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I''m leading 12 sessions over three days for the following conferences: Power Up , Differentiated Instruction , and I Teach 1st. 9:30 - 10:45 PA02 Inspire Your Students to Read, Write, Listen & Speak with Digital Stories (Gr. K–3) Equip and empower your students with the skills they need to plan, express, share, and communicate their ideas with digital stories! on, and lots of FUN for your students and watch their mathematical thinking and problem solving take off!

Top 15 Sites and Apps for Flipped Learning

Technology Tidbits

A "Flipped Classroom" is a classroom that uses class time to do activities/lessons (guided by the teacher) and "homework" time (at home) for guided instruction (usually through video). With Mobile Learning and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming more mainstream, "Flipped Classroom" models are happening more and more, leading me to create my list of favorite tools for "flipping a classroom". Teachers can use it to create engaging lessons that students can do from home.

Resources from Miami Device

Learning in Hand

I had a great time encouraging educators to give students as much ownership over their devices and learning as possible. Help Students Show What They Know With Media by Wesley Fryer View different examples of student multimedia projects created by students, including narrated art/photo projects, narrated slideshow/screencasts, Quick-edit videos, visual notes, and GeoMap projects.