One major barrier to high-quality blended learning

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Today in 2019, blended learning isn’t a new phenomenon. During that same time, we’ve also seen gradual improvements in the devices, software, and online learning resources that educators use to support blended learning. Education Blog Blended learning

5 Essential Effective Blended Learning Best Practices

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Tips and Tricks I've Learned from Experience From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Online and face-to-face spaces blend to create a today’s classroom. This blog post is sponsored by PowerSchool Learning. iPad).

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iPads in Kindergarten

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Kristen and Karen share timeless principles of excellent teaching with 1:1 and iPads in the kindergarten classroom. It is a great teacher PD tool which includes videos and resources to help you learn new techniques and technologies for your classroom.

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Can blended learning be culturally responsive?

The Christensen Institute

Kenzie is a K-12 education research intern at the Christensen Institute whose work focuses on learning from schools in the Blended Learning Universe. In a blended environment, however, many see a conflict with culturally relevant teaching. Moreover, many see the classroom technology component of blended learning as prohibitively expensive and out-of-reach for schools with limited resources and which serve the neediest children.

34 Diverse Blended Learning Apps For iPad

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The post 34 Diverse Blended Learning Apps For iPad appeared first on TeachThought. Blended & Flipped Learning Experienced Teacher General Tools

What Separates a Good Blended Learning Program From a Bad One?


These days many schools tout blended learning programs when marketing their school to potential students. Blended learning can combine the flexibility of online instruction with the benefits of in-person teaching. But much like nutritional claims, such as “all-natural” and “healthy,” the term “blended learning” can mean just about anything depending on how you define it. The Good The best blended learning programs seem to have some common threads.

8 Epic Edtech Tools to Try This School Year

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Listen to the show and learn how it is used and follow the links in the show notes below. Listen to the show and learn how it is used and follow the links in the show notes below.

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Can Administrators Lead Innovation Without Blended Learning Experience?


in the news for the rollout of iPads districtwide, which some readers out there might remember. Well, in one region—the Local District Northwest sector of the district—administrators, schools and teachers have been busy expanding efforts for blended learning implementation in collaboration with Stepan Mekhitarian. Mekhitarian is currently the Blended Learning Coordinator for that LAUSD sector, but that’s not the only education role on his resume.

Students at the Forefront: Blended Learning & Math


Blended learning combines digital methods and traditional teaching methods in which the teacher is present, but the students have more control over the pace in which they learn. Math seems to be at the forefront of many districts’ agendas.

5 reasons why blended learning programs fail-and how to save them

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[ Editor’s Note: This story is Part 1 of our April series on Blended Learning. Too often, educators who are considering investing in blended learning pull back after hearing horror stories of good programs gone bad.

Innovative Science Teaching in Grades 6-12

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From augmented reality to game-based learning and online portfolios, she has a variety of ideas to share about how she amps up her science teaching with technology. SPONSOR: Join a Free Personalized Learning Session with Me and TextHelp! Get ready to talk about Personalized Learning.

3DBear Review: The Augmented Reality Classroom Pro

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You can use it and learn. “I’ve seen kids get so immersed in their 3D Bear projects that they had no idea how much they were learning.” Learn more by clicking on the link below.

Eduprotocols for Littles with Jon Corippo #kinderchat

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Today’s Sponsor: Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection. The Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection is here! Now, that’s good stuff for every K-2nd grade iPad or Google Play enabled tablet! iPads to Differentiate Instruction in K-2 Classrooms.

Project Pals: The Perfect PBL Software for Project Based Learning

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Starting from a template that you’ve designed to guide your students through the project, they can collaborate or work together to explore, learn, brainstorm, and create. PBL Software Review From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Legends of Learning: The Game-Based Science Platform for Grades 3-8

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Sponsored by Legends of Learning From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. With this in mind, Legends of Learning is a fantastic platform full of NGSS aligned science games that does both. Sponsored by Legends of Learning. .

An iPad Alone Does Not Make an Instructional Program

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If Apple’s stock depended at all on the number of districts purchasing the iPad, it would be a strong buy right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad. In fact, I come from an iPad-only family.

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Part 3… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Verbs and Blended Learning Possiblities

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Welcome to a series of posts that are dedicated to going beyond the shine of technology by examining ways to use digital tools to engage students in real learning. STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS.

10 Sites for Blended Learning

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What is Blended Learning? It''s a smorgasbord of teaching strategies that uses analog and digital technologies to teach and learn. 4] Schools with blended learning models may also choose to reallocate resources to boost student achievement outcomes. [5]

Hyperdocs: How To’s and Tips for Teachers

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Urkund: Today’s Sponsor Urkund is great as a plagiarism prevention tool and connects with most common Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom, Moodle, and Canvas or as a stand-alone web tool or by email. Vicki: OK, so is it like… I learned to use a learning management system.

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This is What Happens When You Teach From Antarctica

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Listen to the Show and Learn Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. He is always trying to find new and innovative ways to incorporate technology across the curriculum in order to increase student learning and engagement.

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iPads keep students connected, even on snow days

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How students still complete assignments on off-days at one district thanks to their iPads. If you have power and Internet, there’s really nothing that can stop learning from happening,” she said.

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The Riddle Of Meaningful iPad Integration

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The Riddle Of Meaningful iPad Integration. In lieu of being incredible pieces of hardware with significant learning potential, iPad adoption has produced uneven learning results thus far. Do something about iPad workflow!”

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#Supermuch teaching in the classroom and online

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We discuss what going to the next level in the classroom and in online learning means both at the secondary and college level. So, go to to learn more and use the coupon code COOL20.

Why I Still Believe in the iPad’s Positive Impact on Classrooms


Back in 2013, approximately 60% of Maine's participating districts chose iPads. Now, as has been reported , a number of districts have opted to move back to laptops from iPads. The MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) program coevolved with the technology available. In 2013, school districts were given the option to participate in one of five solutions, which included Apple laptops, Hewlett-Packard laptops, and iPads.

Blending Together – Creating and Bringing Videos Into Class


Honestly, I started doing this before I knew it had a name- blended or flipped learning. Blended means incorporating videos into class, while flipped, traditionally, means the lesson is done on video, the kid watches on her/his own time, and then the work is done in class.

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Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides

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The post Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Check out the sing-a-long ebook from Cantata Learning: Winter: The Coldest Season Of All. The song is available from free from the Cantata Learning website here. Shake Up Learning 2018.

Let Paperslide Into Your Class


He introduced us to Paperslides , a new-to-me combining of the low tech paper-glue-and-scissors we all love and miss with the ease and versatility of making videos for flipped or blended learning.

10+ Ways to Use Technology in the Math Classroom – SULS037

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The post 10+ Ways to Use Technology in the Math Classroom – SULS037 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Barbara is also a graduate of the Shake Up Learning Google Certification Academy. Although it may seem cool, it’s not an improvement in learning.

Stop pitting technology against quality, in-person time

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But even as she acknowledged toward the end that technology has a role to play, she missed spotlighting how technology can help us redesign schools to allow students to achieve what appears most important in her mind: the chance for students to have far more meaningful face-to-face interactions with teachers and peers—a counterintuitive yet important part of blended learning’s promise for many students.

Overcoming my fears

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I think we are at a breaking point in which blended learning is on the cusp of changing our practice. A decade ago, the iPad hadn’t been introduced. When I wrote my first grant for a classroom set of iPads, I could barely find any math apps that I felt were beneficial for my students. Not only are there a myriad of ways to blend technology into a curriculum, but there are also many different products to choose. Teaching is a personal endeavor.

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7 Reasons You Need to Try Voice Typing in Google Docs

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The post 7 Reasons You Need to Try Voice Typing in Google Docs appeared first on Shake Up Learning. So in this post, I will share seven reasons you need to try Voice Typing in Google Docs–for yourself, for your students, and to help support learning across the board.

6 FREE Google Templates for Creative Productivity 

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The post 6 FREE Google Templates for Creative Productivity appeared first on Shake Up Learning. I work at a K-12 1:1 iPad institution so I typically create things in Apple and iOS native apps like Pages, Keynote, and Numbers or as a PDF for annotating or analog use. .

Micro-school parents, students build one-room schoolhouses of today

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Micro-schools come in a variety of flavors but frequently do away with grade-levels in favor of technology-enabled, student-customized pathways to learning. Because online learning can deliver content to students at the level they need, teachers spend the bulk of class time on project-based learning for deeper exploration of concepts. It boasts a multi-level space that was formerly a Gold’s Gym but has since been transformed into open learning spaces.

#GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe

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The post #GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Most of us have iPads and using Google on iPads is a very different animal. Google on the iPad Resources: [link]. Connect with Shake Up Learning.

3 tips for finding the best teacher-helpful edtech

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Learning how to effectively use and implement new classroom edtech requires educators to spend their most valuable currency: time. This was especially true when we decided to implement the blended learning teaching philosophy.