Self-asess your Sakai course


Assessment was the topic for the final week of the BlendKit course and the reading included a great list of rubrics to help participants examine their own work. Sakai Strategies assessment distance learningMy favorite rubric came from Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Program. It was developed for a contest but can just as easily help instructors directly examine course materials for a blended or hybrid course in […].

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Share questions between Quizlet and Sakai


News Product info Strategies assessment learning LMS Sakaicreate items in the app and port them over, using the markup options in the LMS.

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How people actually use Blackboard, according to Blackboard

Bryan Alexander

How do instructors and learners use learning management systems? One response to these patterns? “To increase student engagement in Learn, instructors should consider adding assessments or discussion forums.”

Some Lessons Learned Supporting OER Adoption

Iterating Toward Openness

Over the last several years my fellow travelers at Lumen and I have learned a lot of painful lessons about supporting OER adoption among faculty. (In We manually rebuilt each course half a dozen times or more, in Blackboard, Sakai, Canvas, and other systems.

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Open, Value-Added Services, Interaction, and Learning

Iterating Toward Openness

Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative provides for-fee, value-added hosting and customer support services around openly licensed content. Lumen provides for-fee, value-added hosting, integration, assessment, messaging, and other services around openly licensed content.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” “Word about the Vector Assessment of Readiness for College, or Vector A.R.C., Bill Haslam that the time they spend preparing for and taking standardized tests would be better spent doing hands-on learning activities.” ’” Via Techcrunch : “ Flatiron School teams up with Re:Coded to help Syrian refugees learn to code.” Via the MIT Media Lab : “What we learned from designing an academic certificates system on the blockchain.”

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