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A Helping Hand: Assistive Technology Tools for Writing

Ask a Tech Teacher

Rose Scott is a literary teacher who is interested in making education comfortable for students with special needs. But the handy tools mentioned above definitely deserve a closer look. Technology Removes Obstructed Writers’ Barriers to Learning.

Book Review- The Practical (and fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools: Building or Improving Your District’s AT Team


Chris Bugaj and his colleague Sally Norton-Darr have penned an informative (and indeed, fun to read) guide to the role of Assistive Technology (AT) and its practitioners in the school setting. Where to look to learn more about Assistive Technology.

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newsela is a very nice resource of electronic news articles designed with education in mind, another e-resource to have in your toolkit along with EPIC! The site offers quite a lot to educators for free, and a "pro" tier is available.

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Read and Write for Google


In honor of the just-concluded ATIA Conference in Florida, which I didn''t make it to this year, I thought I''d feature a helpful tech tool for you as an educator- and one which you might be in the position to recommend for your students. assistive technology vocabulary writing

Take a "Peek!"


It''s definitely a plus when we can up the engagement and fun on these types of interactions with students. In short, Peek lets you set up word or question lists, along with definitions or answers, and then interact with them using a Smart Cover.

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Learning technology once reserved for special needs students is now in everyone’s hands. Can teachers figure out how best to use it?

The Hechinger Report

“A lot of people worry that technology will take the place of the teacher, but I think it’s exactly the opposite,” said math teacher Kaswell. Kaswell’s class is known as the STEAM lab, for science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

Change the Game: Using Minecraft to Teach Students with Autism


It’s even more baffling when you acknowledge that throughout history, renowned philosophers and educators—including Plato , Comenius , Locke , Rousseau, Froebel , Piaget, and Papert —have lauded the power of play in teaching, especially for young learners. Modern research has continued to demonstrate that playful learning improves educational outcomes, even more so when it’s digital and multi-modal.

Immersive Reader: A powerful tool to support schoolwide literacy


Here’s a (rather incomplete) list of some of Immersive Reader’s current partners: Immersive Reader will be available for additional Microsoft apps including Forms, Whiteboard, and Minecraft: Education Edition–to support the reading of game text, dialogue, chalkboards and more.

Georgia program for children with disabilities: ‘Separate and unequal’ education?

The Hechinger Report

At the meeting, a special education teacher had recommended taking the boy out of Martin Elementary School, in a town 10 miles southwest, and placing him in Georgia’s Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support, or GNETS, a statewide system for children with “emotional and behavioral disorders.”.

Research to Better Support Your Students with Reading Disabilities

A fundamental problem in identifying individuals with dyslexia is that existing operational definitions of reading disability produce unstable phenotypes-meaning someone could be identified as having a reading disability during one test, but not during a second test.

Voice Dream

Technology Tidbits

pinch, swipe, tap, etc), it allows users an abundance of options to interact w/ their text, such as: highlighting, definitions, adding words to a dictionary, bookmarking, and more. AssistiveTek “This is a fantastic product and one of the best, if not the best, in the Text to Speech category of assistive technology products.” – Disabled World “Voice Dream provides excellent control over both the written and spoken versions of the text.

3 Steps to a More Accessible Classroom

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The definition of "easy" will depend on the target age. Can the content be interpreted by assistive technologies? According to the Assistive Technology Industry Association , "[a]ssistive technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities." "Turn on the subtitles, Ms. Olague!"

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