Inquiry Hub Secondary School – Confluence and Influence

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Confluence and Influence – Inquiry Hub Secondary School. Background: The 2018-2019 school year is Inquiry Hub Secondary’s 7th year since it was founded. Here are the original courses and the updates to meet the new BC curriculum requirements: Original Courses. respect the unique nature of disciplines while supporting cross-curricular learning” Inquiry Hub Secondary was already on a path of personalizing learning, with a focus on learning competencies.

iPads for Masterful Math: Randomizing Formative Math Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

Dr. Sean Nank’s research shows that the single biggest method for improving learning with iPads is to use online formative assessments. However, his formative assessments have a twist — students are all answering DIFFERENT math questions. Meet Next Generation Science Standards. Masterful Math: Randomizing Formative Math Assessment. Now, Sean, you’re currently working with iPads and some online formative assessments for STEM classrooms.


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We used technology to increase attendance at PTA meetings

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My first PTA meetings reassured me that we needed to find a way to improve the drastically low attendance. At the meetings, we typically see about 12 to 15 attendees, usually the executive board and a handful of parents. percent of parents were attending our five PTA meetings each year! The only time in recent history attendance jumped was when I presented on the PARCC online standardized assessment. We view faculty meetings as professional learning opportunities.

Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects


The condition has numerous names: secondary traumatic stress (STS), vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue. How Schools Can Acknowledge Secondary Trauma. If possible, these meetings should be supported by a mental health professional, and teachers should get to share their experiences, learn strategies for understanding their stress responses, and gain skills to cope with STS.

Today’s Meet is Closed. What are your Alternatives?

Ask a Tech Teacher

As of June 16, 2018, Today’s Meet closed (read the full details here ). It turns out, there are good options, depending upon whether you primarily use Today’s Meet for: backchannel and student response. Polls, forms, and surveys are great options when teachers need to create sign-up sheets, push out formative assessments, auto-grade quizzes, and more.

Rethinking Summative Assessment: Giving Students Voice and Choice


Think back to an assessment you took in your elementary years. The assessments you took were not that memorable; you probably didn’t have a lasting connection and there was absolutely no impact on you as a learner whatsoever.

#AskExcelinEd: How do credentials meet the market in Florida, Indiana and Kentucky?


A new report from Excel in Ed and Burning Glass Technologies, Where Credentials Meet the Market: State Case Studies on the Effect of High School Industry Credentials on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes , addresses that gap. Where Credentials Meet the Market builds on the foundation laid in Credentials Matter: A National Landscape to examine the impact of credential attainment on long-term student outcomes. Secondary Educational Outcomes.

Part 4: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I hope you are enjoying this series on formative assessment, and I am sure you will find these tools most valuable. Part 4: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities. Back Channel for Formative Assessment. Back channel refers to the idea of a secondary discussion happening in the same environment as a primary presentation or demonstration.

The digital-first district where OER meets iPads

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Openly licensed educational resources are free online learning materials that can be used for teaching, learning and assessing students’ knowledge. Department of Education’s #GoOpen initiative have spurred school districts across the country to incorporate quality open resources into their curricula, but initiatives like Central Valley’s are fairly rare among elementary and secondary institutions, University of Pittsburgh librarian and open educational resource advocate Paul Bond said.

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Balance with Blended Learning is Available Now!

Catlin Tucker

On the other side of this tension are secondary teachers with 150+ students. Most secondary teachers are still employing a teacher-centric approach to their jobs. I wrote this book primarily for secondary teachers.

Choose Your History Teaching Adventure


The new series Engaging With History in the Classroom can build historical thinking & help meet standards, say Jody & Shara. Future of History History Resources American Revolution assessment book groups Carol Tieso chronology civil rights Civil War Engaging With History in the Classroom geography historical thinking Janice Robbins Jody Passanisi lessons primary sources Reconstruction secondary sources Shara Peters

Post-Lesson Reflection: What Do Students Think They Learned?

Catlin Tucker

In the last two blogs, I have focused on strategies teachers can use to 1) assess prior knowledge before a lesson and 2) check for understanding during a lesson. I’ve suggested that teachers build mechanisms into their lessons to collect formative assessment data. That way, they can use that data to design learning experiences that better meet the needs of their students. At the secondary level, I like the learning blog over individual documents.

CAE Announces Stacey Sparks as Senior Director of Content Design and Development

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CAE), a leading provider of performance-based educational assessments measuring 21 st century skills, as well as custom assessments, today announced the appointment of Stacey Sparks to senior director of content design and development. Council for Aid to Education, Inc.

Common Core Assessment 20x More Expensive? What Can Edtech Do?

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The forthcoming Common Core (CC) Assessments are the next generation of standardized tests in the US, and will meet the testing frequency requirements of the most recent version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act also known as No Child Left Behind unless congress should act to change this, which is most unlikely.

Common Core Assessment 20x More Expensive? What Can Edtech Do?

Question Tank

The forthcoming Common Core (CC) Assessments are the next generation of standardized tests in the US, and will meet the testing frequency requirements of the most recent version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act also known as No Child Left Behind unless congress should act to change this, which is most unlikely.

How to Do Student-led Conferences

Ask a Tech Teacher

I love report card days now because this is when I get to meet parents. A student – led conference is where students between kindergarten and 12th grade meet with parents (with the teacher quietly at the side) to share the work they completed during the grading period and their progress toward overall goals. In fact, the grades earned are secondary to how students understand what happened in the lesson. Education reform Parents Teaching Strategies assessments

BombBomb is hands down the best way to upgrade your email game

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At Anastasis, we start every day with a whole-community meeting. Or, you could record a conferring session between you and their child so they can gain insight into your assessment process and student growth.

CAE Partners with Education Research and Development Institute

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CAE), a leading provider of performance-based, authentic assessments measuring essential college and career readiness skills, announced it joined the Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI). Council for Aid to Education, Inc.

The Vocabulary Doctors: How to Teach Vocabulary

The CoolCatTeacher

Dr. Angela Peery has been an educator 31 years and has served as a secondary English teacher, secondary administrator, instructional coach, turnaround specialist, curriculum developer, and consultant. Angela has also authored or co-authored 13 books, including Blended Vocabulary for K–12 Classrooms: Harnessing the Power of Digital Tools and Direct Instruction (2017) and the bestseller The Data Teams Experience: A Guide to Effective Meetings (2014).

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5 Fantastic Peer Feedback Strategies for Your Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

We are also hosting a giveaway contest with her book on assessment. Books Starr has authored: Teaching Mythology Exposed: Helping Teachers Create Visionary Classroom Perspective , Blogging for Educators , Teaching Students to Self Assess: How do I help Students grow as learners? , She has made the Bammy Awards finals for Secondary High School Educator in 2014 and for blogging in 2015. So they’re using the protocol to meet the expectation.

Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

iLearn Technology

It is not a replacement for assessment. npinkard talked about learning deserts and how digital badging can help us better leverage a youth ecosystem to meet students where they are at (school, community, home, after school, etc.) Anastasis uses e-portfolios together with our assessment system to help students remember and reflect on their learning journey. Two weeks ago, I attended the Digital Badge Summit in Denver, CO.

A conference about what is sacred in education: 5Sigma Edu Con

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I’m about to tell you about one more… The 5Sigma Education Conference holds a special place in my heart because it gives me the opportunity to invite you to come meet the incredible people I work with every day! 5Sigma Anastasis Academy Inquiry inspiration Maker Space Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Teacher Resources 5sigma inquiry pd student agencyThere are a lot of options for professional development.

Using Agency to Empower Students: What is Sacred in Education? #5Sigma

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Happy hour meet ups (because we are convinced that the Happy Hour is Education’s Magic Bullet ). You will see what happens when students are empowered (we can’t wait for you to meet the students of Anastasis, they are seriously the COOLEST! Re-imagining assessment? We’re excited to meet you! We are in full on count down mode for our yearly education conference, 5Sigma.

How to make your year more awesome

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Ask questions, meet our team, and see education re-imagined. A fresh approach to assessment- Explore the goals of assessment and how we’ve re-thought assessment. We can’t wait to meet you all in person! 5Sigma Anastasis Academy For Teachers Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Teacher Resources 5sigma conference pd

What makes your school/PD/conference different?

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We can’t assess in a way that minimizes the individual and the learning journey that is happening. When your goal is honoring the humanity, EVERYTHING else must shift to help meet that goal. During our Wednesday staff meeting, we talked about the successes and challenges that were faced. The first question that I get asked when people find out that I’ve started a school: what makes Anastasis Academy different?

This Toolkit Helps Take the Stress Out of State Testing


Assessment For Learning. We walk you through the process of distinguishing between various assessment types, building goals, identifying best practices around your assessments and analyzing your data to make lasting instructional decisions throughout the year. Students will have a blast competing with their classmates and racking up points for correct answers, speed and winning streaks while preparing for state assessments and deepening their understanding.

MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

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What it is: MobyMax is more than just a tablet, it is a complete system that helps you identify areas of strength and weakness that your students might have through placement testing, progress monitoring, assessments, and IEP reporting; has practice for kindergarten through eighth grade mathematics, fact fluency, number sense, reading, language, literature skills, informational skills, writing, vocabulary, and state test prep.

Teaching AP Students Remotely: What Does It Look Like?


How is assessment, instruction, and technology integration changing for our top performing high school students in light of Covid-19? 81% of 15-25 year olds use YouTube – Covid-19 is a time to leverage this popular teenage platform to meet high school students where they are.

Our Research Shows Educators Are Experiencing Trauma During the Pandemic. Here’s How We Can Reduce the Burden.


Since the onset of the pandemic nearly a year ago, educators have been tasked with addressing new, multi-layered challenges due to the primary and secondary trauma associated with COVID-19.

The push for “free” universal education in Africa often falls short—here’s a better way

The Christensen Institute

But even for most who are desperately poor, education is highly valued as a majority of children—more than 70% —attend primary school and nearly half attend secondary school. In Ghana for instance, where the president has promised everyone access to free secondary school education, the education system is bursting at the seams. Literacy and numeracy assessments show that students in low-income countries perform worse, on average, than 95% of students in high-income countries.

How Parent Empowerment Can Change Your Classroom for the Better


8] Additionally, one study found that when parents are involved in schools, their children are more likely to graduate from high school and attend post-secondary education.[9]. Parental involvement in middle school: a meta-analytic assessment of the strategies that promote achievement.

5 Principles for Evaluating State Test Scores

But as Mitch Slater, Co-Founder and CEO of Levered Learning, pointed out in his edWebinar “ A Little Data is a Dangerous Thing: What State Test Score Summaries Do and Don’t Say About Student Learning,” looking at data from one set of assessment scores without context is virtually meaningless. Subgroups Matter: Even though demographic data is collected for assessments, constituents often just look at the overall, aggregate score as an indicator of success or failure.

7 Ways Data-Fueled PLCs Are Transforming Education


Common learning goals and objectives A set of common goals, along with a designated meeting time for focused effort, helps each participant get the most out of a PLC. By setting measurable objectives, educators can use meetings to work together, track progress, and achieve shared teaching goals. At Benton School District in Arkansas, teachers meet weekly to discuss common objectives. Often, PLC groups take the lead in creating curriculum, resources, or assessments.

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More COVID Funding for Schools and Districts with CRRSA

MIND Research Institute

K-12 funding has been made available in two different venues: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) and. Addressing student learning loss through evidence-based approaches, including family resources, assessments, and differentiated instruction.

For student-centered learning to work, schools must rethink this key component. Here’s how.

The Christensen Institute

Student-centered learning offers enormous potential to better meet each students’ individual learning needs. Teachers make a lot of subjective judgments when they develop the assessments and grading policies for their courses. Or did the teacher make the assessment too difficult?

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