3 Ways To Combat Recipe Learning

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I hadn’t designed an effective summative assessment. They want to have the guidelines. Check out their resource section for example problems, assessment ideas and project guides. Formative assessments come in all forms. formative assessment learning PBL

Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument on Your Smart Phone

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Your smartphone or tablet is your gateway to the world of music. The app allows the use of either an electric or acoustic guitar, and it employs the tablet or phone’s microphone to hear what the student plays to assess progress.

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Ultimately, it should also embrace assessment of learning. If you come up with a better (or more appropriate) way to assess than the method you have outlined in your lesson plan, do it. They are created to provide suggestions and should not be treated like stone tablets.

Bring Your Textbook to Life! 18 Ideas

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I gave my high school students requirements, such as they had to have the class participate in at least one hands-on activity, give us a timeline, use multimedia materials to present information, give an interactive assessment/reading/listening. Give guidelines, rubrics, checklists, and examples on what students need to complete their task. #5 “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”

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Research Reveals Factors That Help Students Achieve Learning Gains with Education Apps; Findings Outlined in New Research Brief from SmartEdTech


March 20, 2018 — Schools are spending billions of dollars on Chromebooks, tablets, and other digital devices to support the delivery of personalized learning opportunities for students based on assessment data and analytics, but are they achieving a learning return on this investment?

9 App Features That Developers Should Consider When Creating EdTech Apps By @SamPatue


when you see my list of must haves you will see I am looking for ways to build more play int learning and make the time with tablets more seamlessly social. That the apps we use in the classroom are optimized for classroom workflow and assessment. Tweet.

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“It’s unfair” special education students lag behind under Common Core in Kentucky

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Most educators agree the Common Core standards are rigorous enough that students who meet these guidelines will be adequately prepared to pursue a career or a college degree after they graduate from the public school system.

Student Learners become Leaders of Learning – a LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Follow-up


A year ago I witnessed 3rd-5th grade students visibly frustrated as they vainly attempted to adequately express their thoughts on desktops and tablets. They were excellent at following directions and working within guidelines.

Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media: Do's and Don'ts for Teachers

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Establish Transparent, FERPA-Compliant Policies DO: Locate and review your school or district's social media guidelines. DON'T: Start using social media in your classroom if there are no guidelines or consent forms. DO: Use photo-editing tools on your phone or tablet. DON'T: Make any grades, any assessment, or any part of a student's educational record public. Further Reading Explore NYC Schools' guidelines for social media use.

How every school can promote safety in a digital world

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Today educational organizations rely on computers and tablets to provide a more flexible approach to classroom learning, forming the dynamics of how educators and students interact. This will allow you to quickly assess the status of a device and installed applications.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


The adaptive Apex Learning Tutorials for intervention, remediation, and preparation for high-stakes assessments were proven to improve students’ performance on the Tutorials from pretest to posttest by more than 50% and by an average of 23 to 26 percentile points during the 2016–2017 school year.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


Educators can use the assessment data to identify students’ SEL strengths and areas in which they may need additional support. was rebuilt from the ground up in HTML5 making it compatible on any device, including Chromebooks, tablets, PCs and Macs.

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Empowered Readers: Technology That Can Re-Inspire Students’ Love of Reading


Most learners have access to a tablet device, iPad, or some other form of smartphone device, but many don't have physical books at home. Not About the Grade: Challenging Students and Encouraging Reflection Once I had platforms picked out, it was time to identify some guidelines. And there’s another crucial piece to all of this: bringing in reflection as part of the assessment, instead of succumbing to that age-old need for numbers and multiple-choice.

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Will giving greater student access to smartphones improve learning?

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I have guidelines for cellphone and smartphone use, but it’s a constant struggle to keep kids engaged in lessons and off their phones. Related: Many low-income families get on the Internet with smartphones or tablets.

A hidden, public internet asset that could get more kids online for learning

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Related: Many low-income families get on the Internet with smartphones or tablets. A central issue when granting private use of a public resource is assessing the public benefit.

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Digital equipment like computer systems, smartphones, laptops, tablets are extremely crucial. Although some guidelines certainly work for both circumstances, the other people basically don(t apply. In several instances, essays should adhere to specific guidelines.

The TeacherCast Ultimate Guide To Podcasting


Week 3: Creating Assessments with Google Forms. You can simply get by with the built-in microphone in your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Welcome to the TeacherCast Ultimate Guide to Podcasting.

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Get to know SnapThought – one of our assessment tools – and the new game Sortify, which adds another dimension to playful assessment. There’s a lot of great games, apps, websites, and digital curricula to go along with tablets and computers.

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on Wednesday announced new guidelines that aim to provide more transparent information for borrowers and more accountability for the companies that manage repayment of federal student loans ,” Inside Higher Ed reports. Via Education Week : “Some test questions are likely harder to answer on tablets than on laptop and desktop computers, presenting states and districts with a new challenge as they move to widespread online assessments.

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Thursday, February 27th at 11am Creating Connected Learners Through Virtual Exchange: Assessing the Impact of Virtual Exchange , Part of a month-long webinar series co-hosted by the Exchange 2.0 Charles, IL Common Sense Media - 1-to-1 Essentials: A Roadmap for Schools , Learn about Common Sense Media’s 1-to-1 Essentials Program, a roadmap for schools implementing 1-to-1 tablets. shares the guidelines, rules, and reflective activities associated with this exercise.