BYOD and Web Based Apps, Hosted Apps

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BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, is very popular in many schools. BYOD does present some challenges including security and access to resources and software from personal devices. These are also useful for allowing Chromebooks to use Windows or Mac applications.

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Dell releases network appliance to provide Virtual Windows Desktops to Chromebooks

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Chromebooks are amazing devices that are great for education. There are a variety of ways to allow this on a Chromebook: setting up Chrome Remote Desktop on a Windows desktop PC, or using server based systems such as VM Ware, Citrix and Ericom AccessNow to provide access. My district uses Ericom AccessNow to provide access to Windows applications on Chromebooks. It uses desktop virtualization to allow Chromebooks, and other devices, to access Windows desktop software.

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Interesting idea - Chromebook + Nexus 7 instead of just an iPad

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At EdcampCT this past week, I was chatting with Greg McVerry ( @jgmac1106 ) about devices, 1-1 and BYOD and he made an interesting comment. Instead of a school purchasing an iPad and keyboard for all the students, what about a Chromebook and Nexus 7 for each student?

Textbooks optional: What unbundling and BYOD mean for learning technology

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Today’s educators are looking to Chromebooks , smartphones and maker spaces to enhance their teaching. Enter the age of BYOD. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a huge part of the way schools are integrating technology. The benefits of a BYOD program are far-reaching.

Here Is A Good App to Wirelessly Mirror Your Chromebook to Any Computer

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April 30, 2016 Mirroring360 Sender is a good application for teachers using Chromebooks with their students. It is also ideal for 1:1 or BYOD classrooms. Chromebook appsMirroring360 allows you to mirror more.


The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


These were the pressing questions of the time – a time 8-months after the release of the first iPad and 6-months before the release of the first Chromebook. Given that many children were acquiring iPads for personal use, some schools adopted a Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD) Policy.

Come to the Mobile Learning Experience in September 2013

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Mobile Learning Experience 2013 will also address other devices like laptops, Chromebooks, and Android tablets. BYOD BYOT Mobile Learning Cross Post from @TonyVincent "Learning in Hand" It''s my pleasure to be on the team organizing Mobile Learning Experience 2013.


Edmodo Quizzes: Tips & Tricks

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At this time, students can take quizzes on either computers, Chromebooks, or iPads, but they cannot take a quiz on a smartphone or other personal device. I''ve scored short answer responses while on my smartphone, iPad, Chromebook, home laptop, and school computer.

InstallFree Nexus - us MS Office or LibreOffice on any device through the cloud

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You can use Microsoft Office or LibreOffice on an iPad , Android Tablet, Chromebook or any device with a web browser. This makes things platform/OS agnostic and would allow everyone access to these apps and resources and would be especially useful in a BYOT/BYOD environment. This is very useful for the Chromebooks. Android chrome browser chromebooks free resources libreoffice Microsoft Office

6 Pillars to Successfully Integrate Technology In Your 1:1 Classroom


Many school systems – especially those who allow students to bring their own device (BYOD) – create a contract and have consequences based on a 3-offense system that covers device loss, Appropriate Use Policy (AUP), cyberbullying, etc.

BYMC – Bring Your Managed Chromebook

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I have often heard BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) referred to as Bring Your Own Disaster. So let’s consider BYMC – Bring Your Managed Chromebook. In a BYMC program, schools should stipulate one or two types of Chromebooks that are fit for purpose. Important considerations in any BYOD program should be battery life, time to boot up, durability and affordability – and Chromebooks tick all the boxes.

Using Curriculet for Short Reading Texts & PARCC Prep

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Since it is web-browser based, Curriculet can be used on any device or computer which is a must for my BYOD, 1:1 one day a week with Chromebooks classroom. 1:1 BYOD common core curriculet flipping PARCC Reading


The Secret to Effective Technology Integration in Schools

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” And in the blank insert Chromebook, iPads, BYOD, or laptops. Powerful Learning First, Technology Second From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Powerful learning first technology second. What does this mean in the classroom?

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#Flipclass Workflow

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The students read the text at home or in school on smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, or computers, answering questions and quizzes embedded in the text to check their understanding. So our mid to end of week activities featured BYOD, paper, and face to face tasks.

3 Tools for Speaking & Listening

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Screenshot of Voice Recognition While I have to use Voice Recognition in the app, I''d like to find a tool that could be used in any browser window or program on a Chromebook or computer. Teachers could also use SoungGecko for BYOD stations where students practice listening skills.


5 reasons why blended learning programs fail-and how to save them

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Then we implemented a district-wide BYOD program where kids as young as kindergarten were bringing in devices to share with their class. But as a district with a large free-and-reduced meals program, we knew BYOD was leaving gaps in access that were best addressed by going 1:1.

The Year of Agency – From Beth Holland


This past year, iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops continued to flood classrooms. Schools increasingly adopted 1:1 or BYOD programs and constructed new learning spaces. This post first appeared on Edutopia.


Student Response Tools for the Digital Classroom

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Whether your class is 1:1 with a specific device (Chromebooks, iPads) or you have a BYOD environment (Bring Your Own Device),there are many websites that work as an excellent option for teachers to gather responses from their students.

Student Response Tools for the Digital Classroom

Class Tech Integrate

Whether your class is 1:1 with a specific device (Chromebooks, iPads) or you have a BYOD environment (Bring Your Own Device),there are many websites that work as an excellent option for teachers to gather responses from their students.

5 steps for implementing a 1:1 program


The device is usually offered by the school, but with the spread of BYOD programs, this no longer stands true all the time.


Reinventing Math Class with EquatIO (Chrome Extension)

Shake Up Learning

And it works on Windows, Mac and Chromebook, so it’s great for BYOD classrooms. The post Reinventing Math Class with EquatIO (Chrome Extension) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Reinventing Math Class. Guest post by John McGowan, Math Product Manager, Texthelp.

Be Wary of Putting the Cart Before the Horse

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With advances in affordable technology, such as the ultra-cheap Chromebook, it has been tough for schools to resist spending these funds on devices.

30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom

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The general success of Google as a platform model (Classroom, Music, YouTube, Search, Chromebooks, Chrome OS, etc.). District-level BYOD programs. 30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom. by Terry Heick.

The Promise and Perils of Technology in Education

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Blended learning, flipped learning, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are a few of the pedagogical approaches that are often referenced as powerful practices which rely on technology to facilitate learning. Technology in schools is a neutral resource.

Impero Education Pro, SMART partner on classroom management

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Students are learning on iPads, Chromebooks, SMART Boards, smartphones – whatever device is available and fits the activity,” said Greg Estell, president, Education Solutions, SMART Technologies. “As Partnership brings added functionality and platform support to SMART Sync customers.

Confessions of a Digital Leader: The Wins Are Everything

The digital learning specialist and executive assistant who decided to enroll all of the chromebooks themselves so that we could get them done faster.

The Hottest Posts of 2015 - Holiday Reading

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I'm excited that as shared in #20 my district is among those embracing BYOD. The Chromebook Flip. 7203 8/12/2015 14 Confronting Fears - #BYOD for Students 7121 1/13/2015 15 6 Updates to Welcome Your School Community 7006 9/13/2015 16 5 Strategies To Trend On Twitter at Your Next Event 6995 8/5/2015 17 A Learning Model with No Tests, Teachers, or Curriculum Standards 6849 9/15/2015 18 Socialization: How are Schools Doing?


What about the digital divide in education?

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We can’t assume that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is affordable for everyone. But it’s all well and good to say this if we were a BYOD school. Our community is not in the position where we can be BYOD.

Recommended settings for Chrome Education

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Chrome Education is an amazing tool that all schools using Chromebooks should invest in. To get the most out of managing your Chromebooks, here are my recommended settings: Restricting Access to sign in. My advice is to add an Asset ID to each Chromebook – for example.

Four C's of App Selection


If your school has mixed devices or is investigating going BYOD, then choosing apps that are cross-platform will make that experience far less painful. As a former business teacher, I easily recall teaching a lesson titled, The Four C’s of Credit.

Your Essential Back to School EdTech Checklist

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BYOD? This can include carts, labs, cameras, iPads, Chromebooks, you name it. by Karen Larson and Gene Tognetti. The start of the school year brings with it more than a few ‘gotta-do’s for a classroom teacher.

Be Present

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A pedagogically sound BYOD lesson in English where an equitable environment was created using both student and school-owned technology. A History teacher having students use Socrative on Chromebooks.

What’s Up with QR Codes: Best Tools & Some Clever Ideas

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Reading Codes on Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks There’s not a version of of i-nigma for desktop computers. This is great for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classrooms. QR (Quick Response) codes can make classrooms more efficient and interactive.

Resources from Miami Device

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Rethinking the Chromebook as a Creation Device by Tanya Avrith Chromebooks have huge potential in the area of creation. There are so many opportunities for creation on chromebooks; we just need to rethink what creation looks like!

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Is #EdTech Really A Waste? 8 Lessons for The Uninformed

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As far as device cost and replacement, it seems Vallance isn’t aware of devices like Chromebooks, services like Neverware, and policies like BYOD. You can read about BYOD here. Do innovative educators have it all wrong? According to one head of school we do. In a post that is making its rounds in education circles, John Vallance, headmaster of Sydney Grammar School told “ The Australian ” that computers in schools are a “scandalous waste of money.” Vallance is right.


Confessions of A Digital Leader: 6 Things I Learned While Implementing Digital Learning

I’m still evaluating as it was important to identify “why” before immediately determining “what” I didn’t want to purchase all chromebooks however, the price point of a Chromebook, ease of use and integration of web tools made it much more appealing.

Disruptive Devices: Managing and Maintaining Diverse Technology

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But, the expansion of 1-to-1 and BYOD initiatives, flipped classrooms, and anytime-anywhere learning has created a variety of management challenges. Administrators are faced with managing a proliferation of laptops, smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and other devices with small staffs and limited budgets

Notes from Leadership for the Digital Age with Alan November - Day 2


A participant in the room shared about an 8th grade Engilsh teacher using Google docs and going paperless - students walk in and go immediately to their Chromebooks because they want to see the feedback the teacher has given them.

Tales2Go as an audio collection (and a literacy solution)


Mary Ann, who uses the platform effectively with her young learners at school on Chromebooks, described the value of the service for classrooms and libraries. Titles stream and cached on either school-owned or BYOD devices to avoid taxing the school network with downloads.

5 Digital Tools (& tips) to Help New School Leaders – Guest Post From Courtney Pepe


The Edison School district is in the midst of a digital conversation, and they are going 1:1 with Chromebooks in grades 3-8. As a first year administrator, Mr. Figurelli has seen the power of Chromebooks first hand.

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