GradeCam: The Teacher’s Friend for Assessment

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This past week, I took a tour of GradeCam, and in this post, I’ll share with you the features of this system and how it can save you time as a teacher. Simple Assessments of All Kinds. First, let’s look at the ways you can use GradeCam for assessments. Make assessment simple.

Why the nation’s K-12 accountability and assessment system doesn’t make the grade

The Christensen Institute

Two new studies lay bare how the assessment and accountability systems in use throughout the United States shortchange teachers and schools by not presenting accurately what their students know, can do, and have learned in the last year.

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6 Learning Management Systems For Your Consideration


Learning management systems (LMS) has made it easier for educators and learners to manage their tasks. A good learning management system is a combination of various collaborative features and functionalities.

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Illuminate to Sunset Student Information System in 2021


Illuminate Education will stop support for its student information system in two years, before the 2021 school year. decided to shut down the system to focus on services that are more directly aligned to “student achievement,” according to the email.

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Senator Alexander: Here are the building blocks for your new accountability system in the HEA

The Christensen Institute

Alexander’s critical accountability system proposal, here are a few of the overarching considerations lawmakers should take into account: Consideration: A focus on multiple outcomes for accountability. This makes it nearly impossible to assess the performance of schools.

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Think Exam introduces new feature to add “video link” in “solution report”

Think Exam

Think Exam is a leading online assessment platform by Ginger Webs that has been specifically designed to simplify the assessment cycle. The post Think Exam introduces new feature to add “video link” in “solution report” appeared first on Thinkexam Blog.

When It Comes to Technology and Engineering, National Report Card Confirms: Girls Rule


Pretty well, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—also known as the Nation’s Report Card. They were most similar on the design and systems questions. NAEP TEL assessment results by race/ethnicity.

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OPINION: ‘Tests may not be biased, but the system is’

The Hechinger Report

Elected officials, policymakers and community members are outraged when these numbers are printed in the news, but year after year we engage in vehement debate, with little action to change the status quo: an unequal and inequitable education system. Tests may not be biased, but the system is.

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Learn Why Edsby Is A Great Learning Management System For Your School | @Edsby


Edsby is a robust, cloud-based, mobile learning management system that incorporates social learning, course planning, assessment management, and much more into a simple, easy to use package for the entire school community. TeacherCast App Spotlight Learning Management System video

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Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments

EdTech Magazine

Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments. As personalized learning becomes a more mainstream pedagogy in K–12 classrooms, teachers have started to adapt assessment processes to get a deeper look at student growth. .

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Why investing in real-world feedback R&D could revolutionize assessments

The Christensen Institute

Fast forward to today, and a recently released report details the over 400 responses the foundations received from field experts and practitioners. As someone who writes for a living, I was especially interested in one of the suggestions for improving nonfiction writing learning and assessment: investing in programs that connect students with “authentic” audiences, like career professional or community residents, to read and offer feedback on their work.

DigiExam and the Future of Assessment

EdNews Daily

For those – we presume the majority of readers – that have passed through the traditional educational system, this represents an extraordinary change. Some point to the essential reductionism of the examination process , questioning the validity of the way that student learning is assessed.

Measuring Impact with the Digital Practice Assessment (DPA)

A Principal's Reflections

One of these tools is the Digital Practice Assessment (DPA). Step 4 : The DPA report is shared and discussed with the school leadership team.

Assessments can support, not just measure, student learning

The Hechinger Report

Assessments have a bad rap in schools. But the word assessment describes vastly different things. Yes, the nail-biting, end-of-year exam is an assessment. These lower-stakes assessments happen all the time in the classroom and they’re vital for student performance.

Third indication U.S. educational system is deteriorating

The Hechinger Report

Jill Barshay/The Hechinger Report. educational system beginning to decay? Both fourth- and eighth-grade students posted declines on the math section of the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

Why Academic Management Systems is crucial in deciding the future of education

Linways Technologies

Why Academic Management System. Before we begin, let’s make one thing clear: When it comes to education technology, Academic Management Systems are the most effective tool to improve institutional workflow in any environment. We don’t get that from a regular ERP system.

Is Mississippi’s child care system backsliding?

The Hechinger Report

Earlier this year, The Hechinger Report and The Clarion-Ledger published “Child Care Crisis,” a series of articles outlining the lack of funding, low-standards and weak enforcement of rules that plague the state’s child care system. appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

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Report: Gates Foundation’s College Advising Initiative Had Little Impact on Students


But when it comes to achieving that goal, iPASS efforts have yet to pass muster, according to a new report examining these efforts at three institutions. Tallahassee Community College in Florida is now trying its third system after faculty said they “hated” previous efforts.

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How to apply learning principles in classrooms using Linways Academic Management System

Linways Technologies

however, this time, we’re here with a more practical explanation: on how to implement Learning Principles using Linways Academic Management System. . Various assessment tools are used to evaluate the attainment of these COs.

Digiexam and the future of assessment

EdNews Daily

For those – we presume the majority of readers – that have passed through the traditional educational system, this represents an extraordinary change. Some point to the essential reductionism of the examination process , questioning the validity of the way that student learning is assessed.

What a summer prototype taught us about measuring quality in an unbundled education system

The Christensen Institute

In the summer of 2016, a community of educators, research design partners, and over 150 teens and young adults in Colorado engaged in a bold experiment to rethink how quality and impact might be measured in a modernized system of learning. A brand new education system?

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Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


Little did I know this experience would eventually propel me to help develop a school operating system that tackles technology issues plaguing educators and supports them with more opportunities to offer individualized instruction. This competency-based system made sense; if students were chronically absent, holding them accountable to a pacing calendar would prove futile. At the time, I had no idea this system was called “standards-based grading.”

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Report outlines long road ahead for Jackson Public Schools

The Hechinger Report

Photo:Liz Willen/ The Hechinger Report. Loud cheering, a drum line, endless applause and a full buffet at Jackson’s convention center on Thursday night accompanied the release of a report that could herald in a top-to-bottom overhaul of the 24,000-student school system here.

Edsby: “What You Should Know About Our ‘New-School’ Learning Management System”

TeachThought - Learn better.

Edsby: “What You Should Know About Our ‘New-School’ Learning Management System” by By plugging into previously installed systems, Edsby uses single-sign-on functionality to simplify access.

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The Assessment Range: Using Data To Meaningfully Affect Learning

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The Assessment Range: Using Data In The Classroom To Meaningfully Affect Learning. If you don’t already have a plan for the data before giving the assessment, you’re already behind. What Should Assessments “Do”? Assessments are data creation tools.

ASSIST Integrated K-12 Education Management System Announces Integration with Scantron® Online Diagnostic Student Assessment


Education assessment leader Scantron joins the fully integrated instructional content of ASSIST’s cloud-based program RENO, NV, Feb. 13, 2018 —ASSIST Education announced the recent integration Scantron Performance Series, a computer-adaptive K-12 diagnostic student assessment, published by Scantron. ASSIST Education, formerly known as ASSIST LLC, partnered with Scantron to add the assessments into ASSIST , the company’s Integrated Education Management System for K-12 schools.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SEL Assessment But Were Afraid to Ask


Specifically, there have been few useful tools with which to assess SEL. Specifically, there have been few useful tools with which to assess SEL. Without good assessment, it’s hard for district decision-makers to decide what resources to invest in; it’s hard for teachers to tailor instruction based on student strengths and needs; it’s hard to evaluate how students are doing in response to instruction; and it’s hard to engage in data-based continuous improvement.

Teachers: Don’t Feel Guilty About What You Can’t Do. The System Needs to Change.


I stepped out of the classroom in 2010 to work on education systems change at the state and national level, learning from creative public educators across the country. Now I understand they are ramifications of how the system is designed. It is clear the public education system needs reinvestment. I believe we need to both reinvest in, and reimagine, the education system. Now, however, I understand they are also ramifications of how the system is designed.

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Beyond Assessment: 3 Other Uses for Socrative – From Beth Holland


Socrative is a free student response system that works on any device. With its built-in quick questions and quiz options, it is an incredible resource for formative and summative assessments. This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers and featured as a #TechTipTuesday.

Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says

Marketplace K-12

But a lack of high-quality curricula designed to support that personalized learning is stalling the effort, according to a new report. New technology is key to allowing educators to provide this personalized support, the report says. K-12 student population and highlights the underlying need to rethink the way classroom learning is approached, the report says. The post Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says appeared first on Market Brief.

How does Linways Academic Management System higher educational institutions improves quality in education and reduce teacher’s workload

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Here are some of the major features of Linways Academic Management System which we are going to discuss in this blog. Admissions Course planner OBE University reports Course material distribution Attendance marking NBA and NAAC reports. University reports.

Preparing Students for Online Assessments with Digital Literacy Skills

Online assessments are becoming more common, and students who have strong digital literacy skills often score higher on them. Students who lack these skills may not be able to effectively demonstrate mastery of key concepts in math, reading or writing on online assessments.

Schoology launches Assessment Management Platform

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Schoology Assessment Management Platform, or AMP, integrates learning management and assessment in one system, bringing together student learning experiences with comprehensive assessment and actionable reporting. Assessments Curriculum ISTE News

OPINION: Do we really want computerized systems controlling the learning process?

The Hechinger Report

The presentations at the conference focused on new software systems designed to personalize the delivery of instruction to students. If a student gave an incorrect response, the system provided more instruction on the topic. But I’m skeptical about personalized tutoring systems.

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How to Support Teacher Innovation Within a Strict State Accountability System


Far too many policy makers, elected officials and “educrats,” my term for educators who are hellbent on maintaining the status quo, protect this antiquated, broken and egregiously dysfunctional system with life and limb. My appointment came at a time when 77 percent of McComb’s kindergarteners had not met the required performance on the state’s kindergarten readiness assessment. After weeks of conversation, the group presented me with their suggestions to change our broken system.

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