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How to ReMake Your Classroom and Inspire Hands-On Learning in the New Year


To envision how a 21st century school might infuse Making into most classrooms, we teamed up with. Here are five educators who are already embracing Making across curriculum and classrooms: 14 Maker Resources. Make Magazine —filled with DIY technology projects and inspiration. As an instructional facilitator for technology in Loudoun County, Virginia, he encourages schools to weave Making into all subjects, instead of relegating it to a single STEM class.

Teacher Resources - education and edtech - all free

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Teacher Resources - education and edtech - all free and very useful General: Welcome Back to School - great resources for teachers (new and veteran) [link] What Makes a Great Teacher [link] What Makes a Great Teacher, created by students [link] New Teacher Advice and Resources [link] Create a Personal Learning Network [link] Resources from Teacher Prep program [link] Effective Classroom Management [link] Summary Of Major Concepts Covered By Harry K.

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An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process

How do you approach purchasing education technology tools? When they talk to schools, their focus is on the classroom teachers and getting them to understand the value. Noakes: Likewise, she always encourages educators to ask: How might tech support educators’ ability to differentiate learning in the classroom? Furman: He looks for third party reviews, especially from classroom teachers, before he brings any tools to his teachers for testing.

Annual Invent It challenge launches, focusing on solving health problems

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Individual students, entire classrooms, schools and other organizations serving children between the ages of 5-21 (in grades K-12) are encouraged to participate. the Autonomous Nurse Assistant. This year’s challenge focus is on creative solutions to real-world health problems.