Monitoring Student Understanding with Google Forms in the Secondary Classroom?


Formative assessment strategies can be used to evaluate student understanding throughout the learning process. Google Forms is a fantastic tool that can be used to design formative assessment opportunities.

Steps That Administrators Can Take to Address Secondary Trauma Stress

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Schools are realizing the very real presence of Secondary Trauma Stress (STS). In recent years, teachers have been included as those experiencing workplace Secondary Stress Trauma as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has left long-lasting impacts on educators and students alike.


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Secondary Teachers Transform Their Practice

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3) It is common knowledge among secondary English teachers that many students don't read assigned texts, often relying on SparkNotes to successfully complete assignments and prepare for assessments. Volume 2, Issue 13, Number 8. Driving Question: How do teachers improve effectiveness by providing choice in high school literature classes? ".

Inquiry Hub Secondary School – Confluence and Influence

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Confluence and Influence – Inquiry Hub Secondary School. Background: The 2018-2019 school year is Inquiry Hub Secondary’s 7th year since it was founded. respect the unique nature of disciplines while supporting cross-curricular learning” Inquiry Hub Secondary was already on a path of personalizing learning, with a focus on learning competencies. We felt that students were learning about the outcomes in DL10, but we needed a better model for assessment.

How to Assess with Respect with Starr Sackstein

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Assessment is part of what teachers have to do in school. Although it is required, we teachers can make sure we assess with respect. Listen to Starr Sackstein share how to assess with respect. Although it is required, we teachers can make sure we assess with respect.

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What to do with all that graded work: A functional filing system for secondary teachers

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Over time, however, especially after the experience of participating in the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek , my wheels started turning about how I could apply Angela’s strategies to my own secondary classroom. This article is written by Truth for Teachers writer Leah Bouas.

Learning Centers in the Secondary Classroom


Ted Malefyt Learning Environments Learning centers diversify student experience, encourage student voice, leverage available resources, and give teachers built-in opportunities for formative assessment and critical one-on-one conversations Photo credit: ITU Picturesl via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

iPads for Masterful Math: Randomizing Formative Math Assessment

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Dr. Sean Nank’s research shows that the single biggest method for improving learning with iPads is to use online formative assessments. However, his formative assessments have a twist — students are all answering DIFFERENT math questions. Masterful Math: Randomizing Formative Math Assessment. Now, Sean, you’re currently working with iPads and some online formative assessments for STEM classrooms. Formative assessment on the iPad that Works.

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6 tools for real formative assessment

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Delivering formative assessments is made easier with classroom technology tools. As education policy moves away from the much-maligned No Child Left Behind and toward new legislation focusing on learning outcomes, technology-enabled formative assessments are moving to the foreground as a way to gauge student learning in real time. Assessments have long presented a challenge for educators in their various forms and frequency.

CAE Presents Case For Authentic Assessment To Improve Student Outcomes At Beyond Multiple Choice Seminar

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Experts in performance-based assessment share research on student engagement and effort. The challenges of COVID-19 highlighted already existing perceptions of assessment deficiencies. June 3, 2021, NEW YORK – The Council for Aid to Education, Inc.

Authentic Assessments to Support Teaching and Learning

We, as edtech leaders and classroom teachers, must explore pathways where assessments support teaching and learning in the 21st century. Authentic assessments are always about the connections we make with students, each other, and the broader community as indicated in a Gallup poll. Only 47% of secondary students surveyed reported being engaged, enthusiastic and committed to their learning.

Rethinking Summative Assessment: Giving Students Voice and Choice


Think back to an assessment you took in your elementary years. The assessments you took were not that memorable; you probably didn’t have a lasting connection and there was absolutely no impact on you as a learner whatsoever.

How Should Learning Be Assessed?


Tests are just one form of assessment, he points out, and limited in what they can accurately measure. He faults them for suppressing creativity and innovation, and creating narrowed educational experiences, because everything that is not measured becomes secondary or is dismissed entirely. More helpful still are explicit written assessments that describe an individual’s progress. The key to good assessment, says Zhao, is to ask: “Whose purpose does this serve? iStock.

Part 4: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities

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I hope you are enjoying this series on formative assessment, and I am sure you will find these tools most valuable. Part 4: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities. Back Channel for Formative Assessment. Back channel refers to the idea of a secondary discussion happening in the same environment as a primary presentation or demonstration.

How to support older struggling readers

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The first big myth, based on reading assessment measures, is that comprehension is the problem. The reasons that students remain struggling readers in middle and high school are frequently based on myths and misconceptions.

Assessment, but not as we know it. #EduTechAU

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He spoke on the purposes of assessment and exposed the roots of the examination regime that many of us in schools, colleges and universities are oh so familiar with. Harvard physics professor Eric Mazur is well known for his rejection of traditional educational models, so his attack on assessment was anticipated by many of the large audience of several thousand educators, who nodded sagely, but probably won't be able to do much to change things. What do we assess for?

CAE And Centerpoint Education Solutions Collaborate To Support Mutual College And Career Readiness Goals

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Nonprofits will seek opportunities to ensure assessments and curricula measure and teach essential skills most important to secondary and higher education students and institutions.

Choose Your History Teaching Adventure


Future of History History Resources American Revolution assessment book groups Carol Tieso chronology civil rights Civil War Engaging With History in the Classroom geography historical thinking Janice Robbins Jody Passanisi lessons primary sources Reconstruction secondary sources Shara Peters The new series Engaging With History in the Classroom can build historical thinking & help meet standards, say Jody & Shara.

Balance with Blended Learning is Available Now!

Catlin Tucker

On the other side of this tension are secondary teachers with 150+ students. Most secondary teachers are still employing a teacher-centric approach to their jobs. I wrote this book primarily for secondary teachers.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. Using everyday digital content, the COR paper and online assessments directly connect to the questions posed in SHEG’s study and engage learners in credibility decision-making around three COR Competencies: Who’s behind the information? The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download.

BombBomb is hands down the best way to upgrade your email game

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Or, you could record a conferring session between you and their child so they can gain insight into your assessment process and student growth. What it is: BombBomb is an email service that lets you record and embed video directly in your email.

Post-Lesson Reflection: What Do Students Think They Learned?

Catlin Tucker

In the last two blogs, I have focused on strategies teachers can use to 1) assess prior knowledge before a lesson and 2) check for understanding during a lesson. I’ve suggested that teachers build mechanisms into their lessons to collect formative assessment data. The post-lesson reflection is an opportunity for students to pause and assess what they think they have learned in a lesson or series of lessons.

Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

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It is not a replacement for assessment. Anastasis uses e-portfolios together with our assessment system to help students remember and reflect on their learning journey. Anastasis Academy education reform Evaluate inspiration Middle/High School Open Source Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Teacher Resources web tools Web2.0 Two weeks ago, I attended the Digital Badge Summit in Denver, CO.

CAE Announces Stacey Sparks as Senior Director of Content Design and Development

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CAE), a leading provider of performance-based educational assessments measuring 21 st century skills, as well as custom assessments, today announced the appointment of Stacey Sparks to senior director of content design and development. Council for Aid to Education, Inc.

BombBomb is hands down the best way to upgrade your email game

iLearn Technology

Or, you could record a conferring session between you and their child so they can gain insight into your assessment process and student growth. What it is: BombBomb is an email service that lets you record and embed video directly in your email.

Why An Assessment Tool Is Crucial in Blended Learning- MAP TESTING

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So, why am I actually advocating using standardized assessment tools? I am advocate using them as one tool in helping to customize the curriculum for students in secondary schools. Hence, I propose that the digital content provider''s pre assessments each unit are not enough. They are not skill based and often they are not full pre-assessments. assessments blended learning BOLD BOLDdayschools MAP NWEA I''ve often heard students remark, I don''t test well.

Wednesday Inspiration

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If you are interested in student voice, starting a school, inquiry, customized assessment solutions, building community, learner profiles, individualized education, 1:1 BYOD environments, learning excursions, professional development that transforms, re-imagined classroom space, design thinking, maker spaces, mentorship, or project-based learning, you will not want to miss this conference! If you have never had the privilege of hearing Angela Maiers speak, you are missing out!

A conference about what is sacred in education: 5Sigma Edu Con

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With the help of an incredible staff, we’ve created a place where: we begin with students, inquiry rules the learning process, learning is hands-on and experiential, we have a living curriculum, we use space as a ‘third teacher,’ we help our students excel by eliminating tests/grades/homework, we’ve transformed assessment, we customize the learning experience for every learner. There are a lot of options for professional development.

Rethinking education and assessment for truly personalized learning – Brian Aspinall, Canada

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So I question how and why we currently assess and evaluate them on a common grade standard. The path I’m on right now is about content creation and getting kids to solve problems systematically and logically through computer science and STEM, both at the elementary and secondary levels,” Aspinall tells me. “I’m Aspinall’s latest project, Edmettle , takes personalized learning a step further – into assessment.

Using Agency to Empower Students: What is Sacred in Education? #5Sigma

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Re-imagining assessment? 5Sigma Anastasis Academy Classroom Management education reform Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Teacher Resources 5sigma colorado conference education learning pdWe are in full on count down mode for our yearly education conference, 5Sigma. This year our theme is Using Agency to Empower Students: What is Sacred in Education. I could not be more excited for our third annual conference!

How to Do Student-led Conferences

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In fact, the grades earned are secondary to how students understand what happened in the lesson. Education reform Parents Teaching Strategies assessmentsI remember report card days as a child, me sitting outside on a brick wall, scared to death as my mother met with the teacher and received the (always bad) news about how I wasn’t doing. It never motivated me to try harder, didn’t make me like school better, and angered me at everyone involved.

Barriers to innovation?

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Secondary schools and universities/colleges would lag behind, largely because high stakes assessment was an important consideration in these sectors. barriers business Change corporate education innovation learning learning and development primary school secondary Technology training universityImage from Pxhere In March I posted a survey question as a part of my ongoing research into the adoption of new technologies in learning.

“What if we started a school?” – Come see us in action!

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What if we redesigned assessment and ditched tests? Learning > Assessment: Embedding Stories that Empower Learning. How might we reimagine our assessment practices to better embed stories in the data? How might we give our assessment practices an “upGrade” to better empower students as learners? In this session, we’ll explore the purpose of assessment and identify those elements that help us better tell the stories of learning.

Flipgrid for every classroom

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Flipgrid is also a great way to build a growth mindset and self-assessment. Analyze Apply collaboration Create Evaluate Foreign Language Fun & Games Geography Government History Inquiry iPod Knowledge (remember) Language Arts Maker Space Math Middle/High School Music Primary Elementary Science Secondary Elementary Social Studies Teacher Resources Technology Understand (describe, explain) video Video Tutorials web tools Web2.0

Students Are Slipping Through the Cracks of Special Education. Schools Must Do Better.


The Power of Assessment Digging through Jason’s files and coming up empty reinforced my belief that, if we had a true district-wide RTI framework with a uniform approach to assessment, we would have uncovered Jason’s needs sooner.

How to make your year more awesome

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A fresh approach to assessment- Explore the goals of assessment and how we’ve re-thought assessment. 5Sigma Anastasis Academy For Teachers Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Teacher Resources 5sigma conference pdThis week at Anastasis, we watched Kid President’s rules for being more awesome in this new year: “What if all made it our resolution to make this year awesome for somebody else?”

What makes your school/PD/conference different?

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We can’t assess in a way that minimizes the individual and the learning journey that is happening. Anastasis Academy education reform For Teachers inspiration Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Subject Teacher Resources 5sigma angela maiers bodo hoenen conference culture curriculum early bird pricing education individualization learning pd save now students with names teaching

Race to the Top Damage Assessment: A 21st Century Principal's Perspective

The 21st Century Principal

There was a time when one would expect to talk to many prospective secondary science, math, social studies, foreign language, English, career and technical education teachers. This year, I could count the number of secondary teachers I spoke to on one hand. When the 2012 PISA scores were released, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan declared the American Education system “stagnant.” He said the results were “straightforward and stark: It is a picture of educational stagnation.”

CAE Partners with Education Research and Development Institute

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CAE), a leading provider of performance-based, authentic assessments measuring essential college and career readiness skills, announced it joined the Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI). Council for Aid to Education, Inc.

How Family Engagement Leads to Student Success


Graduate from high school and attend post-secondary education[2]. Analysis of Parental Involvement and Self-Esteem on Secondary School Students in Kieni West Sub-County, Nyeri County, Kenya.” What is one of the proven predictors of academic achievement?