Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Just like every book has a cover and every pair of scissors has a blade, every device in your classroom setup has an intentional design that serves a specific purpose. Tablet, Laptop, Chromebook, MP3 player. Hey, how’s your year starting?

EdTech 140

A 1:1 Journey Pt 2- Sliding Into Routines


” Our students had just taken approximately seventeen years to return their Chromebooks to the cart and get back to their seats. We’re new to 1:1, and for some of my students that newness extends all the way to, “I have never plugged a Chromebook into a cart.

Computational Thinker: Unpacking ISTE Student Standard #5

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How often do you give your students an assignment and they jump important parts of the process, or miss key moments that foreshadow something that changes the whole direction of the book? It isn't about an iPad, Chromebook, laptop, or wearable technology.

Getting Animated With Google Slides and Screencastify


I wanted to justify having all these Chromebooks. Soon they were ready and raring to start doing whatever needed to be done to record it. Blended Learning Common Core Standards Creativity and Imagination Education Technology Future Ready animation google slides stop motion

What Actually Works in EdTech? with Tom Murray

The CoolCatTeacher

In this podcast, Tom shares the research and highlights, some of which are included in the book Learning Transformed that he co-authored with Eric Sheninger. Enter the book giveaway contest.). The book is Learning Transformed.

EdTech 272

Finding Your School's Meaningful Language

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Lump that with having the opportunity to hear Heidi Hayes Jacobs speak at Covenant College last week on the essential question of "How can we prepare our learners for their future?" Forgive me, I digress into a potential future blog post but I share that to say, that's how my mind works.