3 Core aspects of a personalized learning platform


The availability of AI technologies, machine learning, robotics and so on is happening much faster than people might expect. No matter if we’re talking about kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools or colleges and universities, the need for a learning platform that offers personalized learning experiences for each student is all too real. 3 Core aspects of a personalized learning platform. Assessments.

The messy reality of personalized learning

The Hechinger Report

In another room, children rotate through learning stations, sometimes at screens, sometimes putting pencils to paper. Danusis and her teaching staff practice personalized learning, an individual-comes-first approach, usually aided by laptops, that has become a reformist calling card in education. Future of Learning. Mississippi Learning. If every child had a computer or iPad, she could log into a customized cyberclassroom and learn at her own pace.


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5 ways to use makerspaces to support personalized learning

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In the edWebinar “Students Leverage Technology Tools and Makerspaces to Personalize Learning ,” Grace Borst, innovation specialist at St. Albans City School, and several of her students explained how they’re using technology for assessment, service work, and more. Students use this time for school and personal projects where tech might not be required but could add value. Developing digital portfolios and personalized learning plans: Every student at St.

Using Makerspaces to Support Personalized Learning


In the edWebinar “ Students Leverage Technology Tools and Makerspaces to Personalize Learning,” Grace Borst, Innovation Specialist at St. Albans City School, and several of her students explained how they’re using technology for assessment, service work, and more. Students use this time for school and personal projects where tech might not be required but could add value. Developing digital portfolios and personalized learning plans: Every student at St.

Do Personalized Learning Programs Offer Authentic Choices?


Make Personalization Authentic. There is a lot of talk in ed-tech and ed-reform about personalization right now. There are a lot of folks on the vendor floor at national conferences who will sell you products that supposedly personalize learning, and much of the buzz around something like Khan Academy is that it personalizes the learning for kids. It still assumes that kids have to learn everything we want them to learn.

One Standardized Tests Provider Looks to Gaming and Personalized Learning to Innovate Exams


Their assessments are currently used by more than 8.5 We are hearing from educators that oftentimes our assessments seem so detached from what is going on in the classroom. We are hearing from educators that oftentimes our assessments seem so detached from what is going on in the classroom.” Aligning tests with the ways students learn in the classroom is one of Gorin’s goals. Education Technology Learning Research Research

Success at Innovative Schools Hinges on Helping Students Transition

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Malaina is a current high school student who decided to homeschool in order to expand her learning by blending interdisciplinary, real world, and academic-focused learning. They are not tied to a standardized curriculum, traditional methods of assessment, or even a single location. Increasingly, students at these schools also have opportunities to engage in individualized learning through tech-driven curriculum.

Summer school programs race to help students most in danger of falling behind

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Many districts are trying to focus on students who have lost the most during months of remote learning. New York students get an extra dose of learning and fun. A push to close early learning gaps in Texas. New York students get an extra dose of learning and fun.

Five Things You Don’t Know About Cloud Computing and Education


The cloud can serve as a force multiplier in achieving this goal, putting additional tools to enhance student learning directly into the hands of educators. The engine will also assess the outcomes of such interventions—information that will help tailor and improve recommendations over time. AWS Educate has released cloud badges for the following services: RoboMaker makes it easier to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale.

Robots Won’t Replace Instructors, 2 Penn State Educators Argue. Instead, They’ll Help Them Be ‘More Human.’


How will artificial intelligence and machine learning change teaching? Jennifer Sparrow, the university’s senior director of teaching and learning with technology, thinks the fears that some faculty have about artificial intelligence taking their jobs echos the concern some had 20 years ago when higher education was first “branching out into online learning.” Education Technology Higher Education Postsecondary Learning

Lessons from a virtual school exemplar

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Kaye Rogers’ phone began to ring and her inbox filled with questions about virtual learning before Texas schools shut down because of the coronavirus. million students without seeing them in person. Learning from Lockdown.

AI can disrupt racial inequity in schools, or make it much worse

The Hechinger Report

From driver-assisted car systems to video games and virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, as our machines learn from the massive amounts of data we provide them. But the designers and implementers of these assessment tools didn’t consider how the racism and inequality rife in U.S. When we better understand how, when and where people learn to be racist, then we can build a justice app for that.

The Unexpected Benefit of Differentiation? Student Happiness


In a candid chat, Mobley shares how embracing technology to personalize instruction and teaching with compassion helps students achieve success and find happiness, in the classroom and beyond. EdSurge: What role does happiness play in student learning, especially in a struggling community like Piedmont? We need to feel confident we can learn, and we need to feel safe in how we learn, whatever level that is. I learn a lot about each student.

When Students Drive Learning, They Can Do So Much More


Our communities are being deprived of engaged citizens equipped with the skills required to be productive and compassionate, and who have ownership of their learning journey. Another student, Warren, had a passion and needed substantial time to work on a project on integrated service learning aimed at educating peers and younger students on issues of diversity and inclusiveness, specifically aimed at LGBTQ+ anti-bullying. What Is Individualized Learning?

'Robots Are Coming For Your Children'

Hack Education

This isn’t simply a matter of “ robots are coming for your jobs.” This narrative – robots are coming for your jobs (and your kids’ jobs) – involves tasking schools with retooling so they can better train students for “ the jobs of the future ,” although to a certain extent, workforce preparation has always been what (part of) the education system has been expected to do. ” Everyone Should Learn to Code. Helicopter Robots.

Tips and Activities for Computational Thinking in the Classroom


Computational thinking provides an important foundation for learning computer science but can also inspire skills like the 4 Cs (collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking) across other subjects. They inspire students to take ownership of their learning and provide them with choice and autonomy. They engage and motivate students to take agency in their own learning, ask questions, take leadership roles and build confidence.

3D printing, drones, and AI — The future of STEM education?


For instance, why not use 3D printing to teach geometry, why not have a drone in the classroom and show students how helicopters work, and why not use artificial intelligence to improve learning processes and assessment tools? Read more: Are classroom robots the NextGen of learning?

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5 big ideas for education innovation in 2018

The Christensen Institute

Last year saw a flurry of activity in support of personalized learning, new school designs, and new approaches to K-12 education policy. These same supports seem to be implied when advocates of personalized learning call for tailored learning experiences and pathways that resemble those of high-touch tutoring models. What does learning science tell us about the best approaches?

The race is on for the AI-powered classroom


ANN-based AI programs have enormous potential to redefine what we understand to be personalized learning, and while in the early stages, it is well worth looking at the innovations that are at the cutting-edge of Learning Management System design. AI Assess. Not only are the various tasks and steps framed in a way that builds conceptual understanding, but the longer students interact with the software, the more the AI component can learn about the student.

How to Select a Complete Digital Education Solution Provider

ViewSonic Education

Over the past few years, there has been a huge influx of education technology resources available to schools – from tablets and robotics, to online platforms and digital whiteboards. Schools will inevitably want to invest in edtech that will be both beneficial and effective when it comes to enhancing students’ learning experiences and opportunities. Buying resources and tech for your schools can be a big responsibility and choosing the right equipment can be tricky.

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Overcoming 3 challenges of introducing blended learning in the classroom


Introducing blended learning experiences in core subjects presents many opportunities over traditional print-heavy classrooms. But introducing blended learning in the classroom is not the easiest thing to do. Besides deciding on the right model that perfectly fits the learning needs of the students, there are other challenges to overcome. Overcoming 3 challenges of introducing blended learning in the classroom. E-learning

The Learning Counsel’s 2019 National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey Yielded Surprising Results

EdNews Daily

The Learning Counsel released the results of its sixth annual Survey of School and District Digital Curriculum Strategy and Transformation. Schools and districts are on their way to new personalized learning models, but still heavily oriented in whole-group teaching.

Survey 130

Should Colleges Rethink Final Exams in the COVID Era? Some Profs Try 'Epic Finales'


The students were supposed to explain some of the concepts they had learned in class. This week’s podcast sponsor is PowerSchool, now with Schoology, a unified platform that brings SIS, LMS and assessment together for blended, distance and personalized learning.

5 Tips for schools to harness the power of edtech in the classroom


Schools need to understand the importance of investing in the right edtech resources and platforms, not just to elevate teaching and learning, but to ensure that these address schools’ overall aims and support staff when it comes to reducing workloads and streamlining processes. Yet this is an ineffective use of edtech, and instead, schools need to assess their infrastructures and recognize the full potential of technology. Read more: What every adaptive learning system should have.

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The Four P's—The Future of Edtech


Personalization. At TETC I offered a session on "The Benefits of Blended Learning Math Instruction." Adoption of a blended learning classroom is just now becoming less trendy and more commonplace. To me, one of the most surprising things about our station rotation blended learning model adoption has been how quickly it could have morphed into personalized learning for each child to meet their needs where they are.

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4 Ways AI will be a great teaching assistant


From self-driving cars and grocery shopping without cash registers ( Amazon Go ), to algorithms that detect diseases and speech recognition that allows us to have conversations with robots (Apple’s Siri, for example) artificial intelligence is everywhere. The applications of AI in education are incredibly various, and will definitely transform how teachers teach and how students learn today. Delivering adaptive learning. I’m currently learning Spanish on Duolingo.

2018 Education Innovation Clusters Convening: Looking to the Future

Digital Promise

EdClusters18 brought together nearly 100 leaders from more than 20 regions and 48 organizations across the country working to advance future-facing teaching and learning. Excited to learn from other #EdClusters18 it is awesome to know hear about how so many people are working to unite people and find common ground to improve our world in this age of polarizing every subject. Remake Learning Network (Pittsburgh). Learn more about the conversation in this EdWeek article.

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

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And we're serving more and more students who are just learning English. Many school districts -- including mine in Middletown, NY-- are leveraging the power of technology with adaptive assessments and instructional software. An increasing amount of data around personalized educational models like "blended learning" and content-specific software suggests that edtech makes instruction in diverse classrooms more efficient. blended learning).

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All the Upgrades and Updates From Apple, Google and More at ISTE 2018


Fractions covers math standards for grades 3-6 and features a storyline and what the company calls “personalized feedback” through an online tutor. A new open platform from Curriculum Pathways, called Crio , lets teachers build lessons using multimedia and assessment features (e.g. The company describes it as a “digital, adaptive personalized learning solution.” The new company, owned by SDI Innovations, makes a robotic arm and a corresponding STEM curriculum.

6 Tips for making the most of ed tech exhibitions


From lesson creation to assessment and gamification, there is something for K-12 schools, universities, vocational schools, and so on depending on the purpose of the conference. Not to mention 3D printing, AR and robots! To offer more personalized learning? Products that are in the “definitely” or “maybe” category can be assessed further with the help a decision maker, can be implemented on as a trial basis or integrated right away depending on the type of technology.

Pains and Gains – A VR Story in the Classroom


However, this new-ish device is fraught with a painful and potentially expensive learning curve, and an industry pointing teachers in one direction. The teacher of today has been bombarded with a slew of “new tech” in the past two decades, ranging from PC’s in the classroom to tablets, robotics, coding programs and so on. The edtech industry thrives on this word, with a deep-seated feeling that if teachers would just learn a bit of coding, they will be fine.

Top School & District Innovator Awardees 2019

EdNews Daily

The Learning Counsel, a leading education research institute and news media hub, announced this year’s National Digital Transition Survey Award winners at its 2019 National Gathering held in Dallas, TX. About the Learning Counsel. By Doug Cauthen.

Survey 130

Voice-Based English Tutoring App MyBuddy Merges With a Friend: Edwin


MyBuddy, an artificial intelligence-powered English tutoring app, features a friendly robot that guides children through speaking exercises. The heads of the two companies knew each other, and last year MyBuddy started to build its own language-learning curriculum to add to its offerings.

Can $10 million build the ideal high school?

The Hechinger Report

Since they opened in 2014, Brooklyn LAB has embraced the idea of “personalized learning,” a trend in schools intended to tailor learning to students’ individual needs and interests. The school offers a science, technology, engineering, arts and math curriculum, along with extracurricular activities such as robotics, coding and art. Related: A virtual tour of blended-learning schools, so others can see how it’s done.

6 Ways to Build Culture When Leading a Digital Conversion

Tom Murray

The shift to Future Ready Schools with blended and digital learning is dramatically changing the role of the school leader and requires focused attention on the critical importance of school culture in a successful transition. Both Stacey and Lynn are recent facilitators of the Friday Institute’s Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning Program , where they they worked with a national cohort of school leaders that implemented blended and digital learning in their schools.