Reach Capital’s Newest Education Technology Investment Fund Closes at $82 Million


These meetings, she says, inform how they interact with entrepreneurs. Investing is humbling because we inevitably miss out on or pass on companies that go on to achieve great success in realizing their mission. It brought over the companies from the Seed Fund into its portfolio as well, and re-invested in 14 of them.) For Reach, they include Sesame Workshop and TAL Education, a Chinese education company. “We Blendspace was purchased by TES.

We Might Be at the End of the Free Ed Tech Era


Their success rate of companies is incredibly high as they helped start Class Dojo, Plickers, Remind, Padlet, Blendspace, Educreations, and a WHOLE host of others. but what many of them don’t consider is that the company will eventually need revenue to continue to exist.