How to Design Learning Spaces in Libraries

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Carolyn Foote on episode 578 of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Many schools are reimagining the learning spaces that some call libraries or media centers.

Creating a Student Centered Library Where Kids Love to Learn

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10MT | #23 A 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Micki Uppena From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Librarian Micki Uppena has a student centered library. The importance of relationships in the modern library.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Classroom Library Without Spending a Dollar

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Colby Sharp on episode 565 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Colby Sharp author of Game Changer! Books for All shares some ways to improve your classroom library without spending any money at all.

Creating Libraries for Online Students Is Harder Than You Think.


Libraries are really, really good at collaborating,” says Karen Munro, president of the Association of College & Research Libraries. “I I support using a library service, but it has to be integrated well into the curriculum,” she says. “If



NASA has a huge image, video and audio file library that you can do public search, download or embed the out-of-this-world files. We can also embed the content to your blog, lms or website. Photo Video TL Advisor Blog Digital Library

How Librarians Continue Their Work Digitally Even as Coronavirus Closes Libraries


Libraries are temporarily closing their doors due to coronavirus—like so many other institutions in the wake of a growing pandemic. But what does it mean for librarians to serve patrons without a library ? And for a lot of libraries, that's not something you can do on a dime.

How School Libraries Can Help Personalize Learning

With personalization becoming a growing initiative in schools, the library is a valuable asset for personalizing instruction around student needs. Michelle and Jackie discussed how the library can personalize instruction through assessing, reading, learning, and making.

Have you seen “What Works” for your schools? Amplify success with a video library of teaching


New toolsets from Edthena allow any district to curate a video library of searchable lesson segments, tagged to teaching standards, and shared securely to all staff members within the district. We’ve made each organization’s library searchable by grade, subject, and tags.

Library 2.0's "Safety and Security with Dr. Steve Albrecht" - Podcast and Blog

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We've created a new section of the Library 2.0 community site devoted to a new regular podcast and blog series from Dr. Steve Albrecht on " Library Safety and Security." Steve is a trainer, speaker, author, and consultant, and the host of most of our popular Library 2.0 You can access the podcast and blog by going to the " Safety & Security " link in the main Library 2.0 Our Library 2.0 Steve Steve Hargadon Library 2.0

Google Quick Tips Video Library for Teachers

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The post Google Quick Tips Video Library for Teachers appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Google Quick Tips Video Library for Teachers. The post Google Quick Tips Video Library for Teachers appeared first on Shake Up Learning.

As LinkedIn Learning Subsumes, Library Groups Raise Privacy Concerns


Libraries have long been enthusiastic subscribers to, offering their patrons access to the once-upstart company’s collection of educational videos on a range of topics. Currently, to access in a library, a person logs in using their library card and a PIN.

One Teacher’s Year Inside the World’s Largest Library


The largest library in the world contains more than 168 million items, with materials in some 470 languages, and is located in Washington, D.C. The Library of Congress, situated right behind the U.S. Then the library makes that source material available and easily accessible to all.

Boosting Engagement in Your Digital Library

Once your school district makes the commitment to have a digital library, the next step is for people to understand how they can stay engaged. In just one year of having a digital collection, checkouts from the district’s digital library increased by 184 percent.

3 Ways to Rock Your Classroom Library!


Classroom Library Tools If you are a user, most likely you know about Book Wizard and what an amazing tool it is for finding and leveling books. Those who follow my blog know that I gravitate towards tools that are free and fantastic.

The Most Epic Digital Library For Kids and Educators


In fact it is not just an app, but a whole platform, an extensive digital library of hand-picked, high quality books that will spark every kid’s interest in reading. They are all in your personal library that you can take anywhere. Digital Library?

Find free online learning material in the new GoConqr Library


“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library”. ~ Albert Einstein. The new GoConqr Library. To help you navigate this wealth of riches, we have organised the content into a personal learning library. Sign in or Sign up to see your new library!

Personalize Your School Library Program with these Convenient, Creative Apps

Apps bring technology, functionality, and creativity into your school library program. In “ Virtual Library Program Development ,” Michelle Luhtala, Library Department Chair, New Canaan High School, CT, reviewed an A to Z list of 50 apps to virtualize your school library program.

Dear Otto: How do I create a classroom library checkout system?

Ask a Tech Teacher

I got this question from a colleague: I am looking for an app that classroom teachers can use to scan a classroom library and allow teachers to check books out with students. Dear Otto is an occasional column where I answer questions I get from readers about teaching tech.

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Our Library is a Safe Space

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Our school library has always been a safe space for kiddos of all kinds. And our School Library has always enjoyed being a draw and a safe landing spot for kids who are quirky, nerdy, bookish, techie, queer, gay, trans, wordy, dramatic, creative, alternative, and cool.

Library Orientation for Third through Fifth Grade

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Just as I did for the early grades, I pondered what message I wanted our upper grades to take away from library orientation. If we didn’t have the book or topic in our library, then I wanted us to make sure that we did.

Why the School Library Is the Perfect Place for Maker Education

Educator Innovator

Library makerspaces, including members of the YOUmedia Learning Labs Network, offer students a chance to design, tinker, and build critical thinking skills. A library is a safe space for students to learn and explore their own interests,” Jopeck said.

Open Library gets even more open


Created in 2006 by a team led by Aaron Swartz and Brewster Kahle, Open Library is an Internet Archive project developed to present one web page for every book ever published. In Open Library, browse by genre or subject or search to select a title. Highly Recommended by School Library Connection

” was reviewed in the January/February 2018 issue of School Library Connection: Kim Marie Brown, Library Media Specialist, North Reading (Massachusetts) High School. The post Highly Recommended by School Library Connection appeared first on edWeb.

Secrets from the library lines: 5 ways schools can boost digital engagement

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Once your school district makes the commitment to have a digital library, the next step is for people to understand how they can stay engaged. In just one year of having a digital collection, checkouts from the district’s digital library increased by 184 percent.

15 Non-librarian blog(ger)s too good to miss!


It occurs to me that so many of my best ideas come from the blogs of others. As often as not, those blogs live outside of the school library world. In no particular order, here’s a very personal selection of blogs/bloggers I couldn’t live without.

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Building Privacy Literacy at the Library

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Libraries are uniquely positioned to teach young patrons about privacy. Under the USA Patriot Act, the FBI demanded that libraries turn over information on patrons’ use. The American Library Association has fought such requests, calling privacy a fundamental human right. “A A library is an unbiased source of information,” said Erin Berman of the San Jose Public Library. Increasingly, the Library Freedom Project is receiving requests for teen-specific workshops.

The Future of Libraries - what does it look like?

Educational Technology Guy

Libraries, like schools, are changing with technology. The typical library full of books will be going away and be replaced with a space for accessing digital resources and getting help finding resources. Many libraries are struggling to change and even attract visitors.

Transforming Library Services for and with Teens Through Continuing Education: What We Learned

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It’s been a year since YALSA and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) started work on the Transforming Library Services for and with Teens Through Continuing Education (CE) Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) project. YALSA library out-of-school

4 Ideas to Help You Start a Blog and Write Consistently

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For this, blogging is a great tool not only to synthesize your learning but to also catalog it into a type of library. 3 Ideas to Help You Blog. 5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should be a Blog. ( For more articles, you can check out my “blogging” tag. ).

Blockchain in the Library? Researchers Explore Potential Applications


Experts are speculating about its potential uses in business, law and education, and San José State University’s School of Information has received a $100,000 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to find out whether blockchain could be useful for libraries. “I I thought, wouldn’t it be great if a library or information center could use that and people could store their credentials there?”

TeachThought Library: 10 Learning Models & Frameworks

TeachThought - Learn better.

TeachThought Library: 10 Learning Models & Frameworks. As with any publication, blogs and websites are only as thoughtful as their design. This is part of the limitation of a blog, and the allure of social media sites like facebook and pinterest.

5 tips for creating a makerspace for less than the cost of an iPad

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Today, our library makerspace has developed into a 21st century learning laboratory, with funding from grants and through the generosity of individuals and organizations that support our DonorsChoose projects. You don’t need power tools and 3D printers to start a makerspace.

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11 Reflective Blogging Tips & Ideas

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Why Blog? You don''t start blogging for awards. Do not let anyone force you or guilt trip you to start a blog. If you blog it, they will come. I blogged for YEARS out the aethernets and for a handful of readers! And you surely don''t start blogging for comments.

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3 Ways Blogging Has Helped Me Grow as a Learner

The Principal of Change

I started blogging over eight years ago merely for the reason to understand how this type of platform would help our students. Blogging has helped my learning grow significantly because I have done it consistently for myself, not necessarily for an audience.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. All three are outstanding (and free), but perhaps the most immediately useful to readers of this blog is Civic Online Reasoning or COR.