Teacher Play – 6 Apps to Explore This Summer

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Blendspace (web). Like Zaption, Blendspace allows teachers to develop interactive lessons using multimedia resources. But Blendspace also allows you to integrate documents, images, websites (pretty much anything that you can find on the web) in addition to videos.

Google, Major Teacher Network Partner to Share Digital Resources, Lessons

Marketplace K-12

A major online marketplace for free and fee-based teaching resources, which also serves as a network for millions of educators globally, has announced a partnership that will bring Google’s educational resources aboard its website. For its part, Google also announced that it would open up access to Google Expeditions, the app that houses a series of virtual reality “field trips” designed for K-12 classrooms. Q&A: Google ‘s ‘Senior Education Evangelist’ Talks About K-12.

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22 Digital Tools You Must Have in Your Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

Google Apps. They are fun to create, can be saved to the student digital portfolio, and uploaded to all manner of online accounts from Google Drive to KidBlogs. The most popular calendar tool is Google Calendar. Google Apps.

PopBoardz: a media dashboard for instruction and presentation


So, what would happen if Pinterest and Symbaloo and Blendspace had a baby? Simply drag and drop PDFs, JPEGs, videos, notes and websites, as well as anything in your camera roll, your Google or iCloud Drives as tiles onto a board. Currently, you can export to DropBox or Google Drive.

Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology

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You can make your own task cards in PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Pages, or Google Slides. For inspiration, try searching Google for task card templates. Monica Evon shares iPad choice menus: mrsevonsthirdgrade.blogspot.com ] Try another Google search for PowerPoint borders or frames.