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Innovation Study Tours Explore Equity in Diverse Settings

Digital Promise

Often, the most powerful learning happens when students explore different perspectives, step outside of their typical environments, and are exposed to new ways of doing and thinking. The answer should always be students.

Study 169

Want to Boost Reading Scores? Build Silent Reading Stamina.


When the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Golden Grove Elementary School in Palm Beach County, FL pad around the classroom in their (possibly) smelly socks, everyone cheers. It’s not because these students and teachers have a peculiar penchant for fetid footsies.

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This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


As principal at Chula Vista School District’s Salt Creek Elementary, Lalaine Perez saw the need to better support a growth mindset around math in the years following the transition to California’s new Common Core standards. Pilot Study Brief from Digital Promise.

This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


As principal at Chula Vista School District’s Salt Creek Elementary, Lalaine Perez saw attitudes toward math bottom out in the years following the transition to California’s new Common Core standards. Students also needed support when it came to the end of year state assessments. “We

How to Increase Reading Comprehension With a Daily Dose of D.E.A.R.


SSR also offers a multitude of advantages when it comes to student motivation, preparation for the workforce and, most importantly, comprehension. But how can you make sure that you’re maximizing the benefits of silent reading and that it continues to aid your students as they grow?

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Four Classroom-Ready Tips to Boost Reading Engagement and Drive Learning


Rather, it follows from nurturing a love of reading and closing the reading engagement gap—the discrepancy between how students engage with modern digital content and how they engage with traditional texts in school. Studies show that for students to remain engaged, they need texts that reflect their personal experiences. Students need to have a reason to read beyond just understanding the main idea. What leads to reading success?

Initial Findings After Implementing Digital Student Portfolios in Elementary Classrooms

Reading By Example

That post included our school’s limited progress in embedding technology into instruction that made an impact on student learning. In this post, I share how digital student portfolios did make a possible difference. The reading engagement survey results were messy.

Lesson Study? There’s an App for That


That’s a tall order for students used to sitting quietly in a math classroom passively receiving instruction. Knowing that improving the quality of math discussion in their classrooms won’t be easy, educators are applying the “lesson study” technique to improve their craft.

Study 58

Fourth Graders in Rhode Island Districts Using STEMscopes NGSS Digital Science Curriculum Achieve Higher Proficiency Rates on NECAP Science Assessment


During the 2016-2017 school year, five public school districts in Rhode Island used STEMscopes NGSS in their elementary schools. Our students could answer multiple-choice questions, but they didn’t have a deep knowledge of scientific process skills and methods.

Education Galaxy–Personalized Learning That’s Fun

Ask a Tech Teacher

New students, new parents, new rules at school–but there’s one more piece that shakes up my education ecosystem: new webtools. It’s online assessment, practice, and instruction for K-6 students with a tagline: Curiously fun, amazingly effective, refreshingly affordable.

How teachers can use smart boards in the classroom


Teachers need to determine what their students need to learn and how best to teach them. For instance, every day before class, you could post large, colorful icons tagged with each student’s name. This way, students can become comfortable with the touch process from an early age.

The Imperative of Experiential and Hands-On Learning

User Generated Education

For the past several decades, I have had my feet in both elementary education and teacher training and development. It is learning by doing with a reflective element which, in turn, creates conditions for deeply engaged learning. Interestingly, though, a Study Finds 52% of U.S.

Enhancing Students Learning Experience with Quillionz


As a parent of two and an elementary school teacher, I know firsthand the challenges students face when trying to study new subjects and basically learning anything new. Wouldn’t it be genius if you could create a custom test, tailored to your specific study materials?

Study 166

Jumpstart Engagement with Interactive Whiteboard Classroom Technology

ViewSonic Education

Nearly a hundred years ago, celebrated educational reformer John Dewey admonished: If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow. In the early 1990s, concerns about chalk dust and students with allergies prompted the transition to whiteboards.

I have a confession.

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

I can''t efficiently and effectively grade my students'' writing by myself. I''ve been teaching for 14 years and I can''t get students to improve their writing based on my assessment alone no matter how many times I try. And how about this scenario for major writing assignments: students get assigned an essay to write that connects to the novel studied in class. Less is more: students need to engage in smaller assignments more frequently.

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If you can’t see it, you can’t be it: Edtech that connects students to role models

The Christensen Institute

As the New York Times UpShot column recently highlighted, there is mounting evidence that students benefit from teachers who hail from a similar background and gender—and yet the teaching profession remains largely white and female. Most teachers don’t look like their students.

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Why educators are moving away from the Station Rotation model

The Christensen Institute

The Station Rotation has consistently reigned as the most popular blended-learning model implemented by elementary schools. Of the 235 active elementary schools currently profiled in the BLU school directory , 136, or 58 percent, of them have a Station Rotation program.

Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success

Digital Promise

Teaching quality has been defined as “instruction that enables a wide range of students to learn” ( Darling-Hammond, 2012 ), and it is the strongest school-related factor that can improve student learning and achievement ( Hanushek, 2011 ; Nye, Konstantopoulos, and Hedges, 2004 ; Rivkin, Hanushek, and Kain, 2005 ). Research shows that the following features of effective leadership can improve student achievement (Leithwood et al., Focus on Student Learning.

Give students individual feedback

The Christensen Institute

The new report “ How to create higher performing, happier classrooms in seven moves: A playbook for teachers ” tells stories of teachers who improved student engagement and academic results by introducing seven specific, practical moves into their classrooms that replicate the successes of top managers in cutting-edge workplaces. Her goal was to spend more time one-on-one with students and be a good coach to each one.

My Maps: a Customizable Way to Log Student Learning – from Greg


Within Google Maps, the “My Maps” section allows students to create, edit, share and collaborate on a custom created Google Map. Imagine a student in a history or social studies class tracking their learning geographically with My Maps. This post first appeared on Daily Genius.

Kiddom Planner: A Highly-effective Tool for your Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

Most don’t survive the first five minutes in front of my students but still I go through this preparatory exercise. Scholastic has eight questions to help teachers plan their lessons : Students: What are the academic, social, physical, personal, and emotional needs of students?

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What to Look for When Purchasing an Education Projector

ViewSonic Education

Teachers have used projection systems for well over a century to bring engaging content to students. First, taking the time to assess your needs and installation conditions will help you pick an education projector you’ll be satisfied with. Student needs also play a role.

As students return to college, a basic question persists: What are they learning?

The Hechinger Report

Students in a class at Frederick Community College in Maryland. Students are hitting the books again on college campuses this fall, with fresh possibilities ahead of them. The Spellings Commission found evidence that “the quality of student learning at U.S.

This District Helps Young Kids Identify Their Interests — and Ideal Careers


A few years ago, after 15 years in the classroom, something clicked for Melanie Brandt’s students. She noticed her students were more engaged, and there were other benefits too. The students just rose to the occasion of learning about themselves.”

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

Digital Promise

The majority of K-12 students in the U.S. For these students, poverty brings a host of other disadvantages, most beyond the school district’s control: broken homes, transient living situations, and a lack of educational support at home. Supporting Students from Day One. "That’s

5 Tips To Improve Your Teaching And Boost Your Career

EdNews Daily

Which activities sparked student engagement, and which proved more of a struggle? What questions did students have? Did students have unexpected gaps in their knowledge that precluded you from teaching the most advanced parts of the lesson?

Course 130

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

Digital Promise

The majority of K-12 students in the U.S. For these students, poverty brings a host of other disadvantages, most beyond the school district’s control: broken homes, transient living situations, and a lack of educational support at home. Enrollment skyrocketed to nearly 300 students.

N.C. recommends STEMscopes for state science adoption

eSchool News

Digital K-12 science solution aims to give students a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. Accelerate Learning’s custom state versions are currently used by nearly 2 million students across the country.

How to unlock students’ internal drive for learning

The Hechinger Report

When Destiny Reyes started elementary school, she felt highly motivated. Destiny, 18, is like most students in the United States. Surveys reveal a steady decline in student engagement throughout middle and high school, a trend that Gallup deemed the “school engagement cliff.”

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Multiple Choice

Digital Promise

One of the key elements of the curriculum-design approach known as Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is student engagement — creating opportunities for students to become engaged and stay motivated, to believe that what they’re learning is important, and to feel capable in their learning. Fostering engagement — knowing your students, knowing how to make the material sing to them — is where the art of teaching is on full display, says author Katie Novak in UDL Now! ,

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work—Building a Successful Blended Learning Program


Prompted by district administrators’ desire to find ways to build student agency, engage student passion and personalize learning, we hoped blended learning would shake up the status quo and spark large scale change. MTSS is a process that uses data to identify the academic and behavioral supports every student needs to be successful. The collaborative identified blended learning as one vehicle to implement competency based education and personalize student learning.

Dyslexia: hidden costs and money-saving techniques for districts

eSchool News

Early intervention: It’s a common mantra for any student with learning difficulties, including dyslexia. Schools need to develop a three- to five-year plan for students with dyslexia, advises Noland. Next page: More short- and long-term strategies for students with dyslexia).

Teachers Are Turning to AI Solutions for Assistance

EdTech Magazine

While teachers may always be the best line of defense for students falling behind, busy schedules don’t always permit the special attention and feedback that students need. These intelligent tools can adapt pacing based on the student’s ability … and provide targeted, corrective feedback in case the student makes mistakes, so that the student can learn from them,” states an eSchool News report released earlier this year.

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U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

Doug Levin

Consider this post (light on analysis, heavy on the archiving of primary source material) one for the wonks, students, and historians. In addition, using technology to improve student outcomes is a key priority in the Race to the Top and Investing in Innovation (i3) programs.

Novel Ideas for Writing Instruction


MORE BETTER WRITING Third Grade Students at Milton Public Schools use FlipGrid to record book reviews. They’re reading student work that’s more thoughtful, properly revised, and well researched, and they’re able to give efficient, effective feedback to each student.