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And then there were MOOCs , of course, and all those predictions and all those promises about the end of college as we know it: “MOOCs make education borderless, gender-blind, race-blind, class-blind and bank account-blind” and similar fables. Although no, to be clear, we are not on track for half of high school classes to be online or for higher education to be replaced by Udacity, and no, MOOCs have not transformed higher ed into some magical meritocracy.).


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” Via Buzzfeed : “Republican Proposal Would Make Trump University Lawsuits ‘Almost Impossible’ ” Via The Washington Post : “ Chance the Rapper is meeting with Illinois ’ governor about education funding. Via Techcrunch : “ FCC votes to negate broadband privacy rules.” Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOC” Inside Higher Ed on online education at Simmons College. Education Politics.

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