Developing a New Metric for Assessing Learning – from Beth Holland


After that exercise, we break down the tasks. Throughout modern history, educators have viewed learning as a metric that could be assessed. Beth Holland Blog Featured assessment EdTech Researcher MetricsThis post first appeared on Education Week’s EdTech Researcher blog.

Digital Natives Still Need Help Navigating Online Assessments


But navigating mobile apps doesn’t translate into some of the required tasks for online testing environments. Navigating mobile apps doesn’t translate into some of the required tasks for online testing environments. You can find ways to bring in tools and assessments that mirror the functionality of the tests. If you can replace a traditionally paper and pencil test prep exercise with a computer-based one, do it! Education Technology Assessments Technology in School

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The Most Beautiful Way to Assess, Poll and Engage: Typeform

Fractus Learning

Optimized to look stunning on all devices (desktop and mobile), Typeform is well worth exploring as your go-to tool for polling, quizzing, surveying and engaging students, staff and parents… Or anyone, come to think of it. On-Device Quiz and Assessment. Overview.

How to Prepare for the SAT Essay

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While it traditionally is an assessment tool for college-bound seniors, more and more high schools are choosing it as an exit exam for graduating seniors (such as these changes in Ohio and the State of Washington ). Free, web-based or mobile device. High School assessments

Learning Walks

A Principal's Reflections

To help achieve an ROI we increased the number of formal observations and evaluations, collected learning artifacts (lesson plans, assessments, student work, etc.) Classroom Walkthrough Digital Practice Assessment Downingtown Area School District ICLE Jonathan Blow Matt Friedman

New Answer Pad

Technology Tidbits

The Answer Pad the great student response system and mobile learning tool has just been updated w/ a brand new polished look. This is an excellent site/app that allows educators to turn their classroom paperless and do all testing/assessing on an iPad. Teachers are using this to differentiate instruction and assess learning in real-time as they push out their lessons on to student''s iPads and gauge their learning. assessing iPad mobile learning student response system

Give Your Traditional Syllabus a Needed Makeover!

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Start with this free Google Syllabus Template , then include links to resources, tools, and assessments related to the assignment. The “ Drawing Exercise ” activity is from Green River Community College.

How Machine Learning and the Cloud Can Rescue IT From the Plumbing Business


We were also able to include a lot more features than would have been possible otherwise and to test it heavily on a wide variety of mobile devices. I also love to save articles to the magnificent Voice Dream Reader iOS application and then have it read them aloud to me while I'm walking or exercising.” Education Technology Artificial Intelligence Big Data Technology Trends Assessments Higher EducationMany educational institutions maintain their own data centers.

Answer Pad

Technology Tidbits

The Answer Pad the great student response system and mobile learning tool has just been updated w/ a brand new polished look. This is an excellent site/app that allows educators to turn their classroom paperless and do all testing/assessing on an iPad.

13 Edtech Tools Every Teacher and Student Should Know About


There are many educational apps that were created to enhance teaching and learning, tools for knowledge sharing, instruction, collaboration, practice, productivity, and assessment. lessons, exercises, and assessments) and share them with students.

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The emerging landscape of testing

Bryan Alexander

On the one hand there is a drive to reshape assessment, which we could call Testing 2.0, These concepts in turn shape an approach of using data to manage learning, as well as managing students and instructors, based on finely grained outcomes assessments. Richardson argued that adults in the world beyond school learn best by exercising their own agency, and that schools should apply this paradigm to students. Assessment and data-gathering will be the crux.

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Pass That Test! 18 Test Taking Resources and Strategies!

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Much research shows standardized testing doesn’t fairly assess students and associated with unfair high stakes. Strategies in their playbooks might include doodling, stretching, breathing exercises, or give themselves pep talks.

Math Webtools to Support Any Curriculum

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Then that too changed when rote drills and worksheets were replaced with cerebral challenges and dynamic exercises. Students can track correct responses allowing it to be used as an assessment if desired. Math used to be a tedious memorization of facts and formulas.

7 ways to support learner-teacher interaction

Learning with 'e's

This is a perennial question, one that often exercises the minds of many higher education lecturers. 5) Mobile phone Texting is always a useful option, but not everyone wants their mobile number to be accessible by academic staff.

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5 Tech Tools to Inspire Reading

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They get an escape from reality, exercise for their brains, a closeness to like-minded souls, answers to problems–and reading can even predict success in school. Spelling City is a word study website or mobile app that uses popular games to teach vocabulary.

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13 Websites That Provide Lots of Digital Books for Summer Reading

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Books can be read online or on most mobile devices. You can read them online, on a mobile device, or download them. Many ICDL books are classified as “activities” meaning they are perfect for digital story times, scavenger hunts, and creative writing exercises.

Moodle: The Unsung Hero of LMS Options

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Because it’s web-based, it works on all platforms including mobile devices (with a downloadable app). By the time educators complete VerveEd’s exercises, they have the confidence to excel in their own Moodle classroom.

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15 Tools for Self Paced Learning

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Finally, Self-paced learning is becoming more and more prevalent in schools w/ the integration of BYOD (bring your own device) or mobile learning. Also, Education Galaxy is great for assessing student's needs and to help integrate Self Paced Learning.

Pass That Exam! 14 Test Prep Strategies

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Pretest early to assess: confusion, learning needs, low scoring areas, stressors, strategies and base knowledge. They could doodle, stretch, conduct breathing exercises, or give themselves pep talks.

8 Websites to Teach Financial Literacy

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Once they’ve completed these exercises, they pretend that they have just graduated from high school, have a job, and must save $2,000 to start college. Students finish the program with an assessment of knowledge and certificates.

14 Quick ways to tech-up your classroom


This is a free desktop and mobile app that boasts a broad range of educational games. This is a mobile app that enables teachers to quickly assess their students. This is another mobile app, positioning itself as Astronomy for Everyone.

In 2019, What’s REALLY the Definition of a Teacher?

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It’s important to distinguish this new tech area because, again, it could be birthing a new definition for human teachers like “interventionist,” meaning to help unravel why a student is stuck in a module and can’t pass incorporated assessments. Formative and summative assessments.

8 Websites For Financial Literacy Month

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Once they’ve completed these exercises, they pretend that they have just graduated from high school, have a job, and must save $2,000 to start college. Students finish the program with an assessment of knowledge and certificates.

How teachers can go blended (when they’re the only one)

The Christensen Institute

Though students do not have consistent access to digital technology at the school, Machumele realized that nearly all students have access to mobile applications on their smartphones. Students complete gamified learning exercises on Siyavula’s Everything Maths at home. In addition to assuming greater agency over their learning, students in Carzoli’s class have made demonstrable gains on traditional assessments.

Computer Science Teaching Tips

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Today’s Sponsor: WriQ from Texthelp is a new FREE Add-on for Google Docs that helps teachers easily assess student writing and track progress over time by automatically scoring students’ spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

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#EdClusters16 Post-Convening Summary

Digital Promise

San Diego: Katie Martin of the University of San Diego’s Mobile Technology Learning Center highlighted the growth of their multi-sector partnerships, supported by Qualcomm and others in the region, to foster learning and innovation regional K-12 districts.

30 Sites & Apps for Learning to Program or Code


This is ideal for assessing students and differentiating instruction. MIT App Inventor - A wonderful site filled with lots of educational resources for teaching students how to program mobile apps. Programmr - A nice way to learn programming by solving coding exercises.

To Keep Teens Safe Online, They Need To Learn To Manage Risk


teens accessing the Internet via a mobile device that allows them to be online anywhere and at all times of day, parents are desperately looking for ways to protect teens from online predators, bullies, and their own poor decisionmaking. Researchers looked at 74 Android mobile apps and found that 89 percent of the security features on the apps focus on parental control by blocking and monitoring teens’ online activities.

Student Response in the Classroom

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Google Forms : useful tool to help you create surveys, give student assessments, collect any type of information in a streamlined way. This student response system allows teachers to send out questions, prompts, and assessments to smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

15 Ways for Students to Use Google Keep [infographic]

Shake Up Learning

This is also an excellent way to create other types of habits as well, like remembering to take your backpack home, drink water, exercise, etc. Mobile Voice Notes. Voice Notes is a feature available in the iOS and Android mobile apps (not currently available on the desktop version).

Why Should Students and Publishers Adapt eBooks in STEM Learning

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S/he can search the library for videos and other materials focusing on kinetic energy, complete with explanations and exercises. Students can access various online assessments and activities that are created to improve their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

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ASCD's #Empower18 Conference Report


Nearpod is a unique mobile learning platform designed for the synchronized use of mobile devices in education. It is used to develop interactive presentations and assessments that can be used to add amazing effects in the classroom.

Top 8 Advantages of an Interactive STEM Curriculum

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But now with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops being a part of school education, it is much easier to deliver STEM courses on these devices, making the courses more interactive, accessible and engaging. You can create exercises where students are allowed to perform experiments on their device screens. An online interactive STEM curriculum, with its frequent assessments and quizzes, compels students to understand concepts rather than learning by rote. What is STEM?


What Can Higher Ed Learn from Precision Medicine?


At a conference last month on how colleges can help improve social mobility, many presenters suggested that the healthcare industry could provide lessons to help treat issues in higher education. by how they functioned as engines of upward mobility (the mobility cards have now been incorporated into how Money Magazine compiles its college rankings). In broadest terms, the mobility cards connect access with success. First, it was about access. Then completion.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 34 Edition)

Doug Levin

New data analyses by NCES offer an updated assessment of the adoption of online learning by high schools: More than 4 in 10 U.S. Exercises where computers or tablets are deliberately used may, in fact, improve student performance. Google now controls nearly ninety per cent of search advertising, Facebook almost eighty per cent of mobile social traffic, and Amazon about seventy-five per cent of e-book sales.

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