How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites

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The post How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Let’s Talk About How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites! Google Sites is the perfect tools for you and your students to create ePortfolios.

Back to School with ThingLink ePortfolios

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

As a longtime educator and instructional tech coach, I have embraced ePortfolios as a valuable tool for documenting learning over time, self-reflection, goal-setting and growth. ePortfolios are powerful tools for authentic assessment.

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Power the ePortfolio Process with ThingLink EDU

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

For those interested in a bit of background knowledge, please see a post published on this blog in August of this year, Back to School with ThingLink ePortfolios I had an amazing time working with educators today during my iLab session at the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit!

With Instagram and ePortfolios, This Teaching Fellow Uses Tech to Support Literacy ?


A passionate millennial blogger, she had, among her many forays into tech, started a classroom blog that had inspired other teachers and earned her kudos in her district. Student blog excerpt. Edublogs-Student Blogging Challenge to start students blogging.

How One High School is Helping Students Craft Eportfolios People Will Actually Read


A significant number of K-12 teachers looking to move away from student success measures that focus on standardized testing and grades are turning towards eportfolios, online websites showcasing projects tied to learning objectives. Our school’s original eportfolio program became these brochure websites that no one went to,” says Lisa Gottfried, New Technology High School’s digital and interactive media teacher, in an interview with EdSurge. “I

The ePortfolio - iterations of reflection

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30 Day Blogging Challenge - September 19- Name 3 powerful ways that students can reflect on their learning. Each iteration of the reflective process in creating an eportfolio leads to that type of confidence. blogging challenge

A Look at Blogging in the Classroom as we Start a new School Year


Blogs Seeing More Academic Use as ePortfolio Platform, and for Collaboration, Discussion, & Resource Sharing In 2013, reported that 74 percent of teachers agree that technology in the.

10 ways to connect classes to global audiences

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Ed Tech authentic audiences blogging eportfolios global education google hangout skype twitter Students are connecting with audiences much bigger than their school communities every day. They tweet, share photos on Instagram and write comments on various websites.

Student Blogging: Importance of Authentic Audience and Student Ownership and Connecting Home with School

Dr. Shannon Doak

In my last school, the method used to share student work and reflection was different (we used self-hosted WordPress blogs) but the characteristic the students applied was the same. There are several blogging platforms available. Are your students blogging yet?

3 Ways Educators Should Use Blogs

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Blogs are a great resource for educators at all levels. Here are three ways educators can use blogs to encourage creativity, learning and collaboration. Student Blogs. And student blogs are very similar except they happen online and can potentially have a much larger audience.

Sharing Genius Hour Learning with the World


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It’s Not About Google (Part 4) – SULS047

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My favorite method for sharing student work is on a Google Site or a Blogger blog. Blogger is a traditional blogging platform that allows for comment. With a blog post, we can share student work and collect feedback from other students, parents, or experts in the field of study.

Making Thinking Visible Using Technology

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One way this could happen is in Google Classroom or on a student-created blog. BYOD Chrome Can Chromebooks ePortfolios Innovation My Thoughts Uncategorized Visible Thinking

Chrome Can: Podcasting in the Classroom

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Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation Creativity ePortfolios Innovation My ThoughtsWhat is a podcast? Google defines a podcast as” Traditionally, podcasts have been unidirectional.

Chrome Can: Meme Creation and Educational Use

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Here are several great blog posts about how other teachers have used memes in their classes. Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation Creativity ePortfolios InnovationWhat are memes? If you have been on social media, there is a good chance that you have come across a meme.

Embrace Change in the New Year with Genius Hour

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

edchat #edtech #GeniusHour badges blog ePortfolio research Genius Hour is a powerful movement popping up in classrooms everywhere. The idea encourages students to explore and develop their own passions and creativity.

Chrome Can: Creating eBooks with Chromebooks!

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This media includes images, audio, video, blog posts, and eBooks. eBooks could also be used as an ePortfolio format. Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation Creativity ePortfolios Innovation

eBook 75

Student Portfolios, Diigo and Blogs


I''ve had several people ask me about how to start blogs and portfolios with their students next year, and what''s the best approach. I appreciate Implementing ePortfolios? Blogging with Students The other route I''d use for portfolios is blogging.

Chrome Can: Screencasting!

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To learn more about how screencasting can be used in the classroom please visit this great blog post. Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation Creativity ePortfolios Innovation

Seesaw - Notes from #EdCampR13 Session | #EdCamp


Parents only see their own students' work unless the teacher posts to the blog function. Please see specifics on my re-use policy before re-posting/re-using any of my blog content. edcamp EdCampR13 eportfolio portfolio Seesaw

Technology and Capstone Courses

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These include slide presentations, graphic organizers, infographics, ebooks, video presentations, websites, whiteboard app creations, graphic novels, blog posts, ePortfolios, podcasts, coded applications, digital art, video games, and VR world creations.

Effective Student-Led Parent Conferences

The CoolCatTeacher

Laura Penrod Stock interviewed on Episode 38 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Sculpted from her experience in economic development, she is passionate about student eportfolios.

New Posted Resources 05/11/2011

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Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

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You can read about the full break down on @michellek107 ‘s blog here. Websites achievement APS assessment certify credly degree digital badges eportfolio equity human learning learning journey map mozilla backpack open badge pd reflection summit technology

Paul Solarz and His Student Centered Classroom

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Episode 73 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Blog: [link]. Genius Hour) and maintain personal ePortfolios of their work in class.

Authentic Assessments to Support Teaching and Learning

For example, students can use a blogging tool to post summer book reviews for students, and the librarian can mediate a conversation around their reading and writing. edWeb Blog assessment Improve Student Learning teaching and learning technology in schools

New Posted Resources 10/21/2010

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New Posted Resources 06/08/2010

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25 Google Wave Resources | Teacher Reboot Camp tags : googlewave , favorite Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios « Libraries and Transliteracy tags : eportfolio , blogs , favorite TLN Teacher Voices: Outrageous Student Engagement Teaching Content Outrageously: How to Captivate All Students and Accelerate Learning tags : teaching , favorite Be the Change. Will You Wave?

New Posted Resources 03/20/2012

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Googlios tags: google ePortfolio googleapps favorite What can Twitter do for your school?

Edmodo 131

Strategies for Becoming an Effective, Present Teacher

Over the last three years, she has led dozens of professional development sessions all of which have impacted the way that educators communicate learning through eportfolios. edWeb Blog Making Learning Visible techtools for classroomHomework, assessments, projects.

Teaching with the Growth Mindset

Over the last three years, she has led dozens of professional development sessions all of which have impacted the way that educators communicate learning through eportfolios. edWeb Blog digital portfolios growth mindsetTeaching to the middle—most teachers don’t want to do it.

Create Interactive Albums with ThingLink Channels

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Portfolio Channel Students can create a channel for use as an ePortfolio to organize a collection of their own work and document learning over time. Teachers can use ePortfolios as a tool for authentic assessment.

This Year be an EduHero!

Teacher Reboot Camp

If you choose to go on the EduHero Journey this year feel free to download any of these badges I made to go on your blog, eportfolio, or website : (Call to Adventure) Mission: Your mission this year is to join a League of EduHeroes and go on your EduHero Journey.

Collaborative & Creative Online Learning

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Get students to use digital tools to create interactive mindmaps , multimedia presentations, digital storiesl , comics , games , blogs, scavenger hunts, videos, podcasts, digital fliers, posters , infographics, and more! Students can create eportfolios with social bookmarking tools and as a final project create eportfolio presentations in which they reflect on the learning for each module/unit. Check out my students’ reflective eportfolio presentations here !

A Project Share Story: Ensuring a Successful Implementation #SXSWedu


Irving wanted to use ePortfolios with their students. Who can access ePortfolios? Irving has decided to keep the ePortfolios within Irving for now since they are using with 8th grade and 4th grade and are not applying to college at this time. Will students blog? By default they do not have rights to blogging features. Students are using ePortfolios and enjoy uploading their information to them. Also how to work with your ePortfolio.