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Innovation Study Tours Explore Equity in Diverse Settings

Digital Promise

In partnership with the Center for Global Education at Asia Society , the League of Innovative Schools has launched innovation study tours –– a learning opportunity focused on deeper learning and equity.

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Will new standards improve elementary science education?

The Hechinger Report

Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject. And that could be why just 38 percent fourth grade students performed at or above proficient on the latest National Assessment of Education Progress for science, which was administered in 2015.

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10 Essential Online Learning Best Practices – Free Webinar

The CoolCatTeacher

In this session, we’ll share where we are now, emotional trauma and learning, how effective distance learning compares to face to face learning, how to take your class online, accessibility and equity, assessment, and project-based learning.

Channeling the anti-testing fervor

The Christensen Institute

Federally mandated testing has been one of the major points of discussion in Congress’s efforts this year to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). And a few weeks ago, an article on a survey conducted by the Oregon teachers union last spring to learn Oregon teachers’ opinions regarding annual state assessments observed that, “[s]urvey respondents were overwhelmingly extremely negative in their response to every question.”. Use adaptive assessment.

Thinking Routines in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

We got a little integration of social studies there. 03:39 Karen V: What I learned… I was privileged to go back for a second time as a study group leader to Project Zero a couple years after my initial experience there.

Initial Findings After Implementing Digital Student Portfolios in Elementary Classrooms

Reading By Example

We used three strategies to assess growth from fall to spring: Instructional walk trends, student engagement surveys, and digital student portfolios. At the younger ages, our assessment system is built so that students are seeing steady progress with benchmark books.

Flipgrid for every classroom

iLearn Technology

Flipgrid is also a great way to build a growth mindset and self-assessment. What it is: Flipgrid is a video discussion platform for your classroom that lets you engage and capture learning in new and awesome ways.

How to Teach Thinking Routines in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

This fun, visual tool lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners. We got a little integration of social studies there. Karen Vogelsang has taught elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee for fourteen years.

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The Persistence of Inequity in Education

Reading By Example

I have served either as a classroom teacher or administrator in four different schools, both secondary and elementary. When our kids did well on a state assessment, we owned it. book study beliefs diversity equity school culture The Listening Leader values

Hacking project-based learning: tips for management, assessment, & more from Ross Cooper & Erin Murphy

The Cornerstone for Teachers

But it’s not always simple to plan, and manage, and assess, so we’re going to talk about some practical teaching strategies today. With PBL, kids show what they learn as they journey through the unit, interact with its lessons, collaborate with each other, and assess themselves and each other.

This Toolkit Helps Take the Stress Out of State Testing


Assessment For Learning. We walk you through the process of distinguishing between various assessment types, building goals, identifying best practices around your assessments and analyzing your data to make lasting instructional decisions throughout the year. Ace the Test with Study Island. In this on-demand webinar, we outline five simple steps to prepare students for testing with Edmentum’s Study Island. Study Island New Game-Based Group Sessions.

Queen sacrifices announced across fourteen North Carolina campuses

Bryan Alexander

” The official assessment, which was published for a vote, seems to be here. Here’s a list*, which I’ve extracted from each affected campus according to the Tar Heel report: Africana Studies. Biology, Secondary Education (BA). Biology, Secondary Education (BS).

How AR and VR Can Inspire Innovation—and Boost College and Career Readiness


To have access to high paying careers in the future requires some type of post-secondary education. That’s why for the past two years we’ve been running a pilot project in four of our elementary schools where we use zSpace’s AR/VR technology to teach science. Research and Case Studies About Using VR and AR in Education. VR Automotive Expert Career & TechnicalA 3D interactive study guide for automotive training.

Education Needs to Push the Hard-Reset Button

EdNews Daily

Are sequential and upon completion provide a complete set of knowledge applicable to a career or higher education study pathway. All rivers flow to the same “ocean” which is a learner who is prepared for one of 2 things: Further specialized study . By Matt Ridenour.

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8 Ways to Help New Teachers Thrive (and Veteran Teachers Too!)

The CoolCatTeacher

In their July 14, 2019 article “ Why Teachers Quit ,” We Are Teachers summarizes, “A recent study by the Learning Policy Institute shows that if a teacher receives mentoring, collaboration, and extra resources, and is part of a strong teacher network, first-year turnover is cut by more than half.

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If you can’t see it, you can’t be it: Edtech that connects students to role models

The Christensen Institute

These new connections could yield well-studied benefits of students having access to role models like them.

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Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success

Digital Promise

Performance assessments that integrate evidence of teaching practices and student learning measured in a variety of ways (such as student work, lesson plans, assignments, in-person or video observations based on standards, and/or National Board assessment). Lesson study. In one case study, teachers met regularly to develop video clips of their best teaching practices for the National Board Certification application (Brantlinger et al.,

Could This Be One of the BEST Edu Conferences of 2015? #WGEDD


Each time I get to visit and observe educators in our elementary, I take something away that my students can benefit from. Todd is married to Beth, also a former teacher and principal, who is a professor of Elementary Education at Indiana State University.

A Common Language: 30 Public Education Terms Defined

TeachThought - Learn better.

completion of a minimum course of study, content mastery, proficiency on college- and career-ready assessments, etc.) Information about how digital learning content assesses, teaches, and depends on (requires) common content standards such as State academic standards.

Low-income districts find ways to help students make music

The Hechinger Report

Typically, high schools have lower poverty levels than elementary schools because parents are older and able to earn more.). All students are exposed to music starting in elementary school; by middle school nearly half (44 percent) have picked up an instrument, according to district data.

With a teacher like me, ‘Would I have turned out better?’

The Hechinger Report

Fellows receive monthly stipends that start at $450 and rise each year, up to $700, in an attempt to combat steep post-secondary dropout rates — 33 percent of black college students drop out after one year of college, often because of financial shortfalls. “We’re

Using Single Sign-On to Streamline Edtech Access

Digital educational materials have provided many benefits for K-12 educators and students from computer adaptive assessments to tools that allow students to collaborate and communicate 24/7. Betsy Masters is a 24-year career educator, spending most of those years in the elementary setting.

Access to equity in education is more critical than ever for the next administration

The Hechinger Report

We still have not realized the guarantee to an equal education promised more than 50 years ago by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. We still have not realized the guarantee to an equal education promised more than 50 years ago by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

As students return to college, a basic question persists: What are they learning?

The Hechinger Report

When you look at college mission statements, they’re loaded with grand pronouncements about the skills and habits of mind they’re going to inspire in their students,” said Alexander McCormick, an associate professor of educational leadership and policy studies at Indiana University Bloomington.

In the Future, Today’s Education Will Look Like ‘19th-Century Medicine’


Yet to hear the state’s commissioner of elementary and secondary education tell it, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Harvard is very interested in creating an incubator, where educators can come in and try out their ideas and they would help do the data and study those ideas. Kids got a preschool intervention, and it seemed like it went well initially—in elementary school those kids started to move up.

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Teaching to the student, not the test

The Hechinger Report

Three years ago a student who wasn’t completing his work dared Barile to watch the zombie show, saying he’d study if she did. In class, students study all the familiar concepts of high school English, but they’re applying these concepts to a work they care about passionately.

Report 114

Lessons Learned While Creating Long Lasting Change in Providence Public Schools


This case study was originally published on Getting Smart. As the largest school district in Rhode Island, Providence Public Schools makes up 25% of the state’s entire elementary and secondary student population. She oversees all content areas, curriculum, instructional practices and assessment, working alongside the district’s Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer to engage school leaders and teachers. Read the full Providence Public Schools case study here.

McGraw-Hill Education launches free project-based literacy instruction

eSchool News

SRA FLEX Literacy Projects Jumpstart promotes critical skills for at-risk elementary, middle and high school students, extends benefits of project-based learning to more U.S. FLEX Literacy Projects resources for either Elementary (3-5) or Secondary (6 and above) classrooms.

Kids struggle to read when schools leave phonics out

The Hechinger Report

More than 60 percent of American fourth-graders are not proficient readers, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and it’s been that way since testing began in the 1990s. The problem is that many American elementary schools aren’t doing that.

Digital Design Principles for English Language Learners

Fractus Learning

Almost 5 million students were enrolled as English learners in US public elementary and secondary school during the 2013/14 school year—that’s almost 10% of the total student population. Use study guides that activate prior knowledge help give them areas to focus on.

Why haven’t new federal rules unleashed more innovation in schools?

The Hechinger Report

Their ESSA plans detail systemic transformations of assessment methods and other practices, according to Lillian Pace, the senior director of national policy at KnowledgeWorks. Sanborn Regional High School student Jailee Thibeault does research during her social studies class.

OPINION: We can’t afford not to supply school-based healthcare

The Hechinger Report

In this May 12, 2017 photo, registered nurse Samantha Marz checks a student at Rundle Elementary School in Las Vegas. Related: In New Orleans, a case study in how school, health care decentralization affect neediest children.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

Doug Levin

For each of the three primary (equity-focused) federal educational technology programs authorized by Congress since the passage of the 1994 revision to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), below I provide details on the programs’: legislative authorization (i.e.,

Fighting Teacher Stress

The Hechinger Report

I said, ‘OK, I’ll try it, but it’s not going to work,’ ” recalled Lopes, who teaches at the William D’Abate Elementary School. The center’s original mandate was to study a range of student mental health and safety issues, such as bullying. Taylor Elementary School.

We’re back with Day 2 of Applied Digital Skills Week


There are currently 17 lessons designed for secondary students and 10 lessons for college and continuing education. However, we share examples of how it can successfully be used with upper elementary students in our free mini-email course — sign up today !