How Powerful Use of Technology Can Increase Student Engagement

Digital Promise

Rather than taking a traditional multiple choice test at the end of their unit on weather, sixth grade students at Gilbert Middle School in South Carolina created their own live weather reports—complete with green screens and fake snow.

How a Focus on Daily Improvement Helped This District Surpass Its Growth Goals


For example, just 27 percent of Paragould’s middle school students scored proficient in math, compared with a statewide average higher than 40 percent. Aiming to hit that target, district leaders established a clear plan: Identify the learning gaps for each student.

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Authentic Assessments to Support Teaching and Learning

We, as edtech leaders and classroom teachers, must explore pathways where assessments support teaching and learning in the 21st century. Authentic assessments are always about the connections we make with students, each other, and the broader community as indicated in a Gallup poll.

This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


Although the district had successfully implemented conceptual approaches to math instruction for several years, the shifts in the new standards were challenging for some students. Sixty-two percent of Montgomery students are English language learners (ELL). Students can see examples.

This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


The anxiety it created for parents and students—and even teachers, because it was something new—was awful. Students also needed support when it came to the end of year state assessments. “We Sixty-two percent of Montgomery students are English language learners (ELL).

Your Device Rollout Isn’t About Hardware—It’s About Engagement


For anyone involved in education, the importance of engagement is clear. And the need for both student engagement and buy-in cannot be overstated when it comes to device rollout. Engagement in the classroom matters. Focus on the students.

American Education's War on Student Engagement: We're Losing Them!

The 21st Century Principal

A recent Gallup survey delivered what I would consider much worse news than that our students aren''t first place on the latest international assessments. That news simply stated was: "The longer our students stay in school, the less engaged they become." In a word, we are boring our students into oblivion. This issue is not something a new set of standards will fix, nor will a "new generation of assessments fix."

How to Increase Reading Comprehension With a Daily Dose of D.E.A.R.


A 2000 report by the National Reading Panel downplayed the effectiveness of SSR despite evidence to the contrary. This report was foundational in crafting the Reading First program and has since skewed the importance of oral reading in the US. OTTER. SQUIRT. ZYLAR?

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Four Ways to Redefine Parent Teacher Conferences—With a Little Help from Ironman


These conferences are rarely original and are often a missed opportunity to truly connect with parents about something beyond the report card. In contrast, my own parent-teacher conferences were student-centered—creating space for meaningful discussion about things other than grades. I provided students with a superhero’s historical financials and challenged them to figure out a way to redirect more cash towards their characters’ “superhero needs.”

How Improving Student Feedback and Teaching Data Science Restored Our Classroom Culture


I was in my fifth year of teaching at Forest Ridge, an independent all-girls school serving students in grades 5-12 in Bellevue, Wash., and I was feeling isolated in a room with students who didn’t seem to want to engage with my class, despite all my efforts to bring enthusiasm and passion to my work. The learning environment was tense, my students were angsty and I didn't have the information or strategies to make it better. Anonymous student.

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Three Ways to Support Educators Who Hate to Teach Writing


The lack of practice adds up; by 8th grade, just 27% of students are at or above a proficient level of writing. One teacher from Pennsylvania told us she organized a “book tasting” for students, complete with tablecloths and candlesticks. One sixth grade teacher told me, “Many of my students are reluctant writers. In sixth grade, we focus on grammar, which can be boring for students.” Solution: Provide students with choice—and topics that interest them.

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap: An Action Plan, Part 2

Reading By Example

My previous two posts have described how schools can improve access for students of color and students living in poverty to follow their passions and have more voice in choice in their learning. It is a process that respects both the teacher and students.

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap: An Action Plan, Part 2

Reading By Example

My previous two posts have described how schools can improve access for students of color and students living in poverty to follow their passions and have more voice in choice in their learning. It is a process that respects both the teacher and students.

Research roundup: 4 new reports on what’s working for blended learning practitioners

The Christensen Institute

Even though we aren’t even half-way through 2018, there are already several insightful reports on blended and personalized learning from this year that are worth highlighting. These reports examined various tools and approaches to implement blended and personalized learning models, as well as the potential impact these models could have on students and teachers. Digital math tool produces gains in student achievement.

NY Times article discusses engagement and gamification

Ascend Math

The article is well worth reading for its smart discussion of “engagement” and “gamification.”. The article, by NY Times reporter Natasha Singer, also made mention of Ascend Math. Students understand quickly that they must earn their time in Base Camp.

2 reports help leaders leverage ESSA

eSchool News

School leaders, policymakers can use ESSA to focus on boosting learning, achievement for students. Two new reports offer school leaders research-based evidence to help them leverage the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to improve learning outcomes for students.

5 Key Elements of a Positive Feedback Loop [Infographic]


“Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement, but this impact can be either positive or negative,” report John Hattie and Helen Timperley. Below are five key strategies for building and maintaining a positive feedback loop with your students.

3 Favorite Webtools for students (and teachers)

Ask a Tech Teacher

Using a game-based format, students receive repeated exposure to high-utility words in multiple contexts and authentic ways that seem natural and age-appropriate. They are introduced via themes to spark interest and keep students engaged.

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Growth over Grades: How a Resubmit Policy Is Helping Us Build a Culture of Revision


Read part one to learn how this teacher improved her student feedback system to increase student engagement. Hearing a student say that work isn’t worth it would send most teachers into a downward spiral, but these words brought me joy. At Forest Ridge, an independent all-girls school serving students in grades 5-12 in Bellevue, Wash., we've been grappling with how to support students in focusing on growth over grades for years.

3 ways the flipped classroom leads to better subject mastery

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Specifically, flipping can change the type of work students complete and the way in which class time will be used; it can modify the nature of assessment, and it can alter the way in which teachers will report student work. Next page: Bringing student choice to assessment.

3 critical education topics affecting U.S. students

eSchool News

Brown Center on Education releases annual report examining three distinct areas of education. Assessments Common Core News Research Top News

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3 Easy Ways to Gamify Your Classroom with Kahoot

Fractus Learning

One of education’s hottest buzzwords these days is g amification: the integration of games into classroom instruction to enhance student learning. Purposeful gamification can allow for personalized learning , increased student engagement , and greater creativity. (

Exploring Coaching Trends in Classrooms

Digital Promise

Teacher quality is one of the most important factors that contributes to student success. We also led a corresponding research study to assess the impact of DLP coaching on teachers. Read the full report to learn more, then join us for a webinar on Feb.

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Prioritizing The Most Urgent Education Challenges

Digital Promise

Over the past two years, Digital Promise has engaged in a rigorous research process to surface common challenges being tackled in public schools around the country. Student engagement (#3). Which education challenges are schools and districts prioritizing?

30 Sites/Apps for Differentiated Instruction

Technology Tidbits

Also, the "Go Interactive" features allows teachers to collaborate w/ students in real-time and gauge student understanding to differentiate instruction. Once a book/story is completed a trade paperback copy can be ordered turning students into published writers.

Education Galaxy–Personalized Learning That’s Fun

Ask a Tech Teacher

New students, new parents, new rules at school–but there’s one more piece that shakes up my education ecosystem: new webtools. It’s online assessment, practice, and instruction for K-6 students with a tagline: Curiously fun, amazingly effective, refreshingly affordable.

OPINION: How do you measure social and emotional learning?

The Hechinger Report

. In the education world, it is often said that what gets assessed gets addressed. As the desire to improve SEL for all students grows, it is increasingly important to measure its effectiveness. The Assessment Guide and Assessment Finder are complementary tools.

How teachers can use smart boards in the classroom


Teachers need to determine what their students need to learn and how best to teach them. For instance, every day before class, you could post large, colorful icons tagged with each student’s name. Once it is done, you could easily report attendance and lunch counts.

Teaching and Learning in a Project-Based World – #6 Evaluating Project-Based Learning


What facilitates the implementation of PBL, and how can we evaluate the progress our students have made? It is now time to break down the last stage of this process: evaluating projects and assessing students. How do we respond to this challenge by assessing innovatively?

WebAssign launches analytics tool for students

eSchool News

Tool offers a new way for students to view class progress. WebAssign, a provider of online instructional tools for faculty and students, today announced the release of its latest analytics feature for students, My Class Insights. Assessments News Top News

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25 Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom (with examples!)

The Electric Educator

Reading Quiz - Hold students responsible for reading assignments by giving a simple quiz. It is set up so that the student immediately receives their score and can see which questions they got wrong. Engagement tracker - Are your students engaged in classroom learning on a daily basis?

Almost 70% of teachers are not engaged. Here’s why that matters so much

The Hechinger Report

Wednesday Gallup released a major report on the State of American Schools. Their data paints a picture of schools performing as a complex ecosystem, with the wellbeing, engagement, and performance of teachers, students, and principals all intertwined. Gallup’s also drawing on its background developing the Employee Engagement Survey, which has been administered to a total of almost 30 million people in all professions. Assessment Data Innovation Technology

Alma releases new standards tracker

eSchool News

Alma Technologies, a provider of a holistic student engagement platform for K-12 schools, has added a standards tracking tool intended to empower educators more effectively teach to proficiency against any set of academic standards. Material from a press release was used in this report.

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4 Ways to Discover the Best Edtech

Digital Promise

This resulted in a frenzy to find an app or a website to use in the classroom with students. But we now know that a website or an app is only as powerful as its effectiveness in instruction and engagement. Will this product enrich students? Will this product remediate students?

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Student teachers fail test about how kids learn, nonprofit finds

The Hechinger Report

A nonprofit organization, Deans for Impact, is working with them toward this goal, and as part of this effort, it administered a test to more than 1,000 teaching students at these six schools in the fall of 2019 to see how much learning science the teacher candidates understood.