Tech Tip ##113: Backup Your Blog

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In these 169 tech-centric situations, you get an overview of pedagogy—the tech topics most important to your teaching—as well as practical strategies to address most classroom tech situations, how to scaffold these to learning, and where they provide the subtext to daily tech-infused education.

New Blog Directory–and it’s free!

Ask a Tech Teacher

A friend started a free blog directory that includes categories for writers and teacher-authors. Why the Blog Directory? Find blogs of a specific category; and/or find bloggers of similar interests. Drive more traffic to your blog and enhance its SEO.


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Renaming My Blog

Iterating Toward Openness

My blog has changed names twice over the years. Before I had a “real” blog, I published random thoughts on whatever personal website my then-current university would give me access to, starting in 1993. So it seems appropriate to update my blog to reflect this.

Top Ten Education Blogs

Ask a Tech Teacher

I am honored to be selected as one of TutorFair’s Top Ten Education Blogs for 2018 ! Do check out their full article to see all ten selected blogs. More edtech blogs: Free Tech For Teachers. She is an adjunct professor in tech ed, Master Teacher, webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice reviewer, CAEP reviewer, CSTA presentation reviewer, freelance journalist on tech ed topics, and a weekly contributor to TeachHUB.

The NEO Blog just turned 5!


Each November, we look back to the previous 12 months, and then all the way back to the very first post published on the NEO Blog, to reflect upon our progress in the e-learning blogging sphere. We blog about edtech and e-learning, so the online environment is our perfect host.

LMS 212

Top Kajeet Blogs of 2018


Here is our annual roundup of the top 10 Kajeet blogs of 2018. Digital Learning Data and TrendsAnother year has come and gone, and what a year it has been! What were the top trends? What were educators most interested in? Let the countdown begin….

Trends 150

10 Excellent Educational Blogs To Follow


Educational Blogs are simply brilliant. Below I have listed 10 Blogs that are fantastic and will give you lots of new things to try. Remember to hit the follow button when you get to the blog, so you get an update every time the author posts. 1) Love Learning. 2) Mr P’s ICT Blog. 4) Learning With E’s. 7) Learn Lead Grow. 10) Learning For Life. Are there any blogs you think are great?

10 Excellent Educational Blogs To Follow


Educational Blogs are simply brilliant. Below I have listed 10 Blogs that are fantastic and will give you lots of new things to try. Remember to hit the follow button when you get to the blog, so you get an update every time the author posts. 1) Love Learning. 2) Mr P’s ICT Blog. 4) Learning With E’s. 7) Learn Lead Grow. 10) Learning For Life. Are there any blogs you think are great?

The NEO Blog is now 4!


I’m talking about that magical time when the NEO Blog first saw the light of the Internet! The NEO Blog is now 4! During the past 12 months we published exactly 102 blog posts, the number of the contributing authors grew to 23, and everyone’s work made the NEO Blog advance into the first 4% of all e-learning blogs (based on this impressive list )! Top 10 blog posts on NEO. 6 E-learning trends currently shaping up the industry.

UDL 223

Goal: How has blogging transformed your teaching?

Teacher Reboot Camp

“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.” Goal: Write a post or create a presentation or graphic explaining how blogging has helped you grow as an educator. Share this creation with a teacher who hasn’t yet started blogging. My first blog was posted on May 26, 2009, which was over 7 years ago. Blogging has transformed my teaching in many ways.

Need Help Beginning a Blog?

Catlin Tucker

Blogging has become an important part of my teaching practice. Prior to blogging, I frequently neglected the reflection phase of learning. Now, blogging creates a space for me to reflect on what I am doing, what is working, and how I can continue to improve. Writing my blog has also become a vehicle to share my work with other educators and build an invaluable personal learning network. I know many teachers are curious about blogging. Learning

The Blogging Hurdle

A Principal's Reflections

“ If you’re not blogging, you’re selling yourself short; you’re selling your school short. ” - Eric Sheninger During my typical digital leadership keynote or workshop, I consistently talk about the importance of blogging in relation to the pillars of communication, public relations, branding, and professional growth. When I ask attendees how many of them blog, usually ten or less hands go up. This question is quickly followed by how many of those who blog do so consistently.

Top 10 Blog Posts of October 2015

The CoolCatTeacher

This month’s top blog posts here on the Cool Cat Teacher blog are a reflection of all of you beautiful, wonderful teachers out there. Thank you so much to all of you who read my blog and share these posts with others. Most of all, may you take pause and build a relationship with your students upon which you can build learning, teacher. Top 10 Posts on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog – October 2015 Edition. This blog post is a favorite of many educators.

Everyone Learns when Blogging Changes Classrooms | By @SamPatue


Learn why blogging just makes sense for your students today! My Paperless Classroom TC Blog blog blogging Kidblog Sam PattersonHas your classroom discovered the power of self publishing yet?

Blogging to Learn

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I truly believe that all educators should consider blogging as a tool for learning and this seems like the perfect opportunity to once again try to encourage all educators to blog! Why I Blog Blogging about experiences makes me accountable for taking the time to thoughtfully reflect on teaching and pursue ways to kick the learning up a notch. I learn more from blogging than from any other professional activity I participate in. blog pd PLN

Top Blog Posts for Teachers This Week

The CoolCatTeacher

This week’s top blog posts also have a 2013 post with lesson plans and ideas for teaching gratitude that I’ve updated. Top Blog Posts for Teachers This Week. #1 This blog post grew from an incredible interview Kevin Honeycutt gave for Every Classroom Matters episode 171 where he talked about flipping kids. 4 My Lesson Plan is Not Working, Kids are Not Learning, I am Freaking Out! Blog traffic.

Why and How Students Can Blog

Ask a Tech Teacher

Blogging is a popular tool used in education to not only practice writing, but reinforce collaboration, perspective taking, speaking/listening skills, and a lot more. Look at these reasons why teachers incorporate blogging across all academic topics and lesson plans: Collaboration. Students collaborate by commenting on the posts of others and/or co-writing a blog themed to a particular topic, taking turns posting articles. The roots of blogging lay in journaling.

Trading in Traditional Notebooks for Multimedia Blogs

Catlin Tucker

School traded in their traditional notebooks for multimedia digital blogs using Blogger. Blogger, Google’s free blogging tool, is easy to set up. LearningLook familiar? For years I’ve watched students lug cumbersome binders to each class–dutifully take notes and collecting large quantities of paper. I’ve often wondered how useful these binders are and how often students sift through their papers to review information. This year, students in N.E.W.

Google 259

Popular Blogs About Remote Learning for Educators


here is a list of our most popular Turnitin posts on remote learning From community building and instruction to academic integrity, ?here

Our 10 Most Popular Personalized Learning Blogs of 2016

Education Elements

Over the course of 2016 we published more than 70 blog posts on our weekly blog, sharing ideas from our team, our districts, and thought leaders from across the country. We are amazed and inspired by all the passion, leadership and innovation in the personalized learning space reflected in the Bring Your Own Thoughts (BYOT) blog.

Top 10 Tweets & Blogs This Week

The CoolCatTeacher

A Weekly Roundup of What's Being Talked About in my PLN This week, an inspirational blog post inspired by a cellist who played on through the bombing of Sarajevo tops the list of blogs this week. I used the statistics of traffic on my blog for the blog posts. Top 10 Blog Posts This Week. Why teachers need to keep going even when it’s hard topped this week’s list of top blogs.

International Blog Delurking Week–Get Involved!

Ask a Tech Teacher

Believe it or not, there is an International Blog Delurking Week that traditionally takes place in the first full week of January. It’s an opportunity for bloggers to find out who quietly reads their blog without commenting. OK, another yep –comments are always closed on this blog. More on blogs. Great list of Top Education Blogs. 11 Classroom Blogging Tips You Don’t Want to Miss. Subscribe to my Blog–Get Gifts Every Month.

Why Blog?

A Principal's Reflections

After nearly a year of using Twitter from an educational perspective I had begun to find and read blogs on a daily basis around February 2010. As I became active on Twitter members of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) began to suggest that I start a blog. My mind was set in concrete that I would NEVER under any circumstances begin to blog (wait, I said the same thing about joining Facebook up until 2010). Why do I blog? Finally, I blog to be transparent.

Top Blog Posts on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog

The CoolCatTeacher

We are needing inspiration and simple edtech advice as shown by the top blog posts here on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and shows this month. Top 10 Blog Posts of November 2015: The Cool Cat Teacher Blog. 8 Great Ways to Level Up Game Based Learning in the Classroom. My Lesson Plan is Not Working, The Kids Are Not Learning, I’m Freaking Out with Alicia Roberts. My Blog Birthday is This Week! November 2015 November has been a busy month.

Tech Tip #113: Back up Your Blog!

Ask a Tech Teacher

My blog, though–It’s become an important cog in my teacher PLN. For the entirety of the blog–similar to a time machine, where you can restore the entire website–you’ll need an external service. My blog is hosted by WPEngine. Part of that service is a back-up of the blog. You can find her resources at Structured Learning. Blogging Tech tips

Blogging bootcamp: Top tools, tips, and resources for getting started

Ditch That Textbook

Blogging gives educators a way to share their voice. Through blogging, we can give others a window into our classroom. We can share ideas and resources with our professional learning network. DitchBook Twitter chat blogging in the classroom blogging resources blogging tips getting started with blogging tips for bloggersIt allows us as professionals an opportunity to collaborate with others and write for our peers.

Creative Options for Remote Learning

Ask a Tech Teacher

With schools closed for in-person learning and many children being educated at home, parents are scrambling for quality alternatives that work in a home environment. Online Learning Portals. Many parents will use online learning portals or educators to tutor their children temporarily.

Great list of Top Education Blogs

Ask a Tech Teacher has a comprehensive list of the top education blogs. I’m proud to say that Ask a Tech Teacher is the first blog on the list–but we have a lot of august company, everything from Richard Byrne to Alice Keeler. LEARN LEAD GROW. You can find her resources at Structured Learning. It covers everything from grade-level resources to topic-specific.

Epic Classroom Blogging with Elementary Students

The CoolCatTeacher

A conversation with Rayna Freedman in episode 47 of the 10-minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today Rayna Freedman @rlfreedm has a student classroom blog that will completely blow you away! Rayna is full-scale using blogging to teach writing. These fifth graders are writing and sharing fifteen or more blog posts a week and it shows. Her blogging work flow. Blog: [link].

I’m Closing the Blog

Reading By Example

After much contemplation, I am closing down this blog. In 2018, I started a newsletter as a complement to this blog. It has become a streamlined approach for this work: a one-stop shop for sharing and learning.

365 Inclusive Learning Strategies to Help Every Child

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Karen Janowski and her coauthors have written a book Inclusive Learning 365: Edtech Strategies for Every Day of the Year. So, go to to learn more and use the code COOL20.

Top Blog Posts of January 2016

The CoolCatTeacher

The Cool Cat Teacher Blog From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. January 2016 was an epic month here with a reach of over 200,000 views between this blog, my blogspot blog, and Add to it a great month for Every Classroom Matters and all of you who share and reshare on Facebook and Twitter and you’re looking at more than a million educators reached through the network built around this blog.

11 Classroom Blogging Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are eleven of the top classroom blogging tips according to Ask a Tech Teacher readers: Can We Eliminate Blogs–Teachers Hate Them! 6 Tips I Wish I’d Known When I Started Blogging. 3 Problems to Address Before Blogging at Your School. 7–no 10, wait 12–OK, 13 Skills I Teach With Blogging. Once a Year Blog Maintenance–Are You Up to Date? 5 Great Tech Ed Blogs You May Not Have Heard Of. Internet Skills for K-8: Blogs.

Explore ideas in Edtech blogs


However, what edtech or instructional technology has to offer in addition to models and methodology , is spaces or tools and contexts for learning activities. blogs

A Year of Digital Learning with Verizon Innovative Learning Schools

Digital Promise

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to shutter and educators and students rapidly shifted to distance learning, those in Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program had the advantage of already knowing how to use devices and apps for learning.