Class Blogging and Family Participation


As part of the Edublogs Challenge , I am learning how to start a class blog. I used Kathleen Morris'' fabulous example to guide me in creating my letter to introduce the class blog. Here is the first letter that I''m sending home with the students in the class : Dear Families , I am proud to announce Mrs. Martinez’s class blog. This blog is for both of her language arts classes. On the left are the blog posts, and on the right is the tool bar to help us use the blog.

Tips for Student Comments on Blogs and Forums


Similarly, it''s important to set guidelines, rules, and expectations for students to comment on blogs and forums. These guidelines should outline appropriate online behavior and internet safety precautions. Wordle Guidelines : These guidelines can simply be borrowed from mine below, or you could create a class project to make your own. Your task is to create those guidelines. 3) Collaborate to write our own blogging rules and guidelines.

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Students are Challenged to Blog


We have entered the Class Blog Student Challenge : A global blogging challenge for students of all ages. During the past few weeks, we have focused on setting up our blog (posting guidelines), Internet safety, and how to leave a comment for others. Group 1: What should we blog about? What will readers learn from our blog? Group 1 Blog Prompt: Why should students and classes visit our blog?

Acceptable or Responsible? What’s Your Use Policy?

Tom Murray

Concern about student safety while online and use of digital tools is undoubtedly valid. Every educator knows the best and the worst that the human mind has produced can be found somewhere on the Internet. These policies typically promote positive behaviors, expectations, and guidelines. In addition, high school students are trained as cyber safety mentors to work with students and the community on Internet safety.

5 Tips to Increase Parental Engagement in the 21st Century Classroom – From Courtney Pepe


” The six week iTunes U course included topics like: digital wellness in the 21st century, internet safety filters restrictions and security, screen time and the brain, social media and gaming, guidelines for the the household, building a digital footprint. Blog Featured #ptchat Back-to-School Courtney Pepe Daily Genius parents social mediaThis guest post from Courtney Pepe (@iPadQueen2012) first appeared on Daily Genius.

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In this course, you will use a suite of digital tools to make that possible while addressing overarching concepts like digital citizenship, internet search and research, authentic assessment, digital publishing, and immersive keyboarding. internet safety. Here are general guidelines: up to 20 people per class (same low price–$750). Every month, subscribers to our newsletter get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching.