A Shakeout Coming for Online Program Management Companies


With so many online program management companies offering similar services, many market observers agree: something’s got to give. Ten years ago, just three or four companies existed to help universities start online programs.

Blackboard Co-Founder Urges ‘Disarmament’ Between Edtech Companies and Academics


Matthew Pittinsky wants the equivalent of disarmament talks between edtech companies and colleges. He has seen the situation from both sides, having spent years as a leader of Blackboard (he co-founded it 20 years ago), then heading back to school to get a PhD and become a professor, all before returning to business to become CEO of Parchment. Let’s rewind 20 years, to when you co-founded Blackboard. You made an interesting decision after you left Blackboard.

How I Learned to Stop Resenting Blackboard and Start Using BB Grader


I’ve never been a fan of Blackboard, the monolithic learning management system that’s the standard at so many schools. Once I started having students submit via Blackboard, those problem went away, but I was left with one downside: I was using Blackboard.

Blackboard Co-Founder: ‘4 Secrets to Building a Tech Company for Higher Ed’


To mark the 20th anniversary of Blackboard, one of the first LMSes, the company’s co-founder, Matthew Pittinsky, wrote an epic blog post about the company’s history, which includes his advice for today’s edtech leaders. As origin stories go, the founding of Blackboard twenty years ago lacked that single light bulb moment that tech companies like to tell. At Blackboard we packaged learning management into three tiers.

When Students Design Their School: If You Give a Kid a LEGO, He's Going to Ask For.


This week I have the pleasure of speaking at Blackboard World in D.C. When I arrived at Blackboard World, I knew the first stop I had to make, the student maker space. Blackboard invited students from all ages to participate in a day of creating their ideal learning environments.

Blackboard unveils totally redesigned learning platform

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Blackboard is launching a new platform, called the New Learning Experience, which aims to bring together all of its various products and services under one roof, with the goal of making it seem more focused on students and learners, not administrators.

New Company Says by Using Its Service, Students Can Test Classroom Tech Before Arriving on Campus


It turned out that Blackboard Collaborate, the LMS that WBU’s Anchorage satellite campus uses, is not compatible with Safari, the internet browser the student was using. Founded by a father-son duo, the company launched this year with the goal to create “tier zero” for students and tech support before the school year starts, co-founder Ben Sample (the son in the duo), tells EdSurge.

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Want to Use Blackboard Collaborate (Previously Elluminate) Free for a Year?

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Long before I took a job at Elluminate, the company''s flagship program had become a significant part of my work. Even though the acquisition of Elluminate and Wimba by Blackboard ultimately has resulted in that dream job being reduced to part-time status, my passion for the product is unabated--and I know many of you feel the same way. Then on August 1st we''ll announce ten winners who will each get a free 50-seat room of the new Blackboard Collaborate 11.

5 Companies to Watch in 2011

The Electric Educator

After interviewing many prospective companies I became frustrated with the lack of innovation and impressiveness of their products. While Blackboard dominates the marketplace, BrainHoney is a very impressive CMS geared toward the K-12 market. Learn Boost is a startup company that has developed a gradebook program that has great potential. While I think the product needs a little bit of time to mature, I would certainly keep my eye on this company!

Plagiarism Prevention: Best Practices with Urkund

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In this blog post, I’ll share my review of this product from a company founded in 2000 and will talk about its benefits and features. I tested Urkund inside Google Classroom, however it integrates with most modern Learning Management systems including Blackboard, Moodle, and more.

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The Future of eLearning - 10 Trends To Be Aware Of

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Dusty blackboards, smudged overhead projectors, and over saturated photocopies - Surely this sounds like many people’s education experience. Already, the pre-existing paradigm of a teacher scribbling on a blackboard has gone out the window and there’s nowhere to go, but up.

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Instructure’s Age of Adolescence: A Conversation With CEO Dan Goldsmith


When Instructure was a fledgling at the turn of this decade, it proudly branded itself as a rebel with a cause—to become the anti-Blackboard by building a better learning management system. Now, as a publicly traded company with more than 1,200 employees, things are different.

Why History Matters

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Moreover, much of the pace of change can be accounted for by the fact that many new technologies are built atop – quite literally – pre-existing systems: railroads followed the canals; telegraphs followed the railroads; telephones followed the telegraphs; cable television followed the phone lines; most of us (in the US) probably use an Internet provider today that began as either a phone company or a cable company. Why blackboards? When blackboards?

K-12 Dealmaking: Brightwheel Takes In $10 Million; TinyTap, VKidz Raise Funds

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Blackboard Inc. and Ontario, Canada-based ed-tech company Chalk.com have formed a partnership to deliver a digital gradebook and portfolio for K-12 educators. The post K-12 Dealmaking: Brightwheel Takes In $10 Million; TinyTap, VKidz Raise Funds appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 K-12 dealmaking mergers and acquistions Parent Engagement

Live Tuesday, May 1st - Larry Johnson on the NMC Horizon Project

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Date : Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early.

On the Hotseat: 7 Questions for NovoEd’s New CEO, Ed Miller


In our latest “New Gig Hotseat,” the Blackboard alum opens up about about education access, kegerators and what it means to put the “Ed” in NovoEd. It was also licensed as the core of Blackboard’s content management system. After our acquisition by Blackboard, I continued to be involved in a variety of educational technologies. NovoEd fuels my passion both for building a company and impacting the world through education.

The Business of Ed-Tech: 2017 So Far

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And indeed, according to my calculations too, the amount of money invested in education technology companies is up from this time last year and up from this time in 2015 as well. So far this year, there have been 95 investments in ed-tech companies, totaling $1.8

New Markets Venture Partner’s Latest Edtech Fund Closes at $68 Million


The firm plans to invest up to $5 million into Series A, Series B and recapitalization rounds for education companies serving pre-kindergarten to professional learners, with a focus on digital learning, learning sciences, analytics and workforce development services. Already, roughly 15 percent, or about $10 million of the fund’s $68 million total, have been invested across seven companies: Credly, LearnPlatform, Motimatic, Noodle Partners, Pairin, Practice and Signal Vine.

Live Thursday April 5th - Joseph Grenny on Change

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Our conversation will attempt to cover the core concepts of Joseph own work and the work of VitalSmarts , the training and development company he helped to found. The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early.

K-12 Dealmaking: NYU, StartEd Launch Accelerator; Unique Heritage Media Acquires Pili Pop Labs

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In addition, ed-tech companies outside the United States have been busy making acquisitions recently. NYU Steinhardt, StartEd Form Ed-Tech Accelerator and Incubator : New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and StartEd Companies, a public benefit corporation, have launched an ed-tech accelerator and incubator headquartered on NYU’s Washington Square campus, according to an announcement on the NYU Steinhardt website.

Thursday - Roger Schank on Cognitive Science and Saving Schools

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He is CEO of Socratic Arts , a company whose goal is to design and implement learning-by-doing, story-centered curricula in schools, universities, and corporations. Date : Thursday, February 28th, 2013 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early.

E-LEARN magazine features our adaptive learning solution

IAD Learning

The interview at E-LEARN magazine also discusses the global partnership signed by iTopTraining (the company developing IADLearning) and Blackboard Inc.

Marcia Conner on "The New Social Learning"

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Date : Thursday, July 5th, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am (next day) GMT ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Recordings : The full Blackboard Collaborate recording is at https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2012-07-05.1028.M.9E9FE58134BE68C3B413F24B3586CF.vcr&sid=2008350

Hoping to Spur 'Learning Engineering,' Carnegie Mellon Will Open-Source Its Digital-Learning Software


In 1998, for instance, researchers from the university formed a spin-off company called Carnegie Learning that popularized the math tutor software developed at the university. More recently, in 2013, a company called Acrobatiq was formed to try to bring lessons learned from the Open Learning Initiative to the market.

Live Tuesday March 20th with Cathy Davidson on the Brain Science of Attention

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Davidson introduces us to visionaries whose groundbreaking ideas-from schools with curriculums built around video games to companies that train workers using virtual environments-will open the doors to new ways of working and learning" (from the Amazon description).

Tuesday - Tony Wagner on Creating Innovators

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Date : Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early.

The Facebook Scandal: What Can We Learn as Educators

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Britt: In my classes, I’m using strictly a Blackboard LMS and I’m using Twitter, which I felt was a less onerous use of social media for classroom conversations. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend.

Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee

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It could be Google Classroom, it could be Schoology, it could be Blackboard, it could also be Microsoft OneNote. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

New Markets Venture Partners Adds $30 Million, Former Gates Foundation Executive to Edtech Fund


New Markets has supported 43 companies since its launch in 2003; edtech startups make more than 90 percent of its deals in the past five years, Palmer adds. Part of the new fund will also be used for what Palmer calls “recapitalization,” a scenario that companies want to avoid. As someone who’s seen the education market through 20 years of ups and downs, it looks like we’re in a part of the cycle where a number of companies will need to recapitalize,” says Palmer.

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5 Reasons Teachers Using Tech are Super Heroes with Kecia Ray

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So, when I, again, a million years ago started teaching — started on a blackboard, moved to a whiteboard, then moved to an interactive whiteboard — if my teaching pedagogy didn’t shift, then I’m really not doing anything different than using chalk and a blackboard.

Live Interview Thursday, January 19th - Henry J. Eyring on The Innovative University

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The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early. To make sure that your computer is configured for Blackboard Collaborate, please visit the support and configuration page.

Online Learning Platform, NovoEd Acquired by Boston Private Equity Firm


The pair then started the company in January 2013. A study published by the company suggested that students who worked in groups were 16 times more likely to complete an online course class than their peers who took it individually. The company initially focused on working with universities like Stanford and Princeton to offer undergraduate-level courses, but has since pivoted away from hosting MOOCs directly for public consumption. “We



BENCHMARK EDUCATION COMPANY ADVANCEALL ( benchmarkeducation.com ) Benchmark Education Company (BEC) released Advance ALL, a new series motivating students to read with literary and informational reading text sets.

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The Business of 'Ed-Tech Trends'

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When I first started working as a tech reporter, I assumed – naively – that venture capitalists were smart people who did thorough research before funding a company. I assumed that they looked to see if the company could do what it promised – financially, technologically. Its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, dropped out of Stanford to start the company when she was just 19. The companies that raised the most money this year: BYJU’s (tutoring): $540 million.

A Small Liberal Arts School Becomes a Testing Ground for the ‘Facebook of Learning Management Systems’


With the Notebowl implementation, Denison is working closely with the company to tailor the platform to its needs, specifically managing all of the administrative work that goes into teaching, learning and campus life at the institution. based company provides a central platform where students can find and share information for all of their courses and extracurriculars. I used maybe 10 percent of what you could do in Blackboard.

Technology Is Helping Prison Education Programs Scale. What’s the Catch?


Several have started their own companies. A company called JPay, which provides correctional services, including music, money transfers and education, facilitates the technology-enabled learning through a secure version of the Canvas learning management system called Lantern.

Tuesday Live: Jay Cross on Informal Learning

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Date : Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern ( interna tional times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early.

Library 2.012 Starts Tomorrow - Worldwide and Free, 150 Sessions + 11 Keynotes

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The conference is free to attend, and is held virtually in Blackboard Collaborate. Special thanks to the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San José State University ( [link] ), the founding conference sponsor; to Follett Software Company and Blackboard Collaborate ; and to our 31 partner organizations and our 70 international advisors.

Live Interview Thursday: Panel on Search Literacy with Google's Tasha Bergson-Michelson

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Date : Thursday, December 1st, 2011 Time : 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern / 12am (next day) GMT ( international times here ) Duration : 1 hour Location : In Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate). Recordings : The full Blackboard Collaborate recording is at https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2011-12-01.0600.M.9E9FE58134BE68C3B413F24B3586CF.vcr&sid=2008350

Marketplace trend update: 4 ed-tech developments

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Reflecting the increasing relevance of transformational technologies, this new brand aligns with the company’s mission to connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity, and empowers innovation.