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Funding Edtech with the E-Rate Program and Grants

And with online assessments now being required in many states, reliable broadband access is also essential so that students’ knowledge and skills are accurately represented, and technology is not a barrier to achievement and its documentation. Accessing the E-Rate and Matching State Funds.

?Overcoming Hacking and Cybercrimes — The Next Obstacle to Edtech


Moving to the cloud can be good for both vendors and schools It is in the interests of the edtech industry for educators to feel confident about using technology. Edtech cannot afford to let the specter of cybercrime dampen enthusiasm. Providing hosted services rather than giving districts the software to install on their own servers is better for edtech companies; it makes their products easier and cheaper to deploy and maintain.

EdTech 131

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bringing Personalized Learning Into Rural Schools


In rural districts, children and youth face profound obstacles—geographic isolation and long bus rides to school, frustratingly slow internet connections, limited course options, and low college-going rates. Take Deer Isle-Stonington High School , off the coast of Maine, as one example : Students participate in credit-bearing projects with local fishermen and boat builders to gain academic and practical skills and to better understand Deer Isle’s thriving lobster industry.