their school districts, some Edmodo staff. These people speaking were from all over the world, and Edmodo had flown them in for the event. In real time, we, the audience, commented and asked questions on the Edmodo page and on the live stream. edmodo edmodocon


Shall We Play a Game (& Learn)?

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Since chatting with Tom Driscoll via Google Hangout and Brian Germaine at the EdSurge RIDE event in the Fall , meeting up with Chris Aviles at Techspo14 , viewing Mr. Lewis'' Edmodo Webinar on Gamification , and engaging with my #TeamMAITs in class, I''m intrigued by the didactic nature of games. Deploying a combination of 1:1, BYOD, and paper-based activities, I am able to give my students an opportunity to pace themselves through the levels.


EdmodoCon Guest Post #3: M.Valois

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It was presented by the good people over at the #Edmodo app/website. If you aren''t familiar, Edmodo is a social learning platform for schools, often called the "Facebook" for schools because its format is similar. Edmodo has many advantages for many reasons. Check it out: www.edmodo.com #Edmodocon provided educators with the chance to ''virtually'' participate in a full day conference to learn more about the amazing ways to utilize Edmodo for classroom learning and success.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from ClassDojo: App Messaging

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Users of Class Dojo and BYOD advocates will appreciate the ease with which they can keep parents connected to the classroom. I do the best I can between phone calls, email and Edmodo , but unfortunately I most often initiate specific contact when something negative has occurred. edtech BYOD classdojo parents

Using Curriculet for Short Reading Texts & PARCC Prep

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Since it is web-browser based, Curriculet can be used on any device or computer which is a must for my BYOD, 1:1 one day a week with Chromebooks classroom. Whether you are signing in with your own email, using the Edmodo app , or signing in with Google, accessing your Curriculet is simple. Go to the websit e and log in or in Edmodo, launch the Curriculet app. 1:1 BYOD common core curriculet flipping PARCC Reading

Animoby: Animated Learning for Anybody

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The embed code could also be used for adding the Animoby projects to blogs or Edmodo posts. Teaching in a BYOD district with most of the students using smartphones, having a screencasting tool for a smartphone would be an asset. BYOD digital citizenship education flipped flipping teaching technology whiteboards For those of you looking for a whiteboard video creation tool to use on any tablet, check out Animoby.

8 pARTS and Creative Writing with Research

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See if you can spot it in today's agenda posted to our Edmodo class group: We started the task same as before: close read the image and jot down a list of examples of each part of speech in the picture -- a picture which was also a connection to our reading of James Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." BYOD Chromebooks creative writing grammar research standards based learning writing

Where have I been? Where will I go?

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Reflection & QR Codes Usually I''m the trailblazer at my high school: there are a number of programs that I''ve help to start-- the Varsity Swim Team, the PAWS program, letter writing campaign to Southern alumni serving in the military, crafting the 9th grade curriculum, going paperless, and now BYOD. BYOD is first on the list. Here''s what I''ve got so far for tools for implementing BYOD in the classroom: Socrative, Todaysmeet, Springpad, Evernote, and Edmodo.

New Posted Resources 01/13/2012

The Web20Classroom

Open Education Resources tags: OER ebooks opensource digitaltextbooks favorite Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: 3 Ways to Be a Positive Leader tags: leadership favorite Analyzing Primary Sources tags: primarysources favorite Mobile Learning infokit tags: mlearning mobile favorite Technology Integration Matrix | Arizona K12 Center tags: technology integration tpack favorite Edmodo: Social Networking Reinvented!

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My EdcampNJ Highlights

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I use a mix of devices with some days in the class being BYOD and others using the school''s computers and netbooks (as available). I already use Edmodo as my online hub, but Cel.ly I also use QR Codes, Socrative and InfuseLearning for other BYOD activities, and Today''s Meet for backchanneling. njed BYOD BYOT digital citizenship edtech Google docs teaching

Collaborative Digital Information Projects

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With our Google integration almost ready for roll out in the coming month, I could have students engage in such activities and have them post the projects to Edmodo for sharing and review. assignments BYOD BYOT discussions flipclass flipped PBL teaching My students used their phones to create voice recorded projects and I''d like to continue evolving their skills into eventually being comfortable doing collaborative digital presentations.

Start the Year with Contracts, 9/11 & BWP

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Using Edmodo for posting activities and assignments and having online discussions 5. Edmodo''s quiz feature will help with managing tests. Speaking of small groups, the 9-11 mini-discussion in assigned Edmodo small groups went well. I received positive responses on the contract process, the introduction to Edmodo and Quizlet, and overall favorable outlook for the year. Breaking Down the First Week: 1. BWP 2. Class Contract for Mid-level classes 3.

The Students are Coming!

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Adapting some of my paper permission slips (BYOD, PAWS program) to an online format using Google forms. This won''t take me long to do once I get the students on Edmodo. I''m excited for this year with really going paperless, integrating BYOD, and delving more into the flipped classroom model. On my short list of classroom tools, we''ll be using Edmodo (of course!), BYOD BYOT edtech flipclass flipped teaching

GUEST POST: Team Tournaments HS Gamification Using Class Dojo

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I''m fascinated with gamification and using Edmodo to gamify my Odyssey unit , but Mrs. Dause''s approach has got me thinking. You, too, can connect with her on Edmodo and her website. BYOD classdojo edtech gamification gamify This is a guest post from Mrs. Marynn Dause , an English teacher at King George High School in King George, Virginia, who is using Class Dojo to gamify her class.

How to (Not) Fill a Blank White Page

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Using Edmodo, Twitter (#BWP12), Skype or Google Hangouts, students can collaborate on creating and sharing answers. Additional participants could be found via networking on Twitter with other educators-- just pop into a #flipclass chat on Monday nights-- or via posting a request to one of the communities on Edmodo. assessment assignments connecting with students cross-curricular digital citizenship edmodo edtech flipclass Google docs PBL peer evaluation technology


It is Not a Project to Get Students Talking: Two Tools

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To allow students to revisit the conversation as needed, download and save the transcript and then upload it to Edmodo or other LMS, or email a copy to all participants. BYOD BYOT connecting with students edtech education Socratic speaking teaching

I Know Where I Am Going!

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QR Codes Part II I also posted on Edmodo seeking information and uses of QR codes. Engaging Students Using QR Code One can also join the QR Code group on Edmodo for more ideas. BYOD BYOT edtech flipclass flipped flipping QR codes teaching writing Thanks for the responses! From Mrs. Suchsland, I use them for my class bell ringer. The QR code is on the board.

A Few of My Fav #EdTech Things in 2014

The Innovative Educator

Frequency: Daily 2) Social Media Facebook, Google Communities, Yammer, Edmodo and Twitter are my go to platforms to connect with other innovative educators inside and outside my district. Favorite hastags are #BYOD #BYOTchat #StuVoice #TLChat #EdChat. Looking back at 2014 I've come up with a few edtech resources I have relied on most for teaching and learning. Check em out and share yours.

Student Agency: Moving From Talk to Action

A Principal's Reflections

We also set up an Edmodo group to continue the conversation. BYOD, 1;1, grading, homework, technology purchases, space renovations, etc.) When I reflect back on what we were able to accomplish at New Milford High School, I am overtaken by a great sense of pride. We were able to transform the learning culture of a traditional school and in the process got results while becoming an example that others emulated.

To Do List

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Learn how to better utilize the small group features on Edmodo Learn Class Dojo, Classroom Organizer Get devices for students who don''t have access to BYOD Obtain digital copies of texts taught in class. Points to Ponder ("frog word" as Mr. Speck would say) BYOD and flipping the average/general level class. Using Edmodo in the Spring semesters was a success.