Overcoming 3 challenges of introducing blended learning in the classroom


Introducing blended learning experiences in core subjects presents many opportunities over traditional print-heavy classrooms. But introducing blended learning in the classroom is not the easiest thing to do. Blended learning, in all its shapes, requires a digital support.

How to Grow a Classroom Culture That Supports Blended Learning


Palo Alto High School teacher Esther Wojcicki shares her guidelines on creating a culture of trust, respect and independence for blended learning. [[ This is a content summary only. Big Ideas Blended Learning blended learning featured full-image

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What Separates a Good Blended Learning Program From a Bad One?


These days many schools tout blended learning programs when marketing their school to potential students. Blended learning can combine the flexibility of online instruction with the benefits of in-person teaching. But much like nutritional claims, such as “all-natural” and “healthy,” the term “blended learning” can mean just about anything depending on how you define it. The Good The best blended learning programs seem to have some common threads.

Ask the experts: Crowdsourced solutions to 4 problems of blended-learning practice

The Christensen Institute

Earlier this month, the Christensen Institute, Highlander Institute , and The Learning Accelerator welcomed over 100 advanced blended- and personalized-learning practitioners to Providence, Rhode Island as part of a two-day meeting-of-the-minds leading up to the 2018 Blended and Personalized Learning Conference. Cultivate teacher conversations as they talk and work through challenges of implementing culturally responsive teaching and learning together.

Is it really “blended learning” or is it just “learning”?

The Principal of Change

If you google “What is blended learning?”, Right now, I do not think of this blog as “blending my learning” even though it is online and I was in a face-to-face setting earlier.

How to Create a Vision

Education Elements

As Education Elements has worked with districts across the country, we’ve found a few simple guidelines can help make the visioning process invigorating and inspiring rather than routine or frustrating. Personalized Learning Blended Learning Education Education Elements School Districts communicationsVision-setting can be a painful process. Hours may be spent on one twisting sentence. Long, awkward silences may follow periods of disagreement.

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A Back-to-School, Personalized Learning Toolkit


Today, I’m amazed at the impact technology can have on the learning process—especially when it enables teachers to personalize learning. Today, I'm amazed at the impact technology can have on the learning process—especially when it enables teachers to personalize learning.

Waterford Gets $20M+ Grant for Online Preschool. Its Critics Are Not Happy.


Despite the momentum recently to expand early learning opportunities to children, there are still millions of people who face barriers to that access, specifically in rural and low-income areas,” she says. Education Technology Blended Learning Nonprofits

25 Ways to Use Audio in Google Slides Projects

Shake Up Learning

The post 25 Ways to Use Audio in Google Slides Projects appeared first on Shake Up Learning. ” For more ideas on how to implement reflection strategies, check out this article from ASCD, “ Learning Through Reflection.” Want to Learn More? Shake Up Learning 2019.

How I gave my students voice and increased collaboration

eSchool News

Students should have the freedom to discuss ideas and learn from one another and their collective mistakes. Start by setting strict guidelines for classroom conversation. Featured on eSchool News Teaching & Learning blended learning collaboration student voice

Empower Your Students with The 4 C’s Learning Menu

Shake Up Learning

The post Empower Your Students with The 4 C’s Learning Menu appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Empower Your Students with The 4 C’s Learning Menu. YOU can empower your students with this 4 C’s learning menu! What is a Learning Menu?

Getting Animated With Google Slides and Screencastify


Luckily, my students know that my class schedule is more like guidelines than actual rules. Blended Learning Common Core Standards Creativity and Imagination Education Technology Future Ready animation google slides stop motion

This is how your infrastructure should look before your next tech rollout

eSchool News

Follow these guidelines to create a technology infrastructure that support teachers and students. Most educational organizations want the classroom to change; to improve teaching and learning by leveraging technology. A robust and feature rich LMS (Learning Management System).

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It’s NOT About Google, It’s About the LEARNING (ISTE Empowered Learner)

Shake Up Learning

The post It’s NOT About Google, It’s About the LEARNING (ISTE Empowered Learner) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. But despite the sometimes Google-centric ideas, I am a firm believer in a focus on learning, not tools. But this is also a great learning experience!

How to Package Your Digital Assignments

Shake Up Learning

The post How to Package Your Digital Assignments appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Don’t miss out on one of the BEST things about blended learning and managing assignments online! This is an excellent tip for Google Classroom users that I learned from Alice Keeler.

Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers

Shake Up Learning

The post Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers appeared first on Shake Up Learning. As a digital learning coach and consultant with more than ten years working in instructional technology, I have learned quite a few ways to help teachers integrate technology. Shake Up Learning 2018.

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The Carrot and The Stick: Are American Schools Actually Teaching Us?

Fractus Learning

I eventually got the hang of the language, and learned French and Spanish and Italian, but what I did not understand until years later when I returned to the U.S. It was grueling, and there were days when writer’s cramp seemed like a permanent condition, but I did learn.

Another 3 habits of effective e-teachers


However the hope is that even future generations, who have been taught using a blend of face-to-face and online education, will nonetheless still recall the teachers (rather than the software) that made a difference. Read more: Why blended learning will become an educational norm.

What Should Be the Teacher's Role in the Classroom?

Saving Socrates

The teacher is the conveyer of information, the giver of facts, and the vessel of learning itself. However, there hasn''t been much written about what the role of the teacher is in the student-centered, project-based and blended learning classroom (or my version Structured Chaos) This is what I''d like to address. This is more interactive and provides students with a benefit of learning through doing while also helping the visual or audio learner too.

How to Blend DoK into Lesson Plans without a Comprehensive Rewrite

Ask a Tech Teacher

Now, exemplary teachers focus on blending learning into the student’s life knowledge base with the goal of building happy, productive adults. Expect students to think cognitively — to critique, revise, memorize, and compare throughout their learning.

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How Tech Can Engage Students, Simplify the School Day and Save Time for Teachers


Studies show that information and computer-assisted learning boosts academic achievement, improves learner engagement and reduces teacher burden by shaving time off the day. For teachers, technology can help create engagement and a more immersive learning experience.

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Digital storybooks might be just as good as an adult reading to a child

The Hechinger Report

Young children can learn just as much from a story delivered entirely via a digital device as they can from an adult reading a dead-trees version of the same story, according to a new study from researchers at New York University. It can be a good learning tool, if used properly.”.

Teaching teachers to relinquish control

The Christensen Institute

To do this, a teacher must free students from teacher-delivered instruction and give them content and lessons that they can learn independently. The traditional classroom model does not lend itself well to students learning independently. Other learning models are arising, however, that open broad possibilities for teachers to empower students to drive their own learning while teachers shift to helping students in other ways. The first guardrail was a pacing guideline.

5 Favorite Activities to End the School Year

Ask a Tech Teacher

When they are ready to write the review, provide a book review guideline that asks them to include book essentials (such as title, age group, author, and copyright ), a three-sentence summary, and a recommendation. This could be Dance Mat Typing for youngers or Type to Learn for olders.

Over 25 Ideas for eLearning… Inclement Weather and Snow Day Make Up

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

In this post I thought you might be interested in learning more about eLearning and inclement weather make up. STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS. I am also still learning!

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Does your school have a growth mindset when it comes to change?

eSchool News

Most educational organizations want to improve teaching and learning by leveraging technology. The terms blended learning and its subset, flipped learning, are touted extensively as useful educational goals. Owners have some latitude within these guidelines.

7 Great NonProfits Changing the Face of Professional Learning

Tom Murray

This is the second post in a short series meant to highlight the great work of many nonprofit organizations that are working diligently to support students’ learning on a daily basis. All of these organizations are shifting the needle and rocking professional learning nationwide. Breakout EDU creates ultra-engaging learning games for people of all ages. This resource is sure to jumpstart your next professional learning or team building activity!

Guest Post: But What Will We Do With Learning?

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

My guest, Tim Kubik, has allowed me to experience amazing learning experiences as we worked together on the National Faculty at the Buck Institute (BIE). But what will we do with learning? We both love learning. We love learning with others even more.

One surprising barrier to college success: Dense higher education lingo

The Hechinger Report

Sexual assault reporting guidelines, Marywood University. Leslie De Santos, a first-year student at the University of Georgia, struggled to understand the instructions for an essential form she needed to receive financial aid.

Why all screen time isn’t created equally

The Hechinger Report

She’s also come up with guidelines based on what a scant – but growing – body of research is finding. Guernsey calls her guidelines the three C’s — for media consumption: content, context, and your child; they come with a series of questions that can be tailored to each child.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 30 Edition)

Doug Levin

" Tagged on: July 26, 2017 These 3 practices revolutionized Penn Manor's school culture | Opensource.com → Free and open source software is the catalyst for Penn Manor School District's award-winning student learning programs. " Tagged on: July 26, 2017 Can personalized learning prevail? Fordham Institute → Checker Finn asks "Can personalized learning prevail?"

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Mining for Diamonds


I also wanted to find tools that could make learning more meaningful for all students. In 2015, I received the Michigan Association of Computers in Learning “Technology Using PreK-12 Teacher of the Year Award." The technology gems I am mining must meet certain guidelines.

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Want Your Students to Remember You in 20 Years? Start Holding Weekly Data Conferences


But by committing to relationships and keeping a few key guidelines in mind, we have been able to create a place with an undeniably warm feeling, full of teachers who'll be remembered for years to come. Here's what we've learned so far: Use data to drive instruction (really!) Being a blended learning charter school, we had plenty of data. If your going blended, use the data to build relationships! Education Technology Personalized Learning Learning Strategies

How Edtech Developers Design Around ‘Screen Fatigue’


As the director of business development at Zinc Learning Labs , a literacy company, my bread and butter is communication with educators. Among them: “blended learning.” One computer science teacher I spoke to had recently resigned because she could no longer stomach sticking young children in front of screens and, in her opinion, training them to be scrolling zombies when they should have more off-screen, human-to-human learning.

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Part 5: 12 Tech Ideas and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Online Discussions

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to the fifth post in a series designed to support the use of technology for differentiated learning… in and beyond the PBL classroom. Part 5: 12 Tech Ideas and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Online Discussions. Many times we can all learn from the crowd.