How a State E-rate Coordinator Drives Digital Access

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She is the current Digital Access Coordinator for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois (LTC) and an Illinois State E-rate Coordinator. Moreover, Mindy serves on several state and national associations such as the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) and State E-rate Coordinator Alliance (SECA). She has worked in educational technology for nearly two decades, empowering educators to integrate digital learning in the classroom.

Blended Learning Barriers Examined in New Education Week Report

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A new Education Week special report profiles school districts'' efforts to bring blended learning home by increasing needy students'' access to out-of-school Wi-Fi. E-rate Ed-tech Online Learning Procurement blendedlearning digitalcontent technology

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Before going one-to-one, this district is helping every kid get home wi-fi

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Add concepts like blended and flipped learning to the equation and you come up with yet another to-do list item: Make sure students can actually use their devices when they aren’t physically on campus and within wi-fi range.

Students’ Lack of Home Internet Access Becomes Priority for District Tech Leaders

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After winning the battle to expand the federal E-rate program , education leaders are beginning to look beyond the struggle of connecting all schools to high quality Internet, and toward the next challenge of connecting all students while outside of school. See also: E-Rate Undergoing Major Policy, Budget Upgrades. Marketplace K-12 blended learning connectivity E-rate homework internet accessBy guest blogger Leo Doran.

Mission (Almost) Accomplished: Nonprofit EducationSuperHighway Prepares to Sunset


After seven years of coordinated efforts to improve internet access in schools, thereby laying the foundation for digital learning to take root and expand in U.S. can access digital learning in their classrooms (with 2 million to go).

Lessons from Digital Learning Day

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Digital Learning Day (DLD), held on February 5, immersed kids from coast to coast in activities like tinkering with robotics, penning blog posts, and painting digital canvases. The next DLD isn’t until next year, but thanks to social media it’s easy to look back at all the amazing ways kids engaged with digital learning at this year’s event. ( #DLDay even trended on Twitter!). As educators know, integrating meaningful digital learning into the classroom is a 365-day effort.

How ESC 14 helped districts get more internet for less money

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With the average E-rate discount rate across the districts at 78%, I realized that they would be able to receive fiber – which had been the missing piece – for low costs.

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eSchool News launches Digital & Mobile Learning Guide

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The November Guide, the eSchool News Digital & Mobile Learning Guide , offers expert insight on the reasons digital and mobile learning support students’ academic achievement and build the skills they’ll carry with them into the global economy.

Most students go to a school that meets federal standards for internet speed

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Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter. The FCC [Federal Communications Commission] modernized the E-rate program in 2014, paving the way for governors and other state leaders to step up to take meaningful action to upgrade schools.

Texas school district overcomes challenges in pursuit of Wide Area Network upgrade

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Lubbock Independent School District aims to support a thriving culture of digital learning in its schools by ensuring teachers and students have more than enough bandwidth. Learn more about our Fiber Consulting Program.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bringing Personalized Learning Into Rural Schools


Could personalized learning and the use of technology fundamentally change rural student outcomes? In rural districts, children and youth face profound obstacles—geographic isolation and long bus rides to school, frustratingly slow internet connections, limited course options, and low college-going rates. Could personalized learning and the use of technology fundamentally change rural student outcomes? Education Technology Personalized Learning Learning Strategies

10 Big Ideas for Technology Integration

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Jonathan Wylie is a Digital Learning Consultant at Grand Wood AEA. Big Idea #1 Technology is integrated well when it is used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning. “If Teachers can learn a lot from lessons and activities that fail.

98 Percent of U.S. Public School Districts Connected to High-Speed Broadband, But 2.3 Million Students Still Left Behind

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million students across the nation who lack access to the minimum connectivity required for digital learning. million teachers in more than 81,000 schools have the Internet access they need for digital learning. billion in E-rate funds set to expire in 2019.

Highlights from SXSW’s education confab in Austin – and beyond

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What’s up with E-Rate: This happened in Washington, but was worriedly discussed in Austin, as well. Meanwhile, 11 Senators wrote a letter to Pai expressing concern about his choice to scrub the staff report on E-rate from the public record.

“Tired of fighting that fight”: School districts’ uphill battle to get good deals on ed tech

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Technology has become a vital component of teaching and learning, and it is considered a classroom requirement to adequately prepare students for life after graduation. Daniel Owens, partner at The Learning Accelerator.

How will the presidential election results influence education technology in schools?

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Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter. Will schools continue to accelerate the pace of blended learning – which incorporates technology into classes along with in-person instruction? Read more about Blended Learning. Credit: Getty Images. Now what?

A school district is building a DIY broadband network

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The floor-to-ceiling glass wall between the high-tech fabrication lab and the hallway at Monticello High School in Albemarle County, Virginia, is meant to showcase the hands-on, self-directed learning done there. “I Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter.