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8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

Additionally, Chron reports that some schools have even replaced the usual blackboard and whiteboard with smartboards this year. MOOCS (massive online open courses) are different from virtual classes, and are usually offered by colleges and universities. Now, nearly every classroom is at least equipped with a screen and projector.

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A Class You'll Be Excited To Take. #ETMOOC

The Web20Classroom

But I do enjoy learning and I am very interested in the ideas of MOOCs or Massively Open Online Courses and have been for a while. If you aren''t familiar with MOOCs the idea is that major universities (like Harvard, MIT, Georgetown and others) offer courses from their faculty free, and online, for any one to take. ETMOOC MOOC'

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Facebook Seems to Be Adding Video-Course Features. For Edtech, That Raises Old Fears.


That puts Meta in a different space than companies that offer massive open online courses, or MOOCs—which tend to focus more on upskilling and that offer certificates intended for professional advancement, experts say. Meta’s offering appears to be more tied to live events, though.

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Tonight - A True History of the MOOC

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me today, Wednesday, September 26th, for a one-hour live and interactive webinar on the "true history" of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with Dave Cormier, Alec Couros, Stephen Downes, Rita Kop, Inge de Waard, and Carol Yeager. Log in at [link].

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Remote Learning Begs the Question: Must Lectures Be So Long?


In my 2014 book “ MOOCS Essentials ,” I reflected on each aspect of the residential learning process and how developers of massive open online courses were trying to replicate those experiences virtually, or come up with ways to keep students engaged without direct teacher-student interaction.

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Online Learning's 'Greatest Hits'


Neck and neck for the top spot in the LMS academic vendor race are Blackboard—the early entry and once-dominant player—and coming-up quickly from behind, the relatively new contender, Canvas, each serving about 6.5 The term MOOC was coined by others in 2008.) In some conventional courses, MOOCs also supplement on-campus curricula.

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What Happens When Ed-Tech Forgets? Some Thoughts on Rehabilitating Reputations

Hack Education

For a long time, arguably Blackboard was one of the major ed-tech villains. Blackboard, however, really upset folks in 2006 when it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against its competitor Desire2Learn (D2L), one day after receiving the patent for "Internet-based education support system and methods. But guess who's back?