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In any Google Doc, use the keyboard shortcut, Control + Shift + 8 (Command + Shift + 8 on a Mac), to add a bullet to your document. It works very similarly to the apps and extensions mentioned above, but it allows you to talk your work directly into your document.

An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process

While the Wild West era of edtech may be over, there’s still some mystery over how schools decide what digital materials to buy. In the edWebinar, “ Building Authentic Need and Research into Edtech Development,” representatives from a large school district, a small district, a developer, and the research community answered burning questions about edtech procurement. How do you approach purchasing education technology tools?


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4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion


Some obstacles can be assisted with the support of technology. The following tips provide strategies for using technology to create inclusive learning environments. Read more: 6 Awesome examples of EdTech for the visually impaired student. Model technology use.

GradeCam Introduces Ability to Read and Score Handwritten Letters


GradeCam has introduced a new answer format powered by Aita, its proprietary Artificial Intelligence Teaching Assistant technology, that can read and score handwritten letters and words up to twenty characters in length. As always, teachers can scan and score assessments using any existing mobile, computer, or document camera, and auto-transfer grades with the touch of a button. Assessment edtech News Ed Tech Ticker

How Educators Can Support Families of Children with Disabilities During Hybrid or Online Learning


4] Principals should be in the loop on things like access to the curriculum for special education, need for assistive technologies, and other accommodations. EdTech.

How Windows 10 Can Support New Classroom Growth

EdTech Magazine

MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out these five tips for schools switching to Windows 10. With Windows 10, Microsoft provides a range of technologies to help educators find the right experience for their students. . Windows 10 devices can be equipped with a wide variety of assistive technology as well. MORE FROM EDTECH: See how asset management tools help time-strapped K–12 IT teams. How Windows 10 Can Support New Classroom Growth. eli.zimmerman_9856.

Expert Roundtable: Dispelling the Myths and Misunderstandings About Dyslexia

Reading By Example

Rachel Berger is the Executive Director of Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota and also works with Microsoft as a dyslexia and learning disability community assistive tech consultant. There are so many assistive technology tools to support students with dyslexia. is an educator and author with a passion for all things literacy and edtech. Many educators and parents, including the readers of this blog, may know that October is Dyslexia Awareness Month.