To Attract Talent, Corporations Turn to MOOCs


A LinkedIn survey of 1,200 workers in human resources and learning development teams across more than 2,100 workplaces worldwide found that the top priorities for talent developers include identifying, assessing and closing skills gaps within their companies.

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The Metamorphosis of MOOCs


At a recent meeting of educational technology policy advisors, a well-informed university CIO casually declared that MOOCs were history. Increasingly, MOOCs are being packaged into series of courses with a non-degree credential being offered to those who successfully complete the series. Perhaps it is employers who should be the most supportive of the latest MOOC developments. Just like stand-alone MOOCs, most learners—over 80 percent—already had a Bachelors or higher degree.

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Stop Asking About Completion Rates: Better Questions to Ask About MOOCs in 2019


As an instructional designer who has been building MOOCs for the past five years, I’ve been asked this question more times than I count. MOOCs have been called abysmal , disappointing failures. The average completion rate for MOOCs (including the ones I design) hovers between 5-15 percent. As we move towards 2019, it’s time to get clearer about this difference and start asking smarter questions about what MOOCs can and should be expected to accomplish.

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Still MOOCing Along.


Image Source Used Under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License Week 4 of the Foundations of Virtual Instruction MOOC I started on June 30th is wrapping up today. By this time next week, I will hopefully have successfully completed my first MOOC. There is a way to report these in Coursera.


A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download.

The Flip Side of Abysmal MOOC Completion Rates? Discovering the Most Tenacious Learners


Usman Khaliq was an engineering student in northeastern Pakistan when he took his first MOOC. complete multiple MOOCs. MOOCs were a vetting mechanism for Usman, allowing both his talent and grit to rise to attention and connecting him to an opportunity halfway around the world. The MOOC movement is frequently disparaged because completion rates are abysmally low. reported that only 5.5% Education Technology MOOCs Postsecondary Learning

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From “Data Driven” to “Evidence Driven”

The Principal of Change

In my last post, “Common Assessments” vs “Common Understandings” , I was reminded of how powerful comments are on a blog, and why blogging is a hugely powerful tool for not only sharing your learning, but learning from others.

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Online Learning's 'Greatest Hits'


Learning Management Systems With learning management systems now installed at nearly all higher education institutions here and abroad, instructors can create course materials, assess student progress and generate custom exams. Most authoring software also integrates assessment tools, testing learning outcomes. Like much of edtech, research results can be ambiguous, with some saying it’s marginally better than conventional classroom teaching , while others report impressive results.

Twitter and the death of distance

Learning with 'e's

A recent study from the University of Illinois reports on the use of the tweets sent by 70 million Twitter users found that on average, tweets and retweets were sent by people located more than 750 miles away from the message originators.

Rice U. offering free AP Physics online prep course

eSchool News

MOOC uses new AP Physics curriculum, could aid both students and teachers. “The effective application of technology has enormous significance for the future of higher education, and it is important for Rice to push the boundaries of what is possible with a MOOC,” Levander said.

Innovation In E-learning In The Last 10 Years


According to a Google report , almost 80% people don’t exit their homes sans smartphones. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). MOOC is not a new concept in the e-learning industry. Many prestigious universities such as Harvard offers MOOC at minimal or no cost. MOOC also offers group collaboration and feedback through online evaluation. E-learning automation helps to automatically create online content and assessments for a course.

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Testing and the future of education: Anya Kamenetz on Future Trends Forum #6

Bryan Alexander

This example surfaces new questions about student data and privacy, such as: are administrators mandatory reporters? Indeed, Anya stated they educators are “fumbling” on qualitative assessment so far. This works in a low-stakes settings, like a MOOC.

The Year in Podcasts: Top EdSurge On Air Episodes of 2018


MOOCs are No Longer Massive. Once upon a time, free online courses known as MOOCs made national headlines. So we talked with Dhawal Shah, founder and CEO of Class Central, who has been tracking MOOCs closely ever since he was a student in one of those first Stanford open courses, about how MOOCs have evolved. This is the first episode by our newest EdSurge reporter, Emily Tate.

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5 Ed-Tech Ideas Face The Chronicle’s Version of ‘Shark Tank’

Wired Campus

Blumenstyk as a reporter surveying the landscape, Mr. Jones as a professor and administrator at a college, and Mr. Freedman as an investor looking for the next big thing in education technology. And then lastly a lot of these Learning Gadgets allow you to bring in third-party content — so almost anything that exists on the web you can bring right into a Versal course, organize it, organize it in lessons, put assessments in between, and so on. Distance Education IT MOOCs Teaching

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Editor’s Note: Reality Check


Goodbye snowmen and hot chocolate and hello MOOCs and remote check-ins! Reporter Linda Borg writes: “The language in teacher contracts is clear: teachers work 180 days plus professional development days.


Education's Online Futures

Hack Education

And then there were MOOCs , of course, and all those predictions and all those promises about the end of college as we know it: “MOOCs make education borderless, gender-blind, race-blind, class-blind and bank account-blind” and similar fables. Although no, to be clear, we are not on track for half of high school classes to be online or for higher education to be replaced by Udacity, and no, MOOCs have not transformed higher ed into some magical meritocracy.).


(The Very Last) Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

There’s more local Chalkbeat reporting on the recent charter school strike in Chicago down in the “labor and management” section below. Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). A glimpse : “In China ’s Silicon Valley, Edtech Starts at the ‘MOOC Times Building’ ” Via Class Central : “By The Numbers: MOOCs in 2018.” It’s like the MOOC crap all over again.

Why continuing education programs are poised to become hubs of innovation

The Christensen Institute

As my Entangled Solutions colleagues Amber Laxton, Yury Lifshits, and I write in a new report, 10 Trends Ahead for Continuing Education , continuing education programs are an ideal place to not only test new ideas, but also launch new programs.

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Is the new education reform hiding in plain sight?

The Hechinger Report

Photo: Laura Pappano for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Laura Pappano for The Hechinger Report. We discuss their goals and what they are working on, and if they had an assessment we might talk about that,” she said. Photo: Laura Pappano for The Hechinger Report. Dan D.

Income Share Agreements Dominate Y Combinator’s Latest Education Graduates


Y Combinator President Geoff Ralston, left, and CEO Michael Seibel take questions from reporters before the second Demo Day of 2019. Everyone is trying to make education online, but we’ve seen the rise and fall of MOOCs,” says Payne, 32.

Revolutions in higher education: Future Trends Forum #2 notes and full recording

Bryan Alexander

Revolution sees 2012 as a critical year (“the Magic Year”) when forces really came together, including, but not limited to, MOOCs. Q: Greg Britton asked, “The MOOC classroom shifts to be an enormously collaborative prospect.

A trend to watch: teaching classes from one campus to another

Bryan Alexander

The answer has been “yes” for some years, and I’m not talking about MOOCs or University of Phoenix. Also occuring this year was an outside assessment of the project , conducted by Ithaka S&R. How can colleges and universities share courses online?

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Can Online Programs and Digital Tools Help Students Spend Less Money? #DLNchat


A report titled “Making Digital Learning Work” by Arizona State University found that online courses saved institutions up to 50 percent on average credit hour costs, but the study only looked at large-scale efforts. Riggs shared more about the effort at OSU reduce attrition to reduce costs, reporting success through initial pilots with adaptive courseware. Even when tuition is free, attending college can be expensive.

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The Greatest EdTech Generation Ever – LIVE Blog of Justin Reich’s Keynote


As a researcher, Justin has been carrying this concept into his work with MOOCs. While the students are learning all of these complex skills, students are still assessed based on concrete, routine skills. Justin Reich is the co-founder of EdTechTeacher, the Richard L.

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2016 and Beyond: The Future of Classroom Technology by @MelanieNathan


These venues range from MOOCs (free massive online open courses) to traditional brick-and-mortar public schools. Widespread public interest surrounds new technologies in the classroom.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

“ Lights go out at Education Department headquarters – and may stay off for some time,” The Washington Post reports. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to push ahead with his nomination today, despite the numerous reports now about Brett Kavanaugh ’s history of drunkenness and alleged sexual assault. Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). Gotta keep that MOOC hype alive.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOCMOOCs are dead , according to Udacity ’s VP. The Economic Times of India reports that “Udacity to focus on individual student projects.” ” Never one to let a good MOOC story pass them by, Edsurge repeats the story. “MOOCs Are ”Dead.“ Also via Edsurge : “ MIT Moves Beyond the MOOC to Court Companies, Professional Learners.”


This summer’s ultimate ed tech professional development guide


By now, you and teachers across North America have administered the last exams, filled out every report card and tidied your classrooms (so that’s where that library book was hiding!). Intel Teach – Assessment in 21 st Century Classrooms has a ton of good resources and planning activities.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Some of these experimental sites included MOOCs and coding bootcamps. Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “Assessing the Travel Ban : What New Data on Overseas Recruitment Does – and Doesn’t – Tell Us.” “ 18 States Are Suing Betsy DeVos Over For-Profit College Rules ,” Buzzfeed reports. ” “College made millions by tricking Indigenous people, court finds,” The Guardian reports.


Notes from Leadership for the Digital Age with Alan November - Day 2


edX - - MOOC site, courses are all free, people who teach the courses are from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, University of Texas, etc. Coursera is another option for higher ed MOOCS. Close to 10% of students got into MIT by excelling in a MOOC.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). Via Class Central : “ MOOCs May Still Be Reshaping Higher Education, Just Not In the Way That Was Initially Predicted.” There’s more MOOC news in the contests and competition section below. ” See also, via The Hechinger Report : “ Blockchain arrives on college campuses.” The Hechinger Report lists “Ten jobs that are safe from robots.”


Questions of Compliance or Empowerment?

The Principal of Change

This type of assessment is not about understanding what a students knows and reporting on it, but it is a tool used for learning. September 8, 2016 The #InnovatorsMindset MOOC Starting Soon!


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” (Related: “Theranos investor Tim Draper blames the company’s downfall on an investigative journalist,” Business Insider reports.). ” Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). “Free MOOCs Face the Music,” writes Inside Higher Ed on edX ’s decision to start charging fees. More “MOOC” news under the job training section below. million for its MOOC platform.

Online PD Courses Help Educators Understand Ed-Tech, Classroom Management, Study Finds

Marketplace K-12

The report was released exclusively to EdWeek Market Brief today, and will be given wider distribution Tuesday. Training for student assessments: 27 percent. Quizzes/assessments: 68 percent. See also: Research Update: K-12 Teachers Turning to MOOCs for Professional Development.

Why Continuing Education Programs Are Poised to Become Hubs of Innovation


As my Entangled Solutions colleagues Amber Laxton, Yury Lifshits and I write in a new report, 10 Trends Ahead for Continuing Education , continuing education programs are an ideal place to not only test new ideas, but also launch new programs. MOOCs are not the only ones that offer on-demand learning today.

?Meet Intel Education Accelerator’s Newest Cohort of EdTech Visionaries


report cards have by and large stayed the same over the last century—there’s not always good feedback, and it’s too late once bad grades get in. s co-founders Dan Nash and Sean Hookano-Briel initially targeted K-12 schools for the tool, it seems the corporate sector, which has increasingly turned to MOOCs to train employees, has taken a liking to it even more. million assessments, and is on track to hit 4 million in 2017.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Assessing Betsy DeVos ’ Rollback on Disability Rights ” by Pacific Standard’s David Perry. Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOCMOOCs. “Learning Creative Learning: It’s not a MOOC , it’s a community,” says the MIT Media Lab. “A Proposal to Put the ‘M’ Back in MOOCs ” – an op-ed by Class Central ’s Dhawal Shah in Edsurge. (National) Education Politics.


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Via Chalkbeat : “Secret CPS report spotlights big vacancies, lopsided options for students.” Via The Hechinger Report : “For students teetering on the edge financially, micro-grants help them finish college.” Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). Gotta keep hyping that MOOC thing. Via Edsurge : “ MOOCs Are No Longer Massive. ” Not surprisingly, there is more MOOC news in the surveillance section below.


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Elsewhere in Trumplandia: “ Columbia University has declined to comment on recent reports that Monica Crowley , an appointee of President-elect Donald J. dissertation at the university,” The Chronicle of Higher Education reports. More on the report via Edsurge. Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOC” edX is offering an online master’s degree with Georgia Tech : an OMS (online master’s in science) in Analytics.


15 hot edtech trends for 2017

eSchool News

They can be something everybody uses; that’s how 2012 became the year of the MOOC, and why virtual reality will no doubt be widely cited as the trend of 2016. MOOCs continued to increase in number and attendance. With every new year comes new ideas.

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