Learning Analytics Goes to School

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We’ve been among the many people wrestling with this question over the last five years, and our efforts have led us to a surprisingly simple answer: The best way to use data from digital learning environments for the purposes of educational improvement is in collaboration with the practitioners who will take action based on the data. We hope researchers and practitioners alike can use the book as an on-ramp to the exciting possibilities of data-intensive research in education.

Learning Analytics 2018 – An updated perspective

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Learning analytics has been a hot topic for a while in the education industry. Not by chance, learning analytics and all its related technologies (measuring learning, artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, personalized learning, etc.) Being so hot also means that the industry uses the term “learning analytics” in a variety of ways. Data : Data is the primary analytics asset. Benefits of learning analytics.

The History of the Pedometer (and the Problems with Learning Analytics)

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These were my remarks as a guest speaker in Donna Murdoch's class “Online Teaching and Learning – Applying Adult Learning Principles” this evening. I was asked to speak about learning analytics, but like I said in my keynote last week at NMC , ed-tech is boring. Learning analytics, in some ways, is a symptom of this data-driven culture – one that also is not new to education.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (a Decades-old Application of AI in Education)


Adaptive Learning Artificial Intelligence Book Reviews Future of Education Technology Learning Analytics Making the case for Education TechnologiesWhile “AIED” may seem relatively new, a deeper look shows us it has been developing for over half a century In the last few years, numerous developments have led to a growing awareness of. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

World’s largest K-12 reading survey identifies trends, highlights best practices

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Tapping into data collected from nearly 10 million K-12 students who read 346 million books and nonfiction articles last school year, Renaissance® releases its ninth annual What Kids Are Reading report. Researchers at the K-12 learning analytics company produce the report, which provides the comprehensive review of students’ reading habits and achievement. In addition, The Hunger Games continues as one of the top five most read books by high schoolers.

5 EdTech Trends Educators Need To Watch In 2019


From using YouTube to learning platforms , technology is increasingly enmeshed with the modern classroom. As education institutions fully embrace integrating technology in their pedagogy, here are 5 EdTech trends educators need to watch this year: Integrated Learning Solutions. Integrated learning solutions provide multi-platform opportunities for children to learn. Learning Analytics. Technology is fast reshaping the education landscape.

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The Winners and Filmstrips of An (Almost) Decade in Education Technology


Marie Cini is the president of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. I define education technology as any tool that supports learning, digital or not. So with these guidelines in mind, I’ve chosen six areas where edtech has made an impact this decade: Learning Management Systems. OER and open books. Learning analytics. Adaptive learning systems. The real power of digital technology to increase learning remains untapped.


S3: A Holistic Framework for Evaluating the Impact of Educational Innovations (Including OER)

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see the prices of printed OpenStax books on Amazon ). You could use it to measure the impact of “things” like learning analytics or iPads or augmented reality. You could use it to measure the impact of “approaches” like problem-based pedagogies or collaborative problem solving pedagogies or active learning pedagogies.

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As Colleges Move Away From the SAT, Will Admissions Algorithms Step In?


Of course, test scores are just one piece of data colleges turn to when predicting which students are likely to excel in rigorous courses, enrich campus life with a unique perspective, graduate in four years, or even help balance the books with a large tuition check. They use games, web tracking and machine learning systems to capture and process more and more student data, then convert qualitative inputs into quantitative outcomes. Yet Zwick, author of the book “Who Gets In?

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3 Apps to Keep Parents in The Loop

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If your school uses Edmodo as a Learning Management System, roll out Edmodo for Parents so parents can keep updated on how their children are doing anytime, not just during report cards and parent conferences. Jupiter iO is an all-in-one cloud-based gradebook, LMS, SIS (Student Information System), and Learning Analytics solution. Too often, parents find that the ed tech tools teachers want them to use don’t contribute to their child’s learning.

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The Benefits Of Using Technology In Learning

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The Benefits Of Using Technology In Learning. And while this is good news, many educators face new challenges due to this switch to remote learning, and for some, it takes time to accustom. Challenges Of Using Technology In Learning. In remote education, students are more responsible for the outcome of their learning. Online students face a huge number of distractions from their learning. The Benefits Of Using Technology For Learning.

How to Retain Students in a Post-Pandemic World

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To be successful, the student equation needs to be a fundamental piece of an analytics platform. Ask yourself, in order to mitigate the risk of lost retention, is the data we are gathering and the trends we are observing inclusive of proven student learning satisfaction analytics? And, because we want a positive impact on the student body, is it a technology students can actually use as part of their daily learning both on- and off-campus?

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Behaviorism, Surveillance, and (School) Work

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As we gather here today to raise funds for Ian, a learning technology specialist at UBC, we have to recognize, no doubt, how much surveillance and ed-tech affects teachers and staff as well.

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Digital Learning in Organizations

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Cover design by Kogan Page My new book will be published on April 3 by Kogan Page. Digital Learning in Organizations has already been positively reviewed by several leading figures in the world of Learning and Development (L and D), including Jane Hart, Laura Overton, Charles Jennings, Edmund Monk and Richard Gerver, and it includes case studies and interviews with many more, as well as forewords by Donald H Taylor and Shelly Terrell.

Why Should Students and Publishers Adapt eBooks in STEM Learning

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STEM-based learning programs are being introduced in schools all across the globe. STEM has proved to be a much better educational program in terms of learning effectiveness and leading to better career opportunities than the regular curriculum. Students gain valuable experience with the help of hands-on learning activities practiced extensively in STEM-based education. Over the last few years, eBooks have become synonymous with flexible learning.

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Libraries Look to Big Data to Measure Their Worth—And Better Help Students


Libraries have long counted up the books on their shelves to show their value. That meant Harvard University’s library (with 18.9-million books) was clearly superior to Duke University’s (with 6.1-million volumes) or University of California at Riverside’s (with a mere 3 million titles). How much library data do we want to be part of the student learning record?” It’s really central to the student-learning experience.

?Updates, Upgrades and Overheard: What Was Unveiled at ISTE 2017


PHARRELL TEACHES GARAGEBAND: Apple has a new book on the shelf: Tuniversity , a project co-founded by Pharrell Williams that aims to “reinvigorate” music education by helping teachers use Apple’s Garageband in the classroom. Tuniversitiy’s first offering is a book on how to reproduce Williams’ own song, “Happy,” and includes step-by-step tutorials on how students can create the song for themselves within Garageband. The book costs $4.99

The Future of Education and VR


As Michael Heim posits in his 1993 book, The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality , VR has signaled an ontological shift in how human beings interact with and utilize technology. Most educators and researchers concur that it is imperative to move away from the current model of education that is largely based on passive instruction and excessive assessments, and instead cultivate the idea of learning as an intellectual adventure and a lifelong passion in the minds of young learners.

Many New Ideas are Quite Old


Below, I share some quotes from early-late 20th century sources that would be at home in an article, book, or blog post written in 2014. Faculty wonder if their jobs are being increasingly outsourced to MOOCs and learning analytics funded by the Gates Foundation. The book itself is on the fringes of becoming a historical publication since it’s a few years old.


They Said it Better Than I Can


higher education e.g., What Faculty Should Know About Adaptive Learning , State of the Anglosphere’s Higher Education LMS Market: 2013 Edition. Despite the occasional over-the-top writing, this blog was an excellent source of information about the recent kerfuffle about Purdue University’s learning analytics software. Craig Watson’s 2010 book of the same name. I’m a bit ashamed and embarrassed that I haven’t written anything here in so long!

In the marketplace: Science achievement skyrockets, makerspaces expand, and more

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Tech-savvy educators know they must stay on top of the myriad changes and trends in education to learn how teaching and learning can best benefit from technology’s near-constant change. Check below for the latest marketplace news to keep you up-to-date on product developments, teaching and learning initiatives, and new trends in education. Developed by Accelerate Learning and Rice University, STEMscopes is the most widely used science curriculum in Texas.

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Over the next three days, delegates will listen to keynote speeches from a number of thought leaders in the field of technology supported learning, including Pro-Vice Chancellor of the British Open University Belinda Tynan , Maverick US educator Jim Groom , one of the leading lights of the Open University of Catalonia, Professor Albert Sangra , and veteran distance educator Alan Tait. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

Revolution in Higher Education: chapter 4

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The focus now is technology for personalized learning, including data analytics. In fact, the frequency of treating alone accounts for most of the variation in learning outcomes…” Plug this into the digital world, and. technology-enhanced learning makes it more likely that feedback and formative evaluations along with a dozen other techniques that are known to have a major effect on achievement will be carried out.


A 140-Year-Old School Partnered With a 10-Year-Old School. Here’s What Happened.


The learning model is based on an architecture design studio, and is a far cry from the assessment and standards-based paradigm of most education systems around the world. Additionally, NuVu’s learning model has a profoundly empathic dimension: by addressing real-world challenges, students acquire a personal understanding of the world and how they can impact it. Education Technology Project-Based Learning School Models Maker and DIY Movement

Marketplace trend update: 6 ed-tech developments

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Remaining a tech-savvy educator means keeping on top of the myriad changes and trends in education, how technology can support those trends, and how teaching and learning can best benefit from near-constant change. Below, we’ve gathered some of the latest and most relevant marketplace news to keep you up-to-date on product developments, teaching and learning initiatives, and new trends in education.

With Flip of a Giant Ceremonial Switch, CMU Starts Effort to Energize ‘Learning Engineering’


The software list includes more than a dozen packages, including the university’s pioneering adaptive-learning project, the Open Learning Initiative , as well as a learning analytics platform LearnSphere. In one presentation, Ken Koedinger, director of CMU’s LearnLab, described a course in which the professor set out to answer the question, Which student choices of what to do within the course materials resulted in the most learning?

10Q: Martin Weller - the battle for open

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blogs, social media, learning objects, OERs, MOOCs, etc in this period. 2) You wrote a book on being a digital scholar in 2011. In the book I took Boyer''s 1990 categorisation of scholarship as being discovery, integration, application and teaching, and demonstrated how each of these scholarly functions could be transformed by digital scholarship. large scale dropouts, superficial learning)? Analytics - good and bad uses of this.


'Education Technology's Completely Over'

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This was the first-half of a joint presentation at Coventry University as part of my visiting fellowship at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. We wouldn’t own books or movies or cars or houses either. Students often find themselves uploading their content – their creative work – into the learning management system (the VLE).

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Ed-Tech and the Commercialization of School

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As part of the course, students are engaging in a “Great Ed-Tech Debate,” arguing one side or another of a variety of topics: that technology enhances learning, that technology is a force for equity, that social media is ruining childhood, and so on. One firm predicted that the “ smart education and learning market ” will grow from $105.23 Learning analytics is often framed as a “hot new trend” in education.

Hack Education Weekly News

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From the press release : “IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Open Badges 2.0 Ramona Pierson , the founder of Declara , is now the head of learning products at Amazon ( according to LinkedIn , at least). “ Does tech designed to personalize learning actually benefit students? The third: lifelong learning. ” “How Real-World Learning Could Help People Compete With Machines ” – The Chronicle of Higher Education on Joseph E.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

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I have learned so much in the intervening years, and my analysis then strikes me as incredibly naive and shallow. million in venture capital from high profile names like LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and from firms active in ed-tech investing such as Learn Capital. ” In reviewing Srnicek’s book in March, New York Times media journalist John Hermann wrote , Platforms are, in a sense, capitalism distilled to its essence.

Why U. of Michigan’s President Says Universities Should Work to Transform Teaching


The tools of data analytics have developed to the point where we can now mine this data and learn from our past experiences how to do a better job teaching and how to tailor education to the individual. Even more than that, for residential higher education, the out-of-the-classroom learning that goes on in a great university is an irreplaceable adjunct to the in-the-classroom learning. People learn differently.


Hack Education Weekly News

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Amazing what reading a book will do for you. ” Edsurge offers “A Word of Caution Before Hiring a Director of Personalized Learning.” From the Google blog : “ Chromebook tablets for versatile learning.” Here’s Edsurge : “Udacity VP of Learning: ‘We Never Start Anything Out of Academic Interest’ ” Here’s Techcrunch : “Udacity introduces real robots and virtual words to help students build skills.”

The Histories of Personalized Learning

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I recognize that the theme of this conference is “shaping the future of learning” but I want to talk a little bit about the past. I want us to think about the ways in which the history of learning – how we tell that story – shapes the future of learning, and how the history of technology (education technology and otherwise) – and how we tell that story – shapes the future of technology.

Hack Education Weekly News

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Perhaps we can learn a little about the folks who still do. Edsurge and Getting Smart promote venture capitalist Ryan Craig ’s new book A New U and the idea that “ faster + cheaper alternatives will replace most of higher ed.” “ Can We Design Online Learning Platforms That Feel More Intimate Than Massive? “Lifelong learning” and multiple choice quizzes for two to five year olds.