Choice Boards: Benefits, Design Tips & Differentiation

Catlin Tucker

Teachers are freed from orchestrating a lesson and able to conference with learners about their progress, provide feedback on work in progress, or conduct side-by-side assessments. Elementary teachers may use their board to encourage a deep dive into a holiday, season, or weather pattern.

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Embrace Flexibility with Universally Designed Blended Learning

Catlin Tucker

This works particularly well for a series of stations designed to help students review key vocabulary, concepts, or skills before an assessment. That way, the teacher can ensure that students are hitting a station that addresses their specific needs based on formative assessment data.


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10 Awesome Courses To Improve Your Online Classroom

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2 – Designing Online Assessments As you assess learning online, you’ll want to use the research-based best practices for online assessments. Feedback using your formative and summative assessment tools is also essential.

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10 Ways to Use Defined Learning for Project-Based Learning Excellence

Cool Cat Teacher

These projects are created around Understanding by Design (UbD) principles to emphasize STEM education and have tools to help students customize, evaluate, assess and create portfolios. From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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A Back-to-School, Personalized Learning Toolkit


One of my favorites is from Kate Wagner, principal of Red Mill Elementary, who says, “ We are no longer teaching to the middle.” More from Edmentum If you're looking for more personalized learning programs, check out Edmentum's full suite of K-12 evidence-based assessments and digital curriculum and see why almost a million educators in the U.S. In this blog post we provide an in-depth analysis of UDL and why more teachers are considering this option for their classroom.

Model Teaching–How Today’s Educators Learn

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assess success at completion. Elementary Math. You can watch the video, rewatch, submit assignments and assessments when you’re ready.

21 Top Professional Development Topics For Teachers Now

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Relationship over reproach: Fostering resilience by embracing a trauma-informed approach to elementary education. In addition, you’ll create practical tools such as rubrics for teacher observation, surveys for self-assessment reports, and data collection checklists and notes for interviews.

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How Designing Accessible Curriculum For All Can Help Make Online Learning More Equitable


Some educators who want to make online learning more engaging and accessible are exploring the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. The beauty of UDL is that it addresses ‘learner variability’, which is the norm in our classrooms.”.

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Technology Removes Obstructed Writers’ Barriers to Learning

Ask a Tech Teacher

High school senior at Newton North High School in Newton, MA, Yishai Barth, feels strongly about the importance of Universal Design Language (UDL). If we look at a standard day in any classroom, the activities and assessments are all channelled through writing. From elementary school grades upwards, a student may be given a book to read and asked to write a review afterwards.

Hyped Up and Empowered: Hyperdocs Bootcamp


I was finally able to incorporate video, formative assessment with responders, and have a visually appealing lesson behind me. I had surveyed one of our elementary sites to find out their tech needs. I attended AVID trainings, English Language Learner workshops, UDL conferences, ….you As teachers, we strive to make lessons engaging, meaningful, interactive, and fun. The list goes on. I remember when they installed my interactive whiteboard about nine years ago.

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The Social Learning Summit Is Tomorrow - Online and Free

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

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