AirDrop for the BYOD classroom

Dr. Shannon Doak

Many schools have BYOD (Bring your Own Device). It appears that the student who have Windows computers or Chromebooks are out of luck! What this means for a BYOD school is far greater than what is described above. The $199 Chromebook works just as good as the $1500 Macbook.


Savvy #ISTE17 Interviews: BYOD ISTE Sessions for Tuesday

Teacher Reboot Camp

This year Cori helped oversee the BYOD sessions. Cori gives a quick overview of Monday’s BYOD sessions. I have included a list of BYOD sessions you could attend today, Tuesday, with times listed and room numbers. Tuesday BYOD Sessions. iPad Art & ‘Tra-Dgital’ Approaches to Learning in Hands-On Creative Classrooms (B306). PokemonGoEdu in the Classroom: Gotta Teach ’em All (B305). Podcasting in the Classroom: Why & How?

BYOD 188

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Chrome Can: Google Chromebook App Hub

Dr. Shannon Doak

If you have been following my blog, you are aware that I am a big proponent of Chromebooks. My Chrome Can series of posts have been created to enable others to see the potential of Chromebooks as a real computer, one that can do everything traditional computers can.

How we turned around our ability to support BYOD for now and for the future

eSchool News

We not only have encouraged our faculty and staff to embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), but we have also provided Chromebooks to all of our 18,000 students. Related: 6 steps to a successful BYOD program. Featured on eSchool News IT Management access points AP byod

BYOD 111

Chrome Can: Sticky Notes on Your Chromebook Desktop

Dr. Shannon Doak

I began my search for an app that does this because of a post in a Chromebook community where one of the users was looking for an app like the Mac OS Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes running on a Chromebook. BYOD Chrome Can Chromebooks Friday Tech Tip Innovation Organization

PDF FlipBook on a Chromebook.

Dr. Shannon Doak

I have already written a post about working with PDFs on a Chromebook. I have also written about creating eBooks on Chromebooks. It is a great addition to your classroom Chromebooks or your student owned Chromebooks.

Extending Classroom Discussions with Technology

Dr. Shannon Doak

Classroom discussions are a great way to get students to think about a topic and take that thinking deeper. As a student, I always loved classroom discussions. The problem with classroom discussion. Technology to enhance and extend classroom discussions.

Using Technology to Extend Speaking Practice in a Language Classroom.

Dr. Shannon Doak

Often, in a language classroom, students have ample time to do all of these, but at home, work is usually focused on the reading and writing aspect of the language. Imagine being able to create an online environment that enables the practice of both listening and speaking while at home, away from the classroom! Android BYOD Chrome Can Chromebooks ePortfolios Innovation My Thoughts UncategorizedLearning a foreign language is not an easy task.

Chrome Can: Chrome-based Tablet for the Classroom

Dr. Shannon Doak

I recently got my hands on the CTL Chromebook Tab Tx1. I am, as you are probably aware, a fan of Chromebooks, however, I also love iPads and the wonderful things you can do with them in the classroom! When I went out to classrooms, meetings, integration assistance, etc… I grabbed the Tx1. This isn’t the first touchscreen ChromeOS device I have used, I also have a Samsung Chromebook Plus that I absolutely love.

Chrome Can: Google Assistant Built In!

Dr. Shannon Doak

With the rollout of Chrome OS 72, the Google Assistant has made its way onto most Chromebooks. I did notice that the Assistant didn’t just appear on all my Chromebooks. However, on my Samsung Chromebook Plus, I actually had to enable it by going through the flags settings menu.

Here Is A Good App to Wirelessly Mirror Your Chromebook to Any Computer

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

April 30, 2016 Mirroring360 Sender is a good application for teachers using Chromebooks with their students. It is also ideal for 1:1 or BYOD classrooms. Chromebook appsMirroring360 allows you to mirror more.


Seesaw: The ultimate ePortfolio for every classroom!

iLearn Technology

How to integrate Seesaw into the classroom: We’ve long used Evernote as our eportfolio of choice , because it was a simple (enough) entry point and gave students enough flexibility to show what they were working on.

Making Thinking Visible Using Technology

Dr. Shannon Doak

They are short, easy-to-learn mini-strategies that extend and deepen students’ thinking and become part of the fabric of everyday classroom life.” The use of this tool enables connection with communities outside the classroom.

International Podcast Day: Podcasts to Improve Learning

Dr. Shannon Doak

In this post, I will share some links to other posts I have made regarding podcasting in the classroom. I would like to clarify my thoughts about podcasts and why I think they are a great addition to the classroom. Chrome Can: Podcasting in the Classroom.

Tracking QR Code Scans

Dr. Shannon Doak

I have already written about how QR Codes can be used on Chromebooks. In that post, I went over a few ways they could be used in the classroom. Below is a great video that also shares some great ways QR Codes can be used in the classroom.

Data 61

Using Screencasting and Google Slides to Make an Authentic Language Project

Dr. Shannon Doak

This project is fantastic for the second language classroom because it enables the student to practice using the target language in all the modes of communication and it also gives them a finished product that is easier to share.


Chrome Can: PDFs

Dr. Shannon Doak

Portable Document Format (PDF), is a widely used file type and, therefore, learning how to work with PDFs on a Chromebook is something every student should learn. The tool I like to use the most on my Chromebook to annotate PDFs is called

eBook 65

The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


These were the pressing questions of the time – a time 8-months after the release of the first iPad and 6-months before the release of the first Chromebook. Now, we know that edtech has been proven to improve test scores and overall classroom engagement.

EdTech 191

How to Launch an Instructional Technology Strategy


Resources BYOD Webinars Ebooks WebinarJoin us to learn how to plan and execute an instructional technology strategy that supports your digital learning needs.

6 Pillars to Successfully Integrate Technology In Your 1:1 Classroom


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conducted a study on the correlation between test performance and technology usage in the classroom. Here are the six domains for success, each accompanied by a tip to aid you in applying each to your own classroom: 1.

Technology and Capstone Courses

Dr. Shannon Doak

Many schools have moved to Chromebooks because the price point is right and they are very capable devices that can help students do everything I mentioned above and more. In our lower school, our classrooms are 1:1 iPads. The fifth grade also has access to a cart of Chromebooks.

Impero Education Pro, SMART partner on classroom management

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recently announced that Impero has been selected as the vendor of choice for SMART Sync™ customers wishing to move to the next generation of classroom management solutions. Partnership brings added functionality and platform support to SMART Sync customers. Impero and SMART Technologies Inc.

The Secret to Effective Technology Integration in Schools

The CoolCatTeacher

What does this mean in the classroom? ” And in the blank insert Chromebook, iPads, BYOD, or laptops. I’m using Bloomz in my classroom. Every Classroom Matters Podcast Innovation iPads Teaching Tech Tips Technology

"Teachers Talk Technology" Report Creates Snapshot of Classroom Technology Use


Today, MDR, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, released the second in its State of the K-12 Market Report 2018 series, Teachers Talk Technology , creating a snapshot of how teachers across the country are using classroom technology.

How teachers address cell phones in class

Ask a Tech Teacher

When students want to do quick research on a topic, look up a word, run a calculation, or review a concept, they can hop on a cell phone much faster than logging into a Chromebook or laptop. Walk Around the Classroom to verify behavior. Classroom management Digital Devices

BYOD 265

Klein Independent School District Enables Smart Classrooms


The app is powered by the Meridian Mobile App Platform, Aruba Beacons, and Aruba location-ready APs and can deliver a variety of services including turn-by-turn directions to help students, staff and visiting parents find their way to classrooms, administrative offices, and even athletic facilities.


Student Response Tools for the Digital Classroom

Class Tech Integrate

As classrooms become more connected through technology, teachers have several choices when it comes to selecting a Student Response Tool to use with student devices. Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere is a great option for the BYOD environment.

Student Response Tools for the Digital Classroom

Class Tech Integrate

As classrooms become more connected through technology, teachers have several choices when it comes to selecting a Student Response Tool to use with student devices. Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere is a great option for the BYOD environment.

Using Curriculet for Short Reading Texts & PARCC Prep

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Since it is web-browser based, Curriculet can be used on any device or computer which is a must for my BYOD, 1:1 one day a week with Chromebooks classroom. 1:1 BYOD common core curriculet flipping PARCC Reading

Edmodo 123

#Flipclass Workflow

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Edmodo Edmodo is my online classroom space. From posting the daily agenda to taking quizzes to connecting with others, everything is done in Edmodo as you can see from the list below and public folder of classroom examples. I break up each main classroom group into smaller sub groups.

Edmodo 139

Discovering the “Ultimate Classroom”: A Student Led Project Based Learning Inquiry


As a teacher, I knew all about project based learning and how rewarding it could be for students, but I struggled to imagine how I would make it work in my 4th grade classroom. We explored grant writing to learn about how grants are one way to bring new things into a classroom.

MDR’s New Teachers Talk TechnologyReport Creates Snapshot of Classroom Technology Use


July 18, 2018 – Today, MDR, a division of Dun & Bradstreet, released the second in its State of the K-12 Market Report 2018 series, Teachers Talk Technology , creating a snapshot of how teachers across the country are using classroom technology. SHELTON, Conn.


Recommended settings for Chrome Education

Tomorrow's Learners

Chrome Education is an amazing tool that all schools using Chromebooks should invest in. To get the most out of managing your Chromebooks, here are my recommended settings: Restricting Access to sign in. My advice is to add an Asset ID to each Chromebook – for example.

To improve cybersecurity, start at the endpoints

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A survey by educational software company Kajeet found an overwhelming majority of students and teachers use an array of devices—including Chromebooks and iPads—every day in the classroom. Getting better grades in cybersecurity must be a top priority for K-12 schools this year.


30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom

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30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom. ” What are some examples of disruptions in the classroom, then? 30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom . General insecurity or misunderstanding about how to meaningfully integrate technology in the classroom.