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What it is: MobyMax is more than just a tablet, it is a complete system that helps you identify areas of strength and weakness that your students might have through placement testing, progress monitoring, assessments, and IEP reporting; has practice for kindergarten through eighth grade mathematics, fact fluency, number sense, reading, language, literature skills, informational skills, writing, vocabulary, and state test prep.

6 Ways to Add Video to Your Classroom with Animoto


Animoto also has a free mobile app available for iOS and Android devices if you’ve got a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) classroom. Video is a way to differentiate instruction and help visual and auditory learners shine. Check for understanding in a way that’s more interactive than a traditional book report. Students relate to video — it’s a growing part of how they share and how they absorb information.

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25 Reading Sites and Apps

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Again, Mobile Learning and BYOD make it easier for any student to learn any core subject, especially that of Reading. Also, a great way to "flip a lesson" and gauge student learning to help differentiate instruction. Also, the educational portal allows for student tracking to generate detailed reports and differentiate instruction. K5 Learning - An online Reading and Math program for grades K-5 w/ retail results and detailed reports.

50 Math Sites and Apps

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Mobile learning and BYOD (bring your own device) is making it easier students to learn, especially in the subject of Math. Also, supports "differentiated instruction" as well as a website w/ a teacher portal for managing and tracking students. Not only does this site have an educational portal for student tracking and reporting but tons of lessons to choose from as well. Prodigy - A excellent innovative Math game for grades K-8 w/ real-time reporting.

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Green Screen Magic by Janet Corder and Joan Gore Your K-12 students can easily create videos for storytelling, book reviews, historical reenactments, weather reports and more through the use of Green Screen Technology. Using the 3D’s (Discover, Dabble and Distribute), educators can identify and construct examples of effective instructional strategies, combine them with engaging technology, and organically weave the 4C’s into everyday instructional practice.

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