Tech-ing up Communication Books


Google Docs app on iPhone, identical features available on iPad So, are you using Google Apps for parent communication? apps assistive technology consultation curriculum connections description

Summer Reading, Part 2


Given the above two factors, I had begun to convince myself that I can effectively continue as a reader using my iPad and iPhone. So, since my technology was failing me, or I was failing within it, I bought a Kindle. And 2 audiobooks (via my iPhone)!

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Organize yourself (and maybe others) via Google Keep


So far I have been using Keep via its web version on the Mac, but there are apps available for iPad and iPhone and other platforms. assistive technology consultation Google productivity

mARch: Augmenting with Aurasma, Part 1.


Note: Aurasma is available for free for iPhone, iPod and iPad 2 and above. apps assistive technology association augmented reality books Common Core context curriculum connections FIVES images story grammar

Annotating Photos in iOS 10


The good news is that you can now annotate photos without a specialized app, because these features have been added to the Photos app for iPad and iPhone. assistive technology categories context curriculum connections executive function images iOS ipad essentials naming visual teachingAnnotating a photo, or marking it up with text, highlights or shapes has many uses in language, social and executive function therapy.

Travels, Design and Gestures


Let''s look at a couple more examples of this trend towards minimalist design, both of which are currently iPhone-only but will run on your big screen, and also relate to skills and concepts that can be targeted in language therapy. February has been busy.

Building Teamwork and Perseverance in Early Elementary Students with Breakouts


As a technology integrationist for Batavia Public Schools, a district outside Chicago, Sutherland was excited to give the strategy a try. It’s very hard to not prompt the students and support them through,” said Jennifer Duffy, another technology integrationist for the district.