Some Thoughts about OER Research

Iterating Toward Openness

Student: I’ll study whether students learn better with OER than with traditional course materials! At this point I would pull a random book down from my shelf and open to the copyright statement near the front of the book. Me: If I cross out these lines about the publisher’s copyright and write “Licensed CC BY” above it, have I made this book more effective at supporting student learning? You’ve likely crossed over into the realm of OER-enabled pedagogy.).

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Does OER Actually Improve Learning?


Regardless of where you stand on the debate over open educational resources, you’re probably wondering: Does OER actually improve learning outcomes? At least, that was one of the main takeaways from a short session led by Phillip Grimaldi, director of research at OpenStax, a nonprofit OER initiative out of Rice University. The problem is, the research today treats OER like any other intervention and we expect it to impact all students,” he said.

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Questioning the OER Orthodoxy: Is the Commons the Right Metaphor for our Work with OER?

Iterating Toward Openness

At OpenEd18 I gave a presentation titled “Questioning the OER Orthodoxy: Is the Commons the Right Metaphor for our Work?” After this brief discussion, I asked “what if the commons is the wrong metaphor for our work with OER?” Primary among the reasons we might ask the question is this – much of what is central to the idea of a commons is exactly the opposite in the context OER. OER cannot be overused or overconsumed.

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OER: Some Questions and Answers

Iterating Toward Openness

Earlier this week I read an op-ed – sponsored by Pearson – titled “If OER is the answer, what is the question?” OER often shine in their variety and ability to deepen resources for niche topics. While it’s possible to build a complete course from OER, the finished product often lacks the scaffolding found in courseware authored by single author/editorial/product teams. What does the Drake Equation have to do with OER production and enhancement?

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Actually, the UNESCO Recommendation Makes Most OER Impossible

Iterating Toward Openness

In this first bite-sized installment I’m going to address the major flaw in the OER definition provided as part of the recent UNESCO OER Recommendation. tl;dr – The UNESCO definition of OER requires something impossible – a copyright license that grants permission to engage in an activity that isn’t regulated by copyright law. You would be prohibited from having no-cost access to books under standard copyright protection.

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S3: A Holistic Framework for Evaluating the Impact of Educational Innovations (Including OER)

Iterating Toward Openness

I wanted to include a reading summarizing my current thinking on ‘evaluating the impact of OER’ in the course, so I’m letting some thoughts spill out below. In the past I’ve written frequently about how we evaluate the impact of OER use. These writings included ideas like the golden ratio ( 2009 ), the OER impact factor ( 2014 ), and thinking more broadly about impact ( 2018 ). and more OER impact research should follow that lead.

OER 93

Getting to Know Knovation – Curated, Contextualized, Managed OER for K-12


Knovation Makes Open Educational Resources More Manageable and More Efficient Many schools are looking to lower costs by transitioning away from text books to Open Education Resources. Administrative Solutions Education Technology Success Stories Free Tools & Resources Open Educational Resources OER curating open educational resources OER easier OER curation how can schools manage open educational resources how to find the best OER managing open educational resources

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Navigating the Shift to OER

In addition, Dr. Michael Nelson, Director of Curriculum and Assessments for Coeur d’Alene Public Schools (ID), explained in the presentation, “ Navigating the Digital Shift: Leveraging Quality Instructional Materials for Learning,” how his schools are shifting to an OER (open educational resources) environment as part of their overall plan to improve individual student achievement. – Vetted OER materials: For every subject, K-12 teachers have a stockbook of vetted OER lessons.

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Why We Should Expand Our OER Advocacy to Commercial Publishers

Iterating Toward Openness

Here’s a hint: they’ve produced more than double the number of books created by the next largest producer. The open textbooks created by this commercial publisher are still being used and even adapted, providing the foundations for books like Research Methods in Psychology – 2nd Canadian Edition , Introductory Chemistry – 1st Canadian Edition , Fundamentals of Business – Canadian Edition , and Writing for Success – 1st Canadian Edition , among others.

Nationwide OER Degree Program Launches Today

Iterating Toward Openness

In case you didn’t see it elsewhere, I’m republishing the press release from Achieving the Dream about the incredibly exciting OER Degrees work that launched today. OER Degree Initiative will accelerate use of openly licensed learning materials in higher education and cut costs to students while improving degree and certificate completion. The effort is intended to spark more rapid adoption of OER within higher education, beginning with community colleges.

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Of OER and Platforms: Five Years Later

Iterating Toward Openness

Five years ago, in an essay called 2017: RIP OER? , I pondered whether this year would be the end of OER. To the best of my knowledge there is no one really working on next gen OEROER that are interactive, simulative, really rich with multimedia AND combined with OAR [open assessment resources] that drive diagnosis, remediation, and adaptation. There’s certainly no one funding next gen OER. Much has been written about 2012 being “the year of OER.”

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Thoughts on OER and Cost Savings

Iterating Toward Openness

Yesterday, Phil Hill wrote about OpenStax’s new method for calculating the savings students see when their faculty adopt OER. in savings for each student using an OpenStax book. What strikes me as odd about OpenStax’s new way of calculating the savings associated with OER is that it ignores some fairly important and well-understood things about student spending when faculty adopt OER – things OpenStax has a made a pillar of their long-term sustainability plan.

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Football, Commons, and the Long-term Sustainability of OER

Iterating Toward Openness

We have a similar problem in the open educational resources (OER) space. Many people are in the habit of referring to OER as a commons. However, beyond some superficial similarities (groups of people trying to sustain access to usable resources), the worlds of OER and the commons traditional studied by economists are completely different games. OER are not like the shared resources at the center of traditional commons. However, OER are not CPRs.

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Everything Old is New Again: Textbooks, The Printing Press, The Internet, and OER

Iterating Toward Openness

I hope you’re aware of and looking forward to her upcoming book on Teaching Machines.) Citations below are from this book. Goclenius thus tacitly acknowledges the messiness and incoherence of his own book, no doubt produced in haste from his teaching notes. Before the printing press, faculty had to assume that none of their students had books. Now, please don’t misunderstand me – I’m not criticizing online books or online annotation.

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As OER Grows Up, Advocates Stress More Than Just Low Cost


But fans of OER are increasingly facing a problem. While OER started off as free online textbooks, it still costs money to produce these materials, and professors often need guidance finding which ones are high quality. So OER advocates are realizing they need to change their pitch. This week on the EdSurge On Air podcast, we're diving into how the OER movement is changing, and we'll check in with a couple of people on the front lines of the movement to hear from them.

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Oasis: An integrated worldwide search for OER


The goal of the Openly Available Sources Integrated Search is to facilitate the discovery of OER. Public Domain Books. Open Access Books. Meet OASIS.

OER 40

An Obstacle to the Ubiquitous Adoption of OER in US Higher Education

Iterating Toward Openness

I now have no doubt that the overwhelming majority of general education courses and some specific degree programs will transition entirely to OER in US higher ed. I spent most of my thinking time last week wondering about obstacles in the way of the ubiquitous adoption of OER in US higher education and how we might overcome them. Observation 1: We Need Dramatically More OER, and Current Approaches Won’t Get Us There.

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Of OER and Platforms: Five Years Later


Five years ago, in an essay called “ 2017: RIP OER? ” I pondered whether this year would be the end of OER. To the best of my knowledge there is no one really working on next gen OEROER that are interactive, simulative, really rich with multimedia AND combined with OAR [open assessment resources] that drive diagnosis, remediation, and adaptation. There’s certainly no one funding next gen OER. Much has been written about 2012 being “the year of OER.”

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The digital-first district where OER meets iPads

eSchool News

For students at Central Valley middle and high schools, accessing classroom lessons rarely involves opening a book. Digital Learning and Tools McClatchy Curriculum digital ipads OER open educational resourcesTeachers and students at one district are replacing print with digital. By and large, it’s working. Instead, they power up glowing iPad screens and swipe and tap their way through math problems, the day’s reading or interactive content.

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Beyond Textbooks and OER: reflecting on #OpenEd15


Jim Groom’s tweet kept getting mentioned on virtually connecting: The unfortunate equation of open education w/ free text books has made the movement seem more and more myopic and less and less compelling. So if free textbooks or OER offer learners free access to good quality knowledge (even if it’s static), it can make a difference. Profession Teaching #OpenEd15 OER Open Textbooks

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Futuring open education at the University of Mary Washington OER Summit

Bryan Alexander

For example, community college adoption of OER depends on the behavior of institutions that most of their students transfer to. described two undergraduates’ experiences with OER. Baby boomer faculty shared stories of the staggeringly cheap prices for their books, to the groans of younger folk. The Departments of Education and Labor announce large, long-term grants to support the creation of OER. This major government push is for both OER and open scholarship.

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From here to there: Musings about the path to having good OER for every course on campus

Iterating Toward Openness

I spend most of my time doing fairly tactical thinking and working focused on moving OER adoption forward in the US higher education space. I made what was probably the clearest statement of my vision for the future of learning materials in my Shuttleworth Fellowship application several years ago: My long-term goal is to create a world where OER are used pervasively throughout primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools. Now, make no mistake – OER is a means, not an end.

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The Best E-Book Yet: 40Must-know Web 2.0 Edutools


Edutools: A Quick Guide Upon viewing this e-book for the fist time, I was nearly blown away at the incredible size and scope of the project Dr. Amin took on in the creation of this guide. Edutools: A Quick Guide isn''t a list as much as it is an actual book. As you read through this book, I''m certain that almost every teacher that uses technology in the classroom will find something new or a new tip for using something they are familiar with. OER is a sponsor of this site.

How to Utilize Survey & Polling Tools with Web 2.0 OER!


OER the user''s manual to everything web 2.0.!!! OER (Open Educational Resources) , initiated by Dr. Amin , is dedicated to providing an easy-to-follow guide and just-in-time training on various Web 2.0 OER takes you from step 1 of a project all the way through completion and application. The Scribd Book on Survey Tools Web 2.0 OER is a contributing sponsor of Kleinspiration. Getting stuck on a web 2.0 Check out Web 2.0

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Online Learning Book Recommendations: And Why I Read so Few Books on the Topic


I’m wondering if you might recommend what top three books would you suggest I read outside of ‘Urgency for Teachers,’ ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed,’ ‘The New Education?’ I’ve ordered your book as well. Tim Carson, Skilled Trades and OER Advocate First, allow me to tell you why I don’t typically read books about online learning. I haven’t read many books that are focused strictly on online teaching.

How an OER Rookie Dove Deep Into a Zero-Cost Textbook Degree Program


The initiative intends to create degree pathways with courses that only use open educational resources, known as OER, so students don’t have to spend money on class materials. College of the Canyons’ history with OER starts before Anagnonson’s dabble, however. Using OER in those courses, she added, “really started out of necessity.” Anagnoson says she considered using OER before her course was lumped into the Z-degree.

OER 101

Part 2… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Nouns Meet 25 Free OER Education Resources

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Booking Info – Time to think about your school or conference needs. Check out my Booking Page. I am almost booked through August and fall dates for 2015 are now over half full. Part 2… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Nouns Meet 25 Free OER Education Resources. That’s right, the identified nouns can give you keywords that will allow you to search a wonderful world of OER (Open Education Resources) on the internet.

OER 104

Help Deliver Better Learning From Textbooks with the OpenStax College “Concept Coach”


OpenStax College is Testing Embedded Coaching Software for Their OER Textbooks … and YOU can Help. Adaptive Learning Technologies Education Technology Success Stories Free Tools & Resources Future of Education Technology Making the case for Education Technologies Open Educational Resources OER adaptive feedback software OER best open college textbooks coaching software embedded in online text books

OER 74

Underappreciated No More: A Free Edtech Platform Shines as Schools Go Remote


As countless educators around the world have scrambled to figure out how to deliver lessons remotely with whisker-thin budgets, many turned to open education resources (OER). CK-12 is at the forefront of OER by doing adaptive and personalized learning.

EdTech 168

'Better Every Semester': How Faculty Use Open Educational Resources to Improve Courses


And it cost each student $100, a price they couldn’t avoid by purchasing a used copy, since the book was designed to be written in. “It But OER advocates think open access course materials hold another kind of promise for students, too. They can with OER materials. “I’ve That means OER courseware is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of learning engineering, Wiley argues. “It’s

Course 130

Sharing a Great Resource and Techniques for Web Content Fact Checking


Book Reviews Free Tools & Resources Open Educational Resources OER _ Miscellaneous Tools and TopicsIf we Don't Teach Students how to Confirm the Validity of Information They Find on the Internet, Who Will? In yesterday's post, we were introduced to Michael Caulfield's free, Creative Commons. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Does Ownership of Instructional Materials Matter?

Doug Levin

Given the rise of OER (of which I am a fan ), an increasing array of business models, questions about the degree of alignment to state standards and assessments, claims of effectiveness, and interoperability concerns, the instructional materials procurement decisions facing school districts have never been more complicated. Because I don’t think it was ever fair to say that when a district purchased a textbook that they actually ever owned the book.

Contrary to Popular Belief: A Mid-Year Review of Books

Iterating Toward Openness

I’ve read some really interesting books this year. The books that are affecting me the most professionally are those that are giving me language and frameworks for making progress on ideas that have been stagnating in the back of my mind for a while. Isn’t there a better metaphor for the work we’re doing in OER than “the commons”? Isn’t there a better way to think about OER than as static content like a PDF?

OER 60

Copyright Clearance Center and EL Education Make it Easy for Schools to License Trade Book Content During Pandemic

eSchool News

Without an easy licensing service, it would be inefficient for school districts to purchase, distribute and recover potentially thousands of additional copies of the required works for those students without access to e-book editions. Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC),

OER 65

Should scale be the goal?

K12 Open Ed

I have written before about the connections between OER and open practice and why I think open practice should be the goal, not merely the adoption of OER. While I hope and believe that OER can pave the way for open practice, it is not at all obvious that the use of OER is a necessary condition. In fact, some of the most vibrant classroom exemplars of open practice in action that I’ve seen have not involved OER. Uncategorized k12oer2015 OER open scale

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