How Librarians Hold the Key to Future Ready Schools

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Do you see librarians as part of the future? In June, I began working formally with the Alliance for Excellent Education as Lead for Future Ready Librarians. At Future Ready Librarians , we pose two essential questions: How can librarians support Future Ready Schools? How can librarians and libraries become more Future Ready? Courtesy Mark Ray Mark Ray is the Chief Digital Officer for Vancouver Public Schools.

Future Ready Schools® Releases New Blended Learning Guide for Districts


In conjunction with the seventh annual Digital Learning Day , Future Ready Schools (FRS), an initiative of the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed), released a new guide for school districts interested in using “blended learning” to support their approach to instruction. Blended learning is a variety of practices and strategies that combine online learning with in-person instruction from classroom teachers.


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Future Ready Librarian Leadership Summit Scheduled for June 23 in Chicago


A full-day workshop just prior to the ISTE 2018 Conference in Chicago will explore how K-12 librarian leaders can lead, teach, and support the Future Ready goals of their schools and districts, develop an action plan for their library programs, and delve into the challenges and best practices surrounding empowering Future Ready Librarians. Ed Tech Ticker News Conference Future Ready Schools

Top Tips to Create an Organized, Blended Learning Space for Students!


Click Above to Register Now I am honored to share some of my most useful tips for setting up a brain-friendly learning space that encourages student collaboration and hands-on learning. I invite you to simply click above to register for this free, jam-packed one hour webinar about effective class design and personalized learning for students.

CUE’d Up with Sarah — Spotlight on Tara Linney


Tara Linney is an award-winning Learning Innovation Coach, recognized for her work in gender equity in the teaching of computer programming, global collaborations in education, and educational coaching. We can be the changemakers who empower our girls to take risks in learning how to code.” Discovering career profiles of how computer programming integrates with a girl’s passion will help educators open a window into a path that girls could pursue when they learn how to code.

6 Ways to Build Culture When Leading a Digital Conversion

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The shift to Future Ready Schools with blended and digital learning is dramatically changing the role of the school leader and requires focused attention on the critical importance of school culture in a successful transition. The webinar with Stacey and Lynn is available here: The webinar, which covered a lot of ground in a short time period, caused me to reflect on the impact of school culture on a digital learning conversion. Future Ready Schools.

Getting Animated With Google Slides and Screencastify


Soon they were ready and raring to start doing whatever needed to be done to record it. Blended Learning Common Core Standards Creativity and Imagination Education Technology Future Ready animation google slides stop motionI’m going to go into some detail about the process my class used to animate our Google Slides, but I got all my information from Sam Patterson’s blog here. Follow Sam, he’s good people (plural, if you count the puppets).

A 1:1 Journey Pt 2- Sliding Into Routines


All other shall only approach you, ask your blessing, and be gifted with the instrument of learning. Then one kid is stationed at the cart, s/he is learning to be dexterous and deft with the plugs, and everyone else is back in their seats and ready to keep learning, quick like bunnies. If they forget, I’ve got a handy-dandy spreadsheet ready. I made a YouTube video for a blended lesson?

Next Gen Professional Development pt 2- Upskilling


Have you ever learned something by failing for a bit and then mastering the concept by simply doing it? Having educators make and share a short example of their learning is another key goal. This allows them to learn the new skills more easily – not worrying about the academics as much. 1 ) That means for this new idea to take root, the small group of 10-15% needs to be supported and emboldened in order to ensure they will try what they’ve learned.

16 Great NonProfits Working to Support EdTech in Schools

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Prior to my role as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools ® , I spent 14 years in a public school in Pennsylvania as an elementary and middle school teacher, middle school and elementary principal, and district level technology director. This post is the first of a short series meant to highlight the great work of many nonprofit organizations that are working diligently to support students’ learning on a daily basis. Organization: Future of Privacy Forum (FPF).

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


These tasks are perfect for learning across the curriculum and especially for librarian-led learning. Webpage Comparison : Students examine two websites and select the one that they would use to begin research on gun control, assessing their ability to identify the strengths and limitations of websites for learning about political topics. Among the learning experiences on ten pages packed with lessons are: Civil Rights Movement in Context.

K-12 Library & Media Technology Guide

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Leveraging a Future Ready Library opportunity. Librarians are facilitating learning despite school closures. Ancillary Guides assessment best blended blended learning classroom district eSchool News learning news online resources school tips tools trends

Free Resource: Personalization, Agency, Authenticity, Connectivity, and Creativity (PAACC) Playbook

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In the book, Blended Learning in Action , my co-authors (Tiffany Wycoff and Jason Green) and I created the PAACC Hallmarks of Effective Practice as a guide to ensure that blended learning puts students at the center of learning and helps them to develop future-ready skills.

5 Ways to Bring Financial Literacy into Any School

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If a school claims that it’s “future ready” and they’re not giving every student access to financial literacy, they can just stop pretending that they’re future ready. Because if you’re not ready to manage money, you’re not ready for your future. 5 Idea Friday Blended Learning and E-Learning College (aged 18+) Education Financial Literacy and Life Skills Game Based Learning High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) How to Guides.

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Personalized Learning: Using Edtech for More Than Credit Recovery

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Learn how one district is helping students become future ready by personalizing learning using edtech for more than credit recovery. The post Personalized Learning: Using Edtech for More Than Credit Recovery appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

Bridging the gap in a rural school district through personalized learning

FETC Converge

Rural districts often face unique challenges that personalized learning can help address. In this guest post, 2019 FETC presenter Sam Brooks shares three important objectives that helped shift his district to a more nimble personalized-learning model to prepare students to be “future-ready” and to address some of the district’s challenges in offering hard-to-staff classes. Uncategorized blended learning FETC personalized learning rural schools

Go Global: Online Publishing for All Students – SULS084

Shake Up Learning

The post Go Global: Online Publishing for All Students – SULS084 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. One critical characteristic of Dynamic Learning is going Beyond the Walls! Every student should have the opportunity to publish their work and learning for a global audience!

Digital Differentiation with G Suite Tools – SULS016

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The post Digital Differentiation with G Suite Tools – SULS016 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Listen in to learn how to implement it in your classroom. They made it through the Dynamic Learning Workshop just before school let out! Learn more about The Dynamic Learning Workshop here and the online course. [03:07] 04:56] – Learn what differentiation is and is not. Flexible Learning Paths. Provide Flexible Learning Paths.

FREE Google Lesson Plans for Teachers and Students – SULS087

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The post FREE Google Lesson Plans for Teachers and Students – SULS087 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. These are ready-to-go, asynchronous lessons that will help your students gain future-ready skills. Watch this short video to learn how!

Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018

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The post Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Get ready to stop asking how to put a worksheet in Google Classroom, because “worksheet” is about to be removed from your vocabulary. 02:04] – Quick Shout Out to Jennifer Earls and Murray State University for being amazing participants in one of the Shake Up Learning live events! Learn more about them here! What are your learning goals?”.

5 #FETC Presentations You Might Have Missed!

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appeared first on Shake Up Learning. I just finished presenting, connecting, and learning at the Future of Educational Technology Conference , or FETC, in Orlando, Florida. So no FOMO for Shake Up Learning readers! And if you want to learn more about all of the other goodies shared at FETC, take a look at the hashtag on Twitter, #FETC. Shake Up Learning 2018. The Learning Mixologist: Shaken and Infused, Never Stirred. Dynamic Learning with G Suite.

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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At the end of the chat I shared the following tweet: "I know I'm biased but I think teacher prep students should be aware of blended learning, value of PLN and recent buzzwords to explore." As this week has progressed I find myself thinking on the subject a lot, and this blog post is a more thought out list of technology knowledge I think preservice teachers should be aware of before entering the workforce: Blended learning.

A Quick Return to My #EdTech Foundations

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He's a super smart guy whose own expertise in this area is exceptional, so he wasn't really likely to learn anything from my response, so much as he was looking to see what wrinkles I might add to his own thinking. BUT, I like a challenge, so here is what I sent back: Technology amplifies great teaching and learning, making good learner-centered lesson design, great. A short-hand version might be: EdTech makes learning-design more impactful and engaging.

Scaling Innovation: A System’s Approach to Transforming Teaching & Learning

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To help overcome this, we have adopted the Future Ready Schools Framework , a systematic approach to scaling innovative digital learning practices while promoting long-term sustainability. Putting a thoughtful transition to digital learning in place affords us the opportunity to provide greater clarity and coherence regarding our district’s vision of teaching and learning to educators, students, and our community. Digital Learning Teams.

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6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom (and a FREE Mini Course)

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The post 6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom (and a FREE Mini Course) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Ready to Join Google Classroom? It will completely change the way you deliver assignments, communicate and collaborate in your class, and give your students future-ready skills! Google Classroom is a very clean, easy-to-use application, but there are a lot of best practices you will learn along the way. Shake Up Learning 2017.

Measuring Impact with the Digital Practice Assessment (DPA)

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Practices such as BYOD, 1:1, blended learning, personalized learning, classroom and school redesign, branding, makerspaces, professional learning, etc. As Senior Fellow with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), I have worked with a fantastic team to develop services and tools to help districts, schools, and organizations across the world transform teaching, learning, and leadership.

How to Cultivate Communication Skills in the Classroom

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The post How to Cultivate Communication Skills in the Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. A few weeks ago, I was given an advanced copy of Lisa Johnson’s new book, Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students. Ready to start planning your summer professional learning? Becoming a Google Certified Trainer was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it transformed my learning and my career!

What To Do With Wonky Wednesday

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Kevin Brookhouser’s book, The 20Time Project: How Educators can Launch Google’s Formula for Future-ready Innovation , is a great resource for teachers curious about 20% time. #2 I also dedicate a chapter in my new book Balance with Blended Learning to metacognition. #3

The Features And Benefits Of The XP-Pen Drawing Tablet In The Classroom

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is light, portable, and WiFi-ready. Much of this has to do with fluctuating learning priorities where critical thinking and problem-solving skills for a future-ready, tech-savvy student body are given precedence. The Tools Of Mobile Learning.

Update: North Dakota Innovation Academy

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Generously supported by Ted Dintersmith and in cooperation with the North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders , the goal was to kick off a three-year investment in leadership capacity-building across the state for future-ready learning, teaching, and schooling. connected learning audit (personal analysis of our analog and digital learning connections); our connectedness outside of school; connected learning in schools (lots of examples!),

Personalized Learning and Digital Tools Weave Strong Fabric for Student Success

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Personalized Learning and Digital Tools Weave Strong Fabric for Student Success. But, are the students ready for what awaits them? According to Project Tomorrow’s 2017 Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning , 56 percent of parents of school-aged children are concerned that their child isn’t learning the right skills in school to be successful in college or a future job. Personalized Learning Aids All Students.

5 edtech tools that take personalized learning to the next level

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On day one of math class, about one-third of school students are ready to master grade-level standards while others aren’t yet able to complete basic skills. In the Putnam County (TN) School System— a rural school district with 23 schools spread across 400 miles—our personalized learning approach has allowed us to reshape education for students on a variety of fronts. In our first year, we implemented personalized learning in our six middle schools.

Effective Digital Citizenship Education

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Jennifer Gonzalez has released her 2018 Teachers Guide to Technology with over 200 education technology tools including tools for assessment, flipped learning, presentations, parent engagement, video engagement and more. Learn more at I guess you’re kind of moving between your blended and digital space classrooms pretty seamlessly at your school? The course that I was just talking about is actually one of our blended courses.

Two Edthena Partners Featured in National Broadband Imperative Report


Earlier this month, the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) released their report, The Broadband Imperative II: Equitable Access for Learning. In it, education leaders advocate strongly for policymakers to increase broadband internet access in support of student learning. Vrain Valley Schools in Colorado wrote about how their investment in technology infrastructure helped achieve their goals of being Future Ready.

Good News from Our Nation’s Capital

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Learning Partnerships: Teachers, students, staff, and the community are informed and active partners in planning for, and implementing, an inclusive Empowered Learners strategy.?. ? But we were fortunate to have leaders that actually understood the power of digital learning.